5 Interesting Ways To Smoke Cannabis


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Five Ways To Feel the Immediate Effects of Cannabis 

In order for raw cannabis to have a full medicinal effect, (or to feel the buzz and get high) the plant material needs to be heated. When the plant is heated, inactive THCA molecules in the flower are decarboxylated transforming into active THC molecules. THC is the molecule responsible for the euphoric effects of cannabis. 

Over the years, there have been many tried and true ways for heating and consuming cannabis, and there has been some new innovations along the way.

If you want to feel the immediate effects of cannabis, smoking/vaping are the best ways. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to smoke cannabis.

1)    Rolling Papers

The old tried and true method requires a fair bit of practice and also that you have papers handy. You can purchase rolling papers in any tobacco shop, in many types of thickness and even varying types of paper. Rice paper is a common rolling paper.

Rolling a joint, takes practice to get it tight enough and the right size. Once you’ve mastered your technique, all your friends will have you roll theirs. Everyone should probably have to do this as a right of passage, at least once. It’s harder than it looks.

Alternately, many people use rolling machines or cone fillers to quickly prepare their joints.

2)    Pipe

Most pipes are glass and can be purchased in shops and online. They can also be made from other materials. Some homemade pipes made from brass tubing are quite elaborate and get the job done.

You can even create a one time use pipe from organic material. I once watched a retired Navy seal use a carrot, a piece of aluminum foil and a sewing needle to create a very nice pipe from the root vegetable. It was functional and impressive to watch.

multicolor weed pipe

3)    Water Bong

The water bong has been around for ages and works well for people who want to inhale less of the smoke. The idea is the water in the base of the bong filters the smoke while also cooling the inhaled vapors. In theory, this causes fewer issues with the respiratory system long term.

Others say this is not the case. It has been debated for many years and there is little fact or evidence on either side.

Water bongs can be quite elaborate and would remind you very much of a hookah pipe.. Some people use a hookah smoker for their weed but it isn’t recommended because they burn hotter, and it wastes your weed by burning it up. Plus the sticky resin of cannabis clogs the hookah tubes easily. 

handmade glass bong for sale on amazon

4)    Vaporizers/Vape Pens

Ok, so it’s not actually smoking cannabis, it’s vaping it, but vape pens are one of the newer methods of inhaling cannabis becoming widespread and popular. Vape juices come in a variety. CBD and THC vape juices are both available in many dispensaries.

You can purchase single use vape pens or more elaborate models that you can take apart and clean in between uses.

Dry herb vape pens are another option. Vape pens heat the dry herb to the right temperature and keep it hot as you inhale the vapors released. 

Vape pens are are typically battery operated and rechargeable. Although as a warning, there have been some controversial episodes with vape pens randomly exploding. The batteries have been blamed. Be sure to choose a model that has addressed this flaw.

Pax 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

5)    Solar Smokers

This new product looks like a can with a lid that resembles a magnifying lens. One end of the can has an opening from which you can inhale.

With a solar smoker or solar bowl, you never need a lighter, the weed is heated by the power of the sun. 

The Sun Token Solar Bowl

You’ll find more information on ways to smoke weed at bigdaddy smoke. In fact, you can find the answers to many more questions there as well. Learn more about THC vs CBD and how each impacts various chronic conditions.

Not all weed is the same and you can learn about different strains and which are recommended for each specific issue. Some strains have less psychoactive response and far greater impact on nerve pain, while others have higher levels of CBD than THC and some find amazing for helping with seizures, tremors, issues like Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

No matter what your needs are, there is likely a smoking method for you and a product that will fit your needs perfectly. Don’t be afraid to look for answers and ask questions because marijuana is simply another type of industry today.

With medical marijuana available in so many states there is real hope of nationwide legalization. People’s attitudes are rapidly changing. .

Marijuana is now seen as more of a benefit to mankind and not the ‘gateway drug’ as it was once demonized as being. While it still requires responsible use, it does less harm than alcohol and has reported benefits for those with cancer and undergoing treatment. New uses are still being discovered and researched.

Only purchase cannabis from a reputable source. Know that you are getting genuine cannabis and understand which strains you are consuming. Learn the differences between them and don’t be afraid to try new ones. 

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