A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Bong

Throughout the years, bongs have been widely available in different forms. For those who’ve been using dry pipes and rolling papers, trying out a water pipe might be the right switch. If you are planning to upgrade, there are basic facts that you need to learn when buying your first bong. 

Components Of A Bong

Regular bongs have a base that holds water, a bowl that holds the tobacco or dry herb, a downstem that serves as a connection point, and a mouthpiece where you inhale. A bong’s benefits over a pipe are the size and its filtration ability, and the extra volume for the smoke to fill. Take note that the water resting in the bong’s chamber helps remove impurities in the smoke, often resulting in a cleaner, tastier hit. 

Important Factors When Buying Your First Bong 

Like any purchase you make, buying your first bong will require you to consider several factors. These include:


Generally, the price of a bong can range from USD$60-USD$150. You can find a wide selection below USD$100 in the market these days. Take note that those that cost above USD$100 are already high-quality models. Some bongs have higher price tags. Some of the costly ones can reach up to USD$500.


The person smoking marijuana with bong, close-up. Bong in the hand.

For some, they prefer a large bong, especially those that are two feet tall. Others prefer a bong that’s suitable for traveling.  

The size of the bong is a crucial consideration when buying one. For those who are always on the go, a travel pipe might be the right choice. Generally, bongs that are between the 8”-14″ range are the ideal sizes. They are large enough to provide you with a solid hit. 


If you want a bong that will last for a long time, you should choose a durable one. The right choice is a thick glass bong or one that’s made of a durable material, such as silicone. With these choices, you can save money in the long run. 

If you want to end up with a durable bong, here are some factors you need to consider:

  1. Borosilicate glass: It’s a top-quality material that holds up well to rapid temperature changes and boasts a solid feel.
  2. Broad and stable base: Bongs with a beaker or flared bases ensure the best stability against topples.
  3. Reinforced joints: These provide an extra level of protection for a bong. The joints have a second bar amidst the slide and main chamber. When the impact on your bong occurs, it helps distribute the force between the two points. 


glass bong close-up in mans hands in process

A bong provides a smooth experience since the smoke undergoes water filtration or percolation. Throughout the years, bongs have offered various types of percolation, producing mixed aesthetic results.  

The percolators are enhancements that bubble away toxins while providing you with a smooth and calm experience. You can find single, double, or even triple variants. There are also variants with a slit design at the base of the downstem.

Cleaning Factor  

When buying your first bong, you should consider its cleanability. As part of regular care and maintenance, washing your bong is essential. You can make your bong last by cleaning regularly and changing the water after every use.  

Certain features that will make the cleaning process a breeze include a removable downstem, simple structure, or a portable size. One option to make it a low maintenance device is to prevent residue buildup by using an ash catcher attachment. 


If you want to add a boost to your bong, you can use various attachments to the joint. Make sure that you’ll select one with the same joint size and angle. An attachment works by trapping grime or residue, boosting the diffusion, or making your bong more interesting.  


If you plan on buying your first bong, there are several factors to help you find the right one. By taking into consideration the several factors above, it will help you find a bong that best suits your preferences. Once you find an excellent bong, it can provide you with a good experience for years to come.