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At 8:55 a.m. on February 15, a Eugene Police patrol officer conducted a traffic stop near W. 7th Avenue and Polk Street after spotting a driver who was going faster than the posted speed in a vehicle with a loud exhaust. The officer contacted the driver, Dillan Eugene Martin, age 32, of Eugene. Martin argued about the stop, tried to get out of his vehicle, and slammed the door shut when told to stay inside. There was a female bystander who appeared to be filming the encounter and interjected herself into the conversation while the officer was speaking with Martin, forcing the officer to divide his attention. 

A cover officer arrived and stood by while the first officer issued Martin a traffic citation. As the two officers tried to leave, Martin threw open his car door and got out of his car. He initially walked away from the officer who issued the citation and then started walking toward him. He appeared angry and the officer tried to deescalate the situation by leaving. 

The officer got into his vehicle and started driving toward W. 7th Avenue. However, Martin began chasing the patrol vehicle. The officer was initially able to pull away from him but had to slow to reenter the busy roadway on W. 7th Avenue. Eventually, despite the officer’s attempt at evasive actions, as he was pulling onto W. 7th Avenue, Martin ran into the street and slammed into the patrol vehicle, damaging the passenger side mirror. That officer got out in the middle of W. 7th Avenue and after a brief struggle took Martin into custody along with the cover officer.

Martin was lodged at Lane County Jail on charges of Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree and Disorderly Conduct. 24-02278

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