Man sentenced for Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse


In March 2021, Eugene Police Violent Crimes Unit detectives arrested Radley Earl Crook, age 49, of Eugene on charges of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse in the First Degree. Crook first drew attention of detectives after they were notified by the Oregon Department of Justice-Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce Crook had uploaded child pornography images in 2018. They conducted a lengthy, careful investigation and found numerous illegal images on Crook’s digital devices.  Information discovered during the investigation indicated Crook had been involved in child pornography for decades.

The case was complicated and technically complex. Ultimately Crook was charged with eight counts of Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and the case went to trial last week. Crook was convicted and sentenced to 119 months with the Oregon State Department of Corrections. 


Source: City Of Eugene

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