It has been almost a week since Veterans Day, the day Oregon State Police Trooper John Jeffries was critically injured after being struck by a vehicle while protecting his community. During the past six days, Trooper Jeffries has been receiving excellent care from his medical team at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center in Portland. As a result of the severity of John’s injuries, it will take additional time for his medical team to determine the extent of those injuries and his prognosis for recovery. 

“The caring and thoughtful expressions of support community members have shared with Trooper Jeffries’ family, to our Troopers, and our entire agency has been awe-inspiring. To receive such a large volume of positive words of encouragement and appreciation means so much to our Troopers and all law enforcement members. It takes integrity, courage, and resiliency to be a Trooper and John possesses all three of those traits and so many more. During times of strife and conflict, knowing those we serve to appreciate, respect, and acknowledge our mission and our sacrifices are what provides each of us with the motivation to keep serving during times of anguish and pain.” shared Oregon State Police Superintendent Terri Davie. 

The Jeffries family has expressed their gratefulness to all that have assisted and supported them and John. They have appreciated the outpouring of support but continue to request privacy, including privacy for their friends and neighbors. If you wish to send your good wishes to John, please do so via email at or via mail to Oregon State Police, Attention Trooper John Jeffries, 3565 Trelstad Ave SE, Salem, Or. 97317.

The Jeffries family asks for supporters to continue keeping John, the involved officers, John’s medical team, and John’s law enforcement peers in their thoughts and prayers. 

 Specific information related to the suspect or about the criminal investigation surrounding the incident will be provided at a later date by the Columbia County Sherriff’s Office in conjunction with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbia County DA’s office. 


 Below is a statement by FBI Special Agent in Charge Kieran L. Ramsey regarding OSP Trooper Jeffries’s time as an FBI Special Agent.


Twenty-five years ago, Trooper Jeffries took an oath of office as FBI Special Agent Jeffries. As a young man, he joined the FBI with a mission to serve his country. As a case agent, pilot, firearms instructor, and SWAT team member, John served with honor. He was an agent’s agent—first in the door and always doing the right thing in the right way. He was a respected leader, and his retirement in 2016 was a loss for the FBI.

John’s call to service didn’t end there, though. This year, John was driven by a sense of duty and purpose to join OSP as a new trooper, completing Oregon’s law enforcement academy alongside men and women who were as much as 30 years his junior.

There are only two things John loves more than his law enforcement service—his family and his faith. Today and every day, OSP and the FBI will care for John and his family as he has cared for us. We are extremely grateful to the OSP, their leadership, and the OSP family, as they circle around Trooper Jeffries. The FBI joins OSP in asking the public for their love and support for John and his family as he recovers from these serious injuries. Please also give this family the privacy and space it needs to nurture his recovery.


The Oregon State Police is requesting your continued prayers and support as we care for one of our own, Trooper John Jeffries and his family.   Trooper John Jeffries has dedicated his life to public service, but even more to his community. For the last 28 years, John has volunteered in various capacities at his church, the American Red Cross, and as a board member of a non-profit out of Tualatin, Oregon.

The extent and severity of Trooper Jeffries’ injuries are being determined.   His medical team will continue to monitor, evaluate and treat his visible injuries and the internal trauma caused as a result of the incident

“All Troopers recognize the risk we face each time we don our uniforms and report for duty, but accepting that risk does not make the fight Trooper Jeffries is currently battling any easier.  As minutes, hours and days go by, our prayers and support are with Trooper Jeffries and his family.”  expressed Superintendent Terri Davie. 

The Oregon State Police would like to thank the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI of Portland, the Portland Police Bureau as well as all of the first responders who were on scene, and the many medical professionals at the Hospital.

PHOTO: The attached photo is of Trooper Jeffries alongside a few of his fellow Troopers who attended the OSP Pre-Academy together back in March of this year. These individuals who attend this training together share a bond that lasts a lifetime.


The Oregon State Police Trooper, who was injured in the police incident on highway 30, has been identified as Trooper John Jeffries.   Trooper John Jeffries started with the Oregon State Police in March of 2021, after retiring from the FBI after 20 years of service.  Trooper Jeffries is currently duty stationed at the St. Helens worksite.

Trooper Jeffries and his wife have spent the last 25 years in Portland, Oregon, where they raised their two sons.  Trooper Jeffries has spent his life in service to the public.  The Oregon State Police asks that you respect the family’s privacy at this time.  We also ask for your prayers for Trooper Jeffries, his family, his friends as well as the entire OSP family.


Today, November 11, 2021, at around 3:31 P.M., OSP Troopers were involved in a police incident involving a fleeing suspect on Highway 30 milepost 31 west of St. Helens, when the suspect vehicle rammed an OSP Patrol car and struck an OSP Trooper. 

The Trooper was taken by ground ambulance to Emanuel Hospital in critical condition.  The investigation is being handled by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.  The Oregon State Police will not be releasing any information about the incident. 

The identity of the OSP Trooper is not being released at this time. 

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