Friday playlist: You’re drunk, go home

Pregame. House show. Party. 21’er. Bars. Bars. More Bars. After party. Kickback. Then the brutal walk back home. If the type of night described above sounds familiar to you, then you know that sometimes nothing sounds better than belting songs aloud with friends after a long night of raging. But the problem is everyone is usually too drunk to find the right song. So here’s a playlist for those nights in which your morning has already been surrendered to a heavy hangover and it’s time to go home.

Check out the full playlist at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few playlist highlights:

Take Me Home, Country Roads” — John Denver

This song might be a bit slower tempo-wise, but with the help of your blacked-out friends, it can easily turn into a perfect walk back from the bars anthem. Denver’s bellowing vocals are full of reminiscence and a longing for home — similar to one’s longing for bed at this point in the night. So throw your arms around your friends’ shoulders, throw your head back and let John Denver lead the way home.

Mr. Brightside” — The Killers

Everyone knows this song. Well maybe not everyone, but everyone who is anyone knows it. The Killer’s 2004 hit has lasted the test of time, and it can still be heard blaring from fraternity house basements as the night starts to wind down. Though you might have to come out of your cage a little to sing this song, but hopefully you’ve been feeling just fine and want to be down ‘cause you want it all. Okay, that’s enough lyrical puns, but it made my point.

Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales” — Car Seat Headrest

To be clear, this is not a suggestion to drink and drive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as lead singer/songwriter Will Toledo’s lyrics state: “If you want to go home, you can call a taxi.” Regardless, Car Seat Headrest’s 2016 breakout hit makes for the perfect late night sing-a-long. At heart, its content is quite dark and nihilistic, but its catchy chorus caters to a drunk group that can quickly pick up the lyrics.

Goosebumps” — Travis Scott

No lyrics fit the mood of a late night jam session better than Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps” second verse: “Oh no I can’t fuck with y’all, yea when I’m with my squad I can’t do no wrong.” Though not 100 percent accurate, the feeling of invincibility does increase with the size of your squad. And even for those who don’t know every word to this track, its chorus is so simple yet catchy that anyone can learn, no matter how long they have been under a rock.

God’s Plan” — Drake

Drake’s most recent the single broke the record for Spotify’s most streamed song in the U.S. upon its release day, according to The fact that a song is popular doesn’t usually mean it’s the best song, but this time it does. Drake implores all the hit-making techniques on this track. A catchy intro with a bass drop halfway through the verse, lyrical innuendos hint that Drake is the G.O.A.T. and a sudden cutout where everyone listening can shout: “She say, ‘Do you love me?’ I tell her, ‘Only partly.’ I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.”

Listen to the full playlist below:


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