Last week in this column I gave you a look at the Independence Day Celebration at Dexter Lake  State Park including the bands that kept the park resonating in music all afternoon into the evening. That one article could not hold all that transpired that day, so now I will show you more of the fun activities and let you in on the great vendors who sold their wares to the eager customers.


Floating On Dexter Lake | Photo by Tim Chuey

As I mentioned in last week’s column, the weather could not have been better. Perfect conditions for those who wanted to play on or in the water. Dexter Lake was more and more inviting as the daytime heat increased.


Boating On Dexter Lake | Photo by Tim Chuey


Even A Blowup Kayak | Photo by Tim Chuey

There were motor boats, kayaks, and even blow-up flotation devices on the lake.

Tents And Chairs

Canopy Tents And Chairs | Photo by Tim Chuey

Many people brought their canopy tents to provide some shade from the sun which shone brightly in a cloudless sky.Others brought a blanket or even a comfortable lawn chair to relax in the sun and enjoy the day.

Sun Exposure

Keeping Cool Or Getting Sunburned? | Photo by Tim Chuey

For the, pardon the expression, “girl watchers” there were plenty of the bikini-clad young ladies trying to keep cool. One couldn’t help but notice that some of them looked very pale like it was their first time this season out in the sun and one would hope they covered themselves in sunscreen otherwise they would be taking something unwanted home with them. That would be a painful sunburn.


Throwing The Frisbie With Your Family | Photo by Tim Chuey

Children and adults alike enjoyed playing games like throwing a Frisbee around or just walking around while listening to the music.

The Event Sponsor for the day was The Pleasant Hill Boosters who are well-known throughout the area. Other sponsors for the event are Oregon State Parks, Eugene Daily News, and Oregon Rains.

Rattlesnake BBQ

Rattlesnake BBQ | Photo by Tim Chuey

I promised to show you the vendors and here we go. There were enough of them that patrons had a wide variety of foods and beverages to choose from and many other items for purchase. Let’s start off with the food. Wow! The selection was incredible. Rattlesnake BBQ not only had a great selection of food to eat, but they also provided the Beer Garden.

Beer Garden

Rattlesnake BBQ Beer Garden | Photo by Tim Chuey

Here is their Facebook page: .

Red 5 Hot Dogs

Red 5 Hot Dog Company | Photo by Tim Chuey

Red 5 Hot Dog Company is next on the list of delicious food choices. They have been a part of this celebration for some time now. They also have a Facebook page I’m sure you’ll want to check out: .

Piglet Food Truck

Piglet Food Truck | Photo by Tim Chuey

We don’t want to forget the Piglet Food Truck. That pink vehicle is hard to miss. They provide a variety of yummy food options. Here is a link about them by Yelp showing their location: Piglet Food Truck.

Shave Ice

Shave Ice | Photo by Tim Chuey

On a cool day there is noting more refreshing that shaved ice with some delicious syrup drizzled on it. Shave Ice provided that cooling treat. And there is the traditional Cotton Candy.

Dexter Baptist Church

Dexter Baptist Church Table | Photo by Tim Chuey

Lots of Goodies

Dexter Baptist Church Sales Table | Photo by Tim Chuey

Dexter Baptist Church had a booth promoting an upcoming event and they had a table full of taste-tempting baked goods.

Native Footptints

Native Foot Prints | Photo by Tim Chuey

Now we’ll look at the other goods that were available for purchase. Native Foot Prints had assorted items including jewelry and beautiful “Dream Catchers.”

Thunderegg Rock Club

Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club | Photo by Tm Chuey

Springfield Thunderegg Rock Club had a beautiful display of rocks to buy. Here is how you can find them:

Tami's Tie Dye

Tami’s Tie Dye | Photo by Tim Chuey

Tami’s Tie Dyes is a return vendor providing a wide variety of Tie Dye patterned apparel. Here is their Facebook page: .

2 Old Farts Tackle Company

2 Old Farts Tackle Company Of Dexter | Photo by Tim Chuey

A rather unusual name for a business, but one that is very obvious is 2 Old Farts Tackle Company of Dexter. A delight for anyone who loves to fish and wants to buy some unique tackle items. They too can be found on Facebook at: .

There was also face painting for the children and I guess for some of the more daring adults. They made some really cool designs.Throughout the day and into the evening children and adults alike enjoyed themselves with all of the things there were to do, watch, or listen to.

Special thanks go out again to Mike Cockerline and Kelly Asay for organizing the event and to Todd Waddell, the audio mixer, and Scott Mc Donald who was in charge of the stage.

I’m already anxious to experience Independence Day 2018. I hope you will join us.

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