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The Eugene Police Department is urging the public to exercise extreme caution due to a potentially deadly batch of fentanyl circulating in the Washington Jefferson Park area. Patrol officers responded to a report of a deceased individual on the sidewalk at West 4th Avenue and Washington Street. Upon arrival, officers discovered a deceased male with evidence suggesting a recent overdose.

While canvassing the area, officers encountered two additional overdose cases. One individual appeared to succumb to an overdose in front of the officers. However, thanks to the quick response of the officers and medics on the scene, the individual was revived. This alarming series of events resulted in three overdoses within a short period of time in the Washington Jefferson Park area.

Given the severity and frequency of these incidents, there is reason to believe there is a bad batch of fentanyl in circulation. We strongly advise the public to be vigilant and to avoid any unknown substances. The Eugene Police Department is actively investigating these cases and working to identify the source of this dangerous batch.

case #24-8984

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