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Learn how to dry plums that definitely DO NOT taste or feel like typical store bought prunes. Our family can’t get enough of these chewy-tart delicious snacksand they are healthy for bones, too!

How To Dry Plums (Not Your Mother’s Prunes!)

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Of all the fruits I preserve, whether by freezing, canning, or drying, dried plums are my absolute favorite.

While the dried plums might not look like much, they have a wonderful sweet-tart flavor with a nice chewy (not wet) texture that makes a perfect snack that my kids have loved as much as I do.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “Is she talking about prunes?”

Um, not really.

All I can say is that while they are technically prunes, they are also NOT prunes – not the store-bought prunes we all think of.

They don’t have that off-putting wet, squishy texture, smell, or that distinctive prune-like flavor.

Everyone who tastes them agrees, too – these are not like store-bought prunes.

(And I don’t care that the companies who make prunes got together a few years ago and decided to call prunes “dried plums.” The dried plums I make don’t taste anything like their packaged product, so I still call their product prunes!)