5 Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoking



Vaping vs Smoking: Five Reasons to Choose the Vape

Smoking cannabis is the oldest and most popular way to to consume the plant. However, smoking comes with a list of cons, like the smell and health risks. Fortunately, technology has developed the vape, and vaping is rapidly growing in popularity.

Of course, the quality of your vape matters. There are a variety of vapes available on the market. Vapes are designed to be used with a specific product so purchase a vaporizer made for the products you want to vape. Check out Vape4Ever to find a variety of a various of dab pens and vaporizers in their store.You’ll also find more information on ways to get a high quality vaporizer kit.

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1. Vaping produces immediate effects.

Similar to smoking, vaping cannabis offers near immediate results.

There are many ways to consume cannabis. Each route of administration can cause very different physiological effects. Eating cannabis can be beneficial in many ways, however when you eat cannabis it can take up to 4 hours for the effects to kick in–which is a long time to wait for pain or anxiety relief.

When you consume cannabis orally, it must be digested and metabolized by the liver. Depending on an individuals metabolism this could take from 20 minutes up to four hours for the process to complete and for the patient to experience effects. However, inhaling cannabis is effective almost immediately. This is one reason why many patients prefer inhalation over edibles. Vaping offers near immediate results.

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2. Vaporizers are more discreet.

Many consumers choose vaporizers for discretion.

When you consider smell and an outsider’s perception of a lit joint, a vaporizer is dramatically more discreet than smoking.

First, with a vaporizer there’s no need to struggle with a lighter. Vaporized consumption is powered by batteries (keep a cord or extra battery if you’re out for the day). With the rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes, outsiders often can’t tell the difference between someone using a cannabis vaporizer or another substance.

Vapes also smell MUCH LESS than smoking. The intensity of the smell depends on your specific device and the product you are consuming. Vaping dry flower does produce the telltale smell of cannabis, however it’s less intense and dissipates more quickly compared to smoke.

Smoke lingers on clothing, hair, walls, and furniture. It can take weeks to get the smell of cannabis smoke out of a room. Vapor does not linger on clothing or furniture the same way cannabis smoke does. Vaping concentrates is even more discreet than flower.

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3. Vaping tastes better.

Cannabis contains hundreds of terpenes which are flavor rich molecules. Unfortunately, many of these molecules are lost when smoking. The heat of flame causes terpenes to combust. If you really want to appreciate the complex flavors of your bud, you should switch to a dry herb vaporizer.

Vaping allows consumers to fully experience the rush of flavors found different varieties of cannabis.There are thousands of different strains, and every strain causes a different physiological reaction.

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4. Vaping is more efficient and cost effective.

Some studies have found that smoking combusts more than 40% of the cannabinoids. This means a significant portion of the cannabinoids are lost and are not consumed by the patient. Smoking wastes much of the medicated plant.

Vaping on the other hand does not cause combustion. This allows a much larger portion of the cannabionids to be converted into vapor and to be consumed by inhaling vapor.

Additionally, most vaporizers leave behind what we call “vape poo” or “AVB/ABV” (already vaped bud; already been vaped). The leftover flower in the vaporizer STILL contains some cannabinoids. Already vaped bud can be cooked to fully extract the remaining cannabinoids.

5. Vaping may be healthier than smoking (depending on the product!)

When it comes to health, much of the risks depend on the product you are consuming. EVALI can be dangerous and is believed to be related to vaping dangerous additives. For safety, only vape legal, high-quality products that have been rigorously tested and avoid additives. Wax pens to consume pressed rosin is a great example of a pure product.

When comparing smoking dry flower to vaporizing dry flower, many cannabis experts suggest vaping is superior. When smoking, combustion of the flower produces carcinogenic molecules. These molecules are then inhaled along with the smoke. In theory, when you utilize a dry herb vape you eliminate most of the carcinogens. Of course we need more research to fully explain the health benefits and risks of vaping.


If you’re a steadfast cannabis smoker, consider switching to vaporization. With a vaporizer, you’ll experience a more discreet method of consumption, with a better taste and less smell. You might even save some money by switching to a vaporizer. Most importantly, in the long run, vaping cannabis could be healthier than smoking it. As always, you should talk to your doctor before altering your new health care plan.

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