What Are Weed Dabs?

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What Is Dabbing? (Drug–Not The Dance.)

What are weed dabs? Here’s what you need to know!

jade east rig for weed dabs

Dabs are usually consumed using a traditional glass dab rig like this Jade East dab rig.


If you live in a recreationally legal area, you may have heard about dabbing. If you’re in an area where it’s still illegal to smoke weed, then you probably don’t know what weed dabs are. Dabbing is a method of cannabis consumption or a way to smoke cannabis concentrates. 

What is smoking dabs?

The world of dabbing concentrates–wax, oil, crumbles and the like–can be daunting for an inexperienced cannabis user. After all, this method of cannabis consumption usually involves a nail and torch. 

There are many new and powerful ways to consume marijuana, and some need a little more explaining than others. Weed dabs are one of those. Dabbing can be an easy and effective method for medical or recreational. It’s in the repertoire of many marijuana users.

weed dabs can also use a vaporizer like this - Duplex Vaporizer

You can also consume cannabis concentrates using a vaporizer like this Duplex Dual Extract vape.

What Is A Dab?

Before we get to how dabbing works, let’s establish what dabbing is. Dabbing has been around for nearly a decade, but many people are still unsure of what it is. Some even have scary misconceptions about it. Dabbing is simply the consumption of a concentrated form of cannabis via smoking/vaporization.

Some people regulate the term dabbing to specific types of cannabis concentrates. Others accept the term dabbing as an umbrella term for smoking or vaping any cannabis concentrate.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Ok now I know what dabbing is, but what is a cannabis concentrate?”

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe

Use a traditional glass rig to smoke weed dabs like this Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are just that; concentrated forms of cannabis. It’s the medicated oil separated from the plant material.

It’s an extremely potent method of consuming cannabis. It can be consumed by smoking it or by vaporizing.

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Concentrates come in various forms and are created in various ways. Typical forms are shatter, wax, butane hash oil, BHO, crumbles, or even budder.

Cannabis concentrates are created by separating the medicated oil containing cannabinoids,  THC, CBD, etc. from the plant material. This leaves you with nearly pure, concentrated cannabis.

Extraction methods vary, and the method used determines the product. Most commonly, concentrates are made by extracting the cannabinoids using either butane or some other solvent. Newer methods involving literally squeezing the oil out.

The important thing to know is that concentrates contain very high levels of cannabinoids like THC or CBD, in a waxy, or oily form.

Why would one want a concentrate? Well, while cannabis flower typically ranges anywhere from 5%-25% THC (save high CBD content strains) while THC shatter can reach near 90% THC content. Cannabis concentrates are much stronger than flower.

The high levels of cannabinoids create a cleaner and stronger high which can be great for medical uses. Patients are able to get much stronger, and pure doses herbal medicines and avoid inhaling burned plant matter

Thus dabbing is much more powerful, and may have added health benefits over smoking.


How to Dab

There are multiple ways to dab. You purchase a high-end elaborate smoking rig or choose something smaller and portable like the Duplex Portable Dual Extract Vaporizer.  

If you choose to use a dab rig, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • A Dab Rig–It’s similar to a bong, with a special attachment for dabbing.
  • A Nail–This is where the concentrate will be placed, usually made of glass or ceramic.
  • A Dabber or a Dab Scoop–You’ll use this to gather the concentrate and place it on the Nail.
  • A Dab Torch–Dabbers usually use a butane torch.
  • Your Preferred Concentrate-Be it wax, shatter, or oil! Purchased from dispensaries just like flower.

guy dabbing

Take your torch, heat your nail until it is red hot, place your concentrate on it, watch it burn up, and inhale it via your rig. Be sure to use the included dome for the rig, or be sure to get one to save the excess smoke.  

You can use this vape pen by Dr. Dabber for dabbing concentrates.

You can also use this Ghost Vape Pen by Dr. Dabber for dabbing concentrates.

Tips for Dabbing

Here are some tips for dabbing to get you started:

  • Dabbing is not the same as smoking, it’s a lot stronger! So be prepared.
  • You are going to cough. Have some water with you! Even though it is much purer, dabbing can be much harsher than smoking.
  • Start small and go slow.
  • There are various types of concentrates, and each strain can make its unique version, so be sure to experiment and test the waters to find your favorite. 
  • There are multiple ways to dab, and to mix and match, be sure to find what works for you.
  • Dabbing is just a different form of consuming marijuana.


The world of marijuana is vast, with various types, and methods of consumption, some more simple and traditional than others, and some are new and exciting. Weed dabs are a powerful method of cannabis consumption and can be a great tool for patients, or those looking for something a little stronger than what they are used to.


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