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At approximately 10:04 a.m. on February 27, a Traffic Safety Unit officer was monitoring traffic using lidar on eastbound I-105 between Coburg Road and I-5. He noted a Subaru that appeared to be speeding. He followed it, and was intending to perform a traffic stop for a speeding violation, but it abruptly made two lane changes to the right and took the off-ramp to southbound I-5. 

The officer activated his lights, but then almost immediately the Subaru passed a pickup on the shoulder of the I-5 off-ramp, which is a single lane. Subsequently it also passed a second vehicle on the right-hand shoulder where the ramp meets the traffic lanes of southbound I-5.  It then moved to the left lane of southbound I-5 and passed another vehicle using the left-hand median area. The Subaru stopped for the officer shortly thereafter. 

The officer contacted the driver, Nora Grace Baumgart, age 21, of Corvallis, and she was arrested and transported by an officer in a Patrol SUV to Lane County Jail for Reckless Driving. She was issued citations for Reckless Driving and Violation of Designated Speed. Case 23-02992

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