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Eugene OR,

Eugene Springfield Fire crews were alerted to a house fire on Lea Ave in Eugene’s Santa Clara neighborhood Sunday night.  At 6:10 PM, a caller from Beltline saw what they believed to be flames from a house on Lea Avenue and called 911. As fire apparatus were getting dispatched, a resident of the involved duplex on Lea noticed that smoke was filling the second floor and called 911 as well.

ESF crews arrived, identified the location of the fire on the second floor of the home, stretched a hose line to the duplex for fire extinguishment and search for additional occupants. The fire was quickly placed under control before it extended to the attic or unaffected side of the duplex. There were no injuries reported. ESF responded with 3 engines, 2 ladder trucks, 2 chiefs, an ambulance and EMS supervisor.  ESF was aided by Lane Fire Authority. ESF Deputy Fire Marshals are on the scene investigating the cause.