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An open house for the eighth house built by high school students in the Columbia Basin Student Homebuilders Program takes place from 1-6 p.m. on June 28 at 852 S.W. Angus Court, in Hermiston. Hermiston instructor Curt Berger, left, and Hermiston High School students Davian Juarez, Tyne Findley, Jaden Barndt, Caitlin Anderholm and Landin Newton, along with Gideon Fritz (Class of 2019) worked on the two-story home at 852 S.W. Angus Court, in Hermiston. About a dozen high school seniors like Caitlin Anderholm seen here, spent two hours each school day doing hands-on construction work, from digging the foundation to sealing air leaks after the Energy Trust of Oregon’s final inspection.“We’re a team working in dust, dirt, cold and heat,” says Curt Berger. “The number one thing is show up on time, learn how to do the work and do what you said you would do.”High school students such as Cameron Jones, right, worked on the two-story house at 852 S.W. Angus Court, in Hermiston.

Curt Berger stopped coaching tennis and wrestling a decade ago, but he never retired his enthusiasm for teaching high school students about teamwork and goal setting. He just shifted from sports to homebuilding.