Why CBD Oil For Horses Is Becoming More Popular


Why CBD Oil For Horses Is Becoming More Popular

Due to the numerous health benefits it offers, CBD oil for dogs has grown popular in recent times. However, did you know that CBD oil also contains several essential nutrients that help horses stay healthy and fit? 

People tend to buy medications that work. This is partly why CBD oil has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from horse owners and veterinary doctors. Want to know more reasons why CBD oil for horses is insanely popular now? 

Here are three reasons why CBD Oil for horses is becoming popular:

  • Safety 
    • CBD provides a safer and healthier alternative for horse owners who don’t want to use medications because of the adverse effects associated with using such medicines in the long run. 
    • CBD is relatively safe to use for both humans and animals, and it has little or no adverse side effects. Besides, overdosing on CBD is very rare, which makes it a more reliable option for horse owners. 
    • Furthermore, CBD has no psychoactive effects on animals, making it a popular choice among horse owners. There are also no recorded deaths from CBD use ever since. Nevertheless, some common side effects include dry mouth, dizziness, and change in appetite.


  • CBD Oil is Legal 
    • Another significant reason CBD is getting so popular among horse owners is its legality. Selling and using CBD is perfectly legal, as long as it sticks to the FDA legal requirement of not more than 0.3% THC content. 
    • Thankfully, CBD is now legal and easily accessible in most states. More importantly, it doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription to administer, making it a more convenient option for horse owners.


  • Numerous Health Benefits
    CBD oil offers multiple health benefits to both humans and animals, including horses. Some of the common benefits of CBD oil for horses include: 

    • CBD Oil Relieves Pain: Due to their activeness, horses are quite susceptible to injuries. At times, they might deal with sprains, fractures, wounds, and other internal illnesses. Most horses have high resilience, so they jack back from their pains and injuries early but not every time. 

      No one wants to witness their horse experiencing uncontrollable pains. Thanks to CBD oil, you don’t have to. CBD oil interacts with the horse’s endocannabinoid system to activate pain-relieving properties into the body. 

    • CBD oil also helps rejuvenate damaged cells and muscles to make your horse recover faster. 
    • Besides, CBD oil is used to boost the animals’ immune system to encourage their resilience. Now you know why this medical miracle is popular among horse owners. Investigate this site for high-quality CBD oils for horses.



  • CBD Oil Relieves Inflammation: Horses frequently experience inflammations, which is more difficult to spot compared to humans. The telltale becomes evident when the horse owner notices a deviation in the horse’s normal behavior. 
    • This change in mood or behavior is a result of the pains caused by the inflammation. Inflamed horse spots tend to redden (externally or internally), heat up, and then swell. Horses that suffer the likes of laminitis, arthritis, and sore/stiff muscles experience excruciating bouts of inflammations, which can affect their overall performance. 

      As a horse owner, it is only usual to look for ways to relieve the pain. Fortunately, CBD provides one of the safest solutions.  

      Horse owners and veterinary doctors have continued to share their testimonies of how CBD oil has helped in treating inflammations. This sole reason has influenced the popularity of CBD oil for horses.

  •  CBD Oil Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Horses are reliable and active animals, but they are just like other mammals in a way that they feel anxious and stressed, too. Notably, performance horses used at arenas, circuses, races, polo games, and the likes tend to get anxious when outdoor. It doesn’t matter if the activity is a routine for them, they still feel anxious performing in front of a crowd. 
    • CBD oil is believed to help relieve anxiety. Most times, it gives them the confidence needed for a stellar performance. CBD can also help with anxiety that comes with relocation, a visit to the vet, grooming time, horse training, and the loss of loved ones. 

      The effects of stress and anxiety on a horse cannot be overemphasized. It can cause a change in the horse’s mood; the horse could become aggressive or docile, depressed, and weak. 

      However, incorporating CBD oil into your horse’s daily regimen can help improve mood and behavior. This is another reason why horse owners love CBD.


  • CBD Oil Combats Insomnia: Just like humans, horses need to get considerable hours of sleep to function well. At times, they might be unable to sleep well due to health challenges or other external factors. 
    • The inability to sleep well can hamper your horse’s performance. It could also weaken the immune system, making the horse vulnerable to infections and diseases. 
    • Giving your horse CBD oil can help improve its sleep pattern and ultimately lead to better performance and overall wellbeing. 


CBD oil has a unique way of balancing mammals’ homeostasis, and equines are not left out. Administering CBD oil to a horse can relieve pains, treat insomnia, and anxiety. Ultimately, CBD helps keep your horse in good health, and a healthy horse makes a happy horse owner. 

This and many other reasons highlighted in the article explain why CBD oil for horses is becoming more popular by the minute.

Kelly Asay is an entrepreneur, software developer and performing musician. As the publisher of Eugene Daily News, Asay is continually searching, finding and promoting the best unknown journalists, photographers and inspirational people from all over Lane County.

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