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A monthly list of good things to see, do, buy, read, watch, and more.

Good Things No. 50: Ireland, Travel Favs, Books & More!

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I hope it’s starting to feel like summer for you – we’re still waiting for those consistently warm days here in the PNW.

However, we have had some lovely, sunny days in between the rain – one of them even got to 79 degrees!

Which is a lot warmer than where we spent the first three weeks of May – in Ireland!

We LOVED Ireland, though we had to laugh when we listened to the radio and heard the announcers warn about the “scorcher” weekend they’d be having where “it might get to 18 degrees (celsius)!” Which is about 65 degrees fahrenheit, lol.

Another weekend was a “heat wave” that could reach…20 celsius. We wondered what words they were leaving to use in case it actually made it into the 70s or beyond!

There were SO many good things about our trip (though not the returning flights…we’re going to need some time to get over that before flying again, ha!) – I’m sharing just a bit with you below, as well as the travel things that WORKED, the books I read, and what we watched after returning home.

As always, I’d love to hear about YOUR good things this month!

Good Things

Cliffs of Mohr-O'Briens tower

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