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It’s time for a cannabis leaf emoji.

I started a petition for a pot leaf emoji on I hope you’ll sign it.


Unicode currently offers EIGHT different emojis to represent alcohol consumption. There’s also a half-smoked cigarette emoji. There are emojis to represent the gambling industry and even one of a bomb. There are emojis for pills and syringes. It’s time for a cannabis-leaf emoji!

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there are 8 emojis for alcohol

My Instagram is hungry for a simple cannabis-leaf emoji, but here are some other suggestions too.

New cannabis Leaf Emojis

In a perfect world, these are my cannabis emojis.


Sign The Petition Here.

Dear Unicode:

Social acceptance of cannabis is at an all-time high (pun intended). It’s time for a cannabis-leaf emoji.

The cannabis industry is tired of using maple leaves, flames, and puffs of smoke to illustrate our passions and ideas. We also find it particularly jarring that Unicode offers SEVEN different emojis to communicate the consumption of alcohol and even a cigarette emoji, yet none for cannabis.

The truth is, Emoji’s are more than just fun pictures. Emojis offer a sense of identity and inclusion. They communicate beyond language. In their thesis, Joana Adams illustrates, emojis “affect members’ perception of reality within the community of practice…(and are) closely linked to personality and identity.”

The World Drug Report estimates that as many as 232 million people are using marijuana worldwide. Cannabis is already a massive multi-billion dollar industry and is rapidly growing.

We want a pot leaf emoji. It’s time. And if you’re feeling fly, you can see some other cannabis-related emoji suggestions here.

Highest regards,

Cannabis Lovers Everywhere

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