I have mixed feelings about cannabis delivery. On one hand, delivery is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. I say this as a cannabis patient who can’t drive and struggles to access my medication.

Here in NJ, we only have six dispensaries in the entire state. I’m very fortunate that one of them is close enough to Uber. But Ubering is expensive. Adding an additional $45 for a round trip is frustrating (especially when I’m paying NJ prices of nearly $500 an ounce).

One the other hand, as a cannabis nurse, I know how essential it is for new patients to receive cannabis consulting prior to use. My personal experience with cannabis delivery leaves me concerned that some patients are left behind with out much needed cannabis education.

I should add that many dispensaries are also lacking in their educational services. And to be fair, I’ve only had one experience with cannabis delivery was while visiting California. After placing my order online, an unmarked car pulled up to my hotel, the driver handed me a brown bag of cannabis products, grabbed my cash, and drove off.

He barely said hello and there definitely wasn’t any education happening. Now to be clear, I was extremely grateful to have delivery and I did not need education, but I can’t help but wonder about the patients who do.

Fortunately there’s Sava for patients who need both education and delivery. Sava is a San Francisco-based cannabis delivery service that prides themselves on education.

About SAVA

Andrea Brooks suffered a disabling injury that led doctors to tell her she would never work again. Her frustration with the side effects of prescription pain medications led her to cannabis. At the time, many small-crafters were making high quality products, but information about them and access was limited.

Andrea recovered thanks to cannabis and a wellness regimen. Her experience inspired her to start a marketplace that showcases cannabis products. She created Sava, and it quickly grew into a business that allows patients access to high-quality products from brands both big and small.

Watch as I chat with Andrea Brooks, Co-Founder and CEO of SAVA




Andrea Brooks, Co-Founder and CEO of Sava

Andrea is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. Following a disabling injury in which cannabis played a crucial role in her recovery, she was inspired to enter the cannabis space. Building on a non-profit career that focused on strengthening human and social services agencies, she applies her expertise in conducting needs assessments, developing strategic partnerships, and creating community to Sava all while leading the growing team.

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