EPD and ESF Investigate Arson Fires Near W. 11th/Seneca


On April 18 at around 7:19 p.m., Eugene Police officers responded to the area of West 11th Avenue and Seneca Road for fires reported to be in garbage cans at two different LTD stops. While officers were still in the area, an officer spotted a column of smoke and fire at the Dollar General Store, 3630 West 11th Avenue. Officers made sure the store was empty of people while Eugene Springfield Fire responded to the scene and quickly put the fire out. It was discovered the dumpster area adjacent to the store had been caught on fire and then the surrounding trees also caught fire. Eugene Springfield Fire advised there had been a fire earlier at West 11th Avenue and Bailey Hill Road. 

An extensive search of the area was conducted, but a suspect was not located. During their area search, officers responded to a similar incident near West 6th Avenue and Monroe Street but it was not clear if the incidents were connected. Eugene Police Arson Investigators and Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal are investigating. 

Case # 21-05894/ 21-05895/ 21-05896

Source: City Of Eugene

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