How to Choose the BEST CBD Products – VIDEO with NurseGrown Organics


How to Choose the BEST CBD oil and make sure it's safe

How to Choose the BEST CBD Products

Before you buy a new hemp product, you need to know how to choose the BEST CBD. Watch, while I chat with the founders of NurseGrown Organics about choosing a high-quality CBD. It’s very important to make sure products are safe by checking the lab testing. Cannabis Nurse, Jessilyn Dolan and Matt Leonetti explain what to look for and why it’s so important.



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About NurseGrown Organics

NurseGrown Organics is a premier Vermont-based hemp company. NurseGrown is my favorite CBD company because they conduct stringent lab testing on all hemp products. Many companies do one basic test and claim they lab test, but one test is NOT enough. Jessilyn and Matthew explain why full-panel testing is important and what the differences between the various tests.

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Jessilyn Dolan’s Bio

Jessilyn Dolan started her career and journey as an herbalist, massage therapist, yoga teacher  and doula trainer. Later she went back to school for nursing, specializing in both maternal child health, substance use and mental health disorders. She is now a nurse researcher educator and consultant, for the University of Vermont and also consults independently.

Jessilyn started the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, part of the ACNA, to educate the community and medical professionals alike. She started NurseGrown Organics to be able to advocate for and offer the highest standard, and quality cannabis medicine.

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Matt Leonetti’s Bio

Matt Leonetti has his degree in soil science, is a VT state horticulturist, who has been cultivating for over 30 years.  His understanding and passion for organic living soils brings NurseGrown Organics to the highest standard, going beyond organic. Matt is the east coast Clean Green farm compliance inspector and is a state wide vocal advocate for access to clean affordable medicine.


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