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We are thankful for our Central Lane 911 staff! They have been working incredibly hard. Since midnight on Saturday, they have handled 12,334 calls from the public. And, they are running short-staffed.

By way of comparison, last year during the same period, they handled 7,242 calls.

Some of these calls become computer-aided dispatch calls (CAD), in our system. These are calls that turn into reported incidents/calls.

CLCC had 8,279 total computer-aided dispatch calls during this storm so far.

 Of those calls, 1,442 were for EPD, and 2,200 were for Eugene Springfield Fire (Eugene and Springfield). 

To compare: the totals for phone calls for the same time period in 2023 were 4,924 total CAD Calls, with 1,827 for EPD and 804 for ESF.  

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