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Bud Clark mimicked his famous Portland Mayor Bud Clark shows boating experience and political style in handling canoe on the Sandy River during a float trip sponsored by opponents to the city's Bull Run water diversion plan.The event may call for roses, but Sigrid Clark, wife of Mayor Bud Clark, also had Blazers on he mind as she and the mayor ride along the parade route.With 54 bands playing pop, rock, jazz, country, blues and alternative music on eight stages, the fourth Mayor's Ball should satisfy everyone.Mayor Bud Clark stands in front of Union Station, the centerpiece of a renovation project he says will eliminate Skid Road.Portland Mayor-elect Bud Clark throws opening pitch at Beaver-Tacoma Tigers game in Civic Stadium as Beaver pitcher George Riley watches.Former Mayor Bud Clark and his daughter Rachel Clark own the Goose Hollow Inn a favorite meeting and eating place for many locals.Mayor Bud Clark uses a sledgehammer to break down a garage door of a former fire station that was converted into a community center in Sellwood.Portland Mayor Bud Clark waves to the crowd from an amphibious truck during the St. Johns Parade.Mayor Bud Clark kisses his wife, Sigrid, goodbye before going to his City Hall office.Portland Mayor Bud Clark.John Mayor Bud Clark is Portland Mayor bud Clark addresses crowd from perch on Union Station tower before neon sign at top of 87-year-old clock tower was officially relighted.Former Portland Mayor Bud Clark is taking bids on items in the house and having a garage sale. His wife Sigrid has quite the antique collection.Mayor Bud Clark displays the plastic great blue heron that disappeared last weekend from his office. He found it under his desk at a City Council meeting Wednesday.  Police Officer Sheridan Grippen suspects an inside job, noting Portland Mayor Bud Clark shakes a bystander's hand Tuesday as he leads officials on a walking tour of Old Town to see how police and alcohol policies are affecting the neighborhood. With Clark are Alexis Restaurant manager Gerry Tsisrmiagos (right, front) and City Commissioner Mike Lindbergh (second row, right) several aides bring up the rear. OregonianMayor Bud Clark helps hold two of more than 26 neighborhood flags with representatives of Portland neighborhoods.Kelly Johnson presents roses to Mayor Bud Clark in his office in honor of the rose being voted the national flower by Congress.Part of the fun for Portland Mayor Bud Clark when he visited Coalca Monday was taking a canoe ride on the Willamette River with Roger Dale York, honorary mayor of the tiny hamlet about five miles south of Oregon City.Bud Clark, former Portland Mayor made himself famous years ago by flashing a statue on the transit mall to make a poster which says   .... expose yourself to art.  He recreates the situation this time to encourage people to expose themselves to the art of bicycling. He has a shirt and a pair of bicycle pants on under the coat.Mayor Bud Clark is consoled by Jammin' Salmon, a mascot of a Portland radio station, after losing his heat in the Great Portland Glass, Tim and Paper Chase to students from Maplewood Elementary School.June 1989. John Portland Mayor Bud Clark and City Commissioner Mike Lindberg hold a replica of a great blue heron after the City Council designated the live version as the city's official bird.Portland Mayor Bud Clark and Takeshi Itagaki, mayor of Sapporo, Japan, take a ride at the Carousel Courtyard in Northeast Portland.John Portland Mayor Bud Clark pushes off Thursday after a farewell gala at City Hall.

It was only fitting that the final remembrance of Bud Clark, the “citizen-mayor” who epitomized the city’s keep-it-weird culture and was responsible for many of Portland’s enduring symbols, felt more like a party than a funeral.