NCAA selection committee

NCAA selection committee

NCAA selection committee, shame on you!

Yes it’s me, another disgruntled Oregon fan here to tell you of your corruption. How dare you put Oregon as a three seed. A meet up with 14 seed Iona, while nowhere near a juggernaut, is a much tougher first test than the Ducks should be facing in their opening round of the NCAA Tournament.

It’s preposterous. There’s only one reason to drop Oregon below a two, and it’s not a valid reason.

You had the gall to justify the seeding on national television by noting Chris Boucher’s devastating ACL tear in the Pac-12 Tournament semifinals.

“That was a consideration,” committee chairman Mark Hollis said on CBS’s broadcast selection show. “That was on the table, as most injuries are.”

Boo, hiss, I say.

Why should an injury factor in at all to a team’s body of work, especially when it hasn’t proven to be an issue so far?

Boucher, Oregon’s starting center and one of the best two-way players in the country, suffered the setback in the Ducks’ narrow victory against Cal on Friday.

With just hours to prepare, the Ducks were back without their star big man the following night to face Arizona. Yes, the Wildcats did end up on top. Yes, the Ducks did handily clobber them by 27 back in February.

But that’s not any indication that this team will be unable to play with the nation’s elite come tipoff time Friday.

NCAA Tournament 2017 Bracket

NCAA Tournament 2017 Bracket

To me, the matchup was a clear ratings move. Just look at the bracket!

Think it’s a coincidence Oregon would play sixth seed Creighton in the second round? In case you didn’t know, that’s where Dana Altman used to raise banners before coming to Eugene.

Looking at the rest of the tournament, how about Villanova, a tournament sweetheart, getting the easiest path back to the final four?

The Wildcats should go through untested until the final four-play-in game when they meet another tournament favorite: Duke.

The NCAA selection committee wants exciting games – you can’t entirely blame them for that. Look at how loaded the seven-10 seeds are.

Note: Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, St. Mary’s, Michigan State, Michigan and Wichita State are all under seeded teams or perennial bracket busters.

This 2017 tournament feels like the first round games were meant to be a set up for round two. And it’s working, but no one is calling the committee out on this.

I mean, how great does a Michigan St.-Kansas round of 32 sound?

Wichita St.-Kentucky? Hell yeah, I’ll watch that.

This tournament is loaded with fun storylines, opening round, second or third, and I can’t help feeling that’s not coincidence.

Color me a conspiracy theorist, but something here is fishy.