BBaF Podcast Episode 90: Camper English & Cocktail Safe


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On this week’s Bit By a Fox Podcast we have return guest, Camper English – San Francisco-based cocktails and spirits writer, speaker and educator. You may know Camper as the pioneer of the “Directional Freezing” technique in order to make clear ice. Camper is THE ice guy. But that’s another episode. I had Camper on the podcast to talk about Cocktail Safe – his nearly year-old website dedicated to safety in cocktail ingredients and techniques. Both his blog, Alcademics and the Cocktail Safe site have been getting a LOT of attention lately due to the fact that there has been discussions around anti-malarial drugs being an effective treatment for Covid-19. Camper also happens to be an expert in quinine, tonic water and cinchona bark, and so I thought it would be good to have him on to set the record straight on all of this.

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