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At approximately 10:10 a.m. on April 11, Eugene Police responded to a report by Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) Dispatch of a crash involving a pedestrian and a train near the 4200 block of Franklin Boulevard (1,200-1,500 feet west of the Knickerbocker Foot Bridge on the north side of the train tracks). Eugene Springfield Fire also responded. Officers located the pedestrian, Thomas James Streitz-Waters, age 37, of Eugene, who had non-life-threatening injuries. He was transported by ESF to a local hospital for treatment.

An investigation found Streitz-Waters had been walking next to the tracks and had headphones on. The railroad employees used a horn, but Streitz-Waters did not respond, and he was hit. 

Streitz-Waters was cited in lieu of custody for Criminal Trespass in the First Degree. Case 23-05198 

Tips from Amtrak and Operation Lifesaver Rail Safety Education to reduce near misses and fatalities:

Always know that the average train is three feet wider than the track on each side.

If you’re standing on the train tracks, you may not hear or feel an oncoming train in time to get away safely.

Never drive or walk around lowered grade crossing gates. 

Never attempt to outrun an approaching train. 

Never stop your vehicle on a grade crossing waiting for traffic to move. 

Never begin to drive across the tracks unless you can get all the way across. 

Always report problems or obstructions at the crossing. Look for the number on the blue sign near the crossing or on the crossbuck. 

Always remember a train can take a mile or more to stop. 

Always slow down and stop your vehicle prior to train tracks when lights begin to flash.

Never walk, run, play or take pictures on the railroad right-of-way. If you are on or near the tracks, you are trespassing on private property and breaking the law. 

Never attempt to outrun an approaching train. It can take a train a mile or more to stop. 

Only cross the tracks at designated public crossings. 

For more safety tips, visit

This traffic safety message and operation supports the City of Eugene Vision Zero goal. Vision Zero is an approach to transportation safety that aims to eliminate deaths and life-changing injuries caused by traffic crashes.

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