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SALEM — A quick glance at the Oregon Encyclopedia reveals no shortage of symbols promoting some of the state’s most iconic and beloved products.

Oregon has an official animal, bird and fish — the beaver, western meadowlark and chinook salmon, respectively. Pears are the official fruit, and hazelnuts the official nut. Dungeness crab is the official crustacean. There’s even an official fossil, the Metasequoia, designated in 2005.

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The inland Northwest, including the southeastern Oregon-southwestern Idaho growing region, is a major U.S. onion producer. The Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board in 2021 sought to designate onions as the state vegetable on behalf of growers in Malheur County.

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Three Mile Canyon Farms

A conveyor belt transports potatoes from a truck to a storage facility Sept. 30, 2020, at Threemile Canyon Farms near Boardman. Sen. Bill Hanell, R-Athena, is sponsoring a resolution in the 2023 Legislature to make the potato the official state vegetable of Oregon.

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