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A monthly list of good things to see, do, buy, read, watch, and more.

Good Things List No. 51: Cascades Lake, iPhone Plant ID, Produce Bags, Healthy Pet Treats, Books, and More!

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Happy July! I’m still waiting for it to be fully summer here in the PNW, weather-wise. After are cool, rainy, long spring, we had a few days of 80s and low 90s and then back to cooler and some rain here and there.

Our little corner of the country is unusual in that, I read, so I’m sure for those of you who’ve been sweltering for a couple months now, 60s and rain seems like a good thing!

It all comes back to perspective, right? I love it warm and want to see the sun when I get up and most of our mornings start out gray and drab. Our time will come, though!

My list of good things this month starts with a summertime activity we were able to squeeze in before the cooler weather came back, an iPhone hack I discovered to ID plants, healthy pet treats, produce bags that actually do help keep some things fresher longer, and the books I read and things I watched in June.

I hope you’ll share some good things with me, too!

Good Things

kayaking-paddleboard Crane Prairie

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