BBaF Podcast #2: The Gin & Tonic with Camper English


How is it Friday already?! This week has sped by at such an unusually fast clip that it’s already time for another Bit by a Fox Podcast! Can you believe it?? The 30-ish minutes you never knew you needed so desperately in your life! This week is a treat. Boozy journalist, mad scientist and all around cocktail nerd, Camper English has joined us to talk all things Gin & Tonic.

His recent book Tonic Water: AKA G&T WTF dives into this surprisingly fascinating subject with equal parts intense research, fun facts, and silly doodles. Over the course of our half hour conversation we discuss the medicinal roots of tonic and its ties to malaria, how the combo of gin and tonic came to be, and what country is the largest consumer of gin in the world (hint: it’s not in the UK).

Listen to this week’s episode: #2: The Gin & Tonic with Camper English ↓

With each episode we’ll include a cocktail recipe at the end. This week was clearly the Gin & Tonic, so I made one of my favorite versions – a 1:2 ratio of Beefeater London Dry Gin and Bitter Lemon Fever Tree Tonic, with a generous squeeze of lime. Check out the recipe below.

Gin & Tonic – served in a highball glass with ice
3 ounces of Beefeater London Dry Gin
4 ounces of Fever Tree Tonic Water (Bitter Lemon Tonic)
3 lime wedges

Fill your highball with ice. Add the gin & squeeze two limes for a little juice before plopping them in the glass. Then add tonic and give it a good stir. You can garnish with a lime wedge or an orange to bring out the Seville oranges in the Beefeater Gin.

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