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If you are still using your fingers to pick apart your herb and aren’t using a weed grinder to help you out, we need to have a serious talk. Not only are you losing the important THC crystals to the oil on your fingers, but you are most likely wasting good green that cherries far too long after lighting. Moreover, if you try to roll a delectable joint without using a grinder there’s a high likelihood that it’s going to burn unevenly. Weed grinders are basically in the top 3 of most essentials in the smoker’s arsenal, only following the smoking device and of course the tasty greens. There are just so many benefits! They’re super convenient and portable. They break down the cannabis flower evenly ensuring even burns and unclogged pipes. Plus, most save the fallen kief so you can use it how you please in the future. Herb grinders come in all shapes and sizes, from basic 2-piece grinders that only grind up the weed, to mega grinders that seem to fit half an ounce of herb in one go. However, if you want something really unique you need to check out the 5-Piece ZAM Grinder. Check this out!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the specs just take a look at how sleek the design appears. You can tell right off the bat that there was some time and energy put into getting this grinder to look trim and smooth. Notice the height is completely different from the average grinder. Tall and slim, this grinder is unlike any bulky grinder in that it can easily fit in your pocket. Made from anodized aluminum 6061, the same metal used in aircraft part fabrication, this tough piece of metal isn’t going to fall apart from one of your clumsy moments when it tumbles to the floor.

Now within the grinder is where things start getting even more interesting. First of all, the ZAM grinder has a patent-pending magnetic neodymium ring around the outer edge of the grinder that keeps it sealed making it completely air-tight and water-tight. This magnificent design also fixes the problem of having a central magnet that takes up valuable grinding space. Starting at the top there is a small storage section for your tasty bud. Next, if you look closely the grinder’s teeth are almost a third longer than traditional grinders which allows for more bud to be ground at one time. Following this is the main container where the ground weed can be found. What’s new about this section is ZAM has created 2 custom inserts that can fit in this section: a small debowler and a small bucket to hold your herb. How cool is that! Last, is the essential kief catcher that we all love to test our patience with.

ZAM has really thought of it all when you look at this grinder. Sleek design, quality metal, additional storage space, a debowler, extra long grinding teeth, and we didn’t even mention yet that it is completely modular. This means you can fully customize your grinder for your own unique preference. The main container and kief container can be moved above the teeth if you want more storage space. With the added bucket you can actually hold up to four different strains at once! With all these features and a price point of only $45.00 we think this is an absolute steal. You have to try it!

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The ZAM Grinder

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