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New Mount Pisgah wine appellation is filled with surprisesA weekend tasting lineup at Amalie Robert Estate, Dallas.Illahe Vineyards, Dallas.Dena Drews and Ernie Pink taste syrah in the Amalie Robert Estate cellar. The Amalie Robert Estate vineyard was planted above Bursell Road over 20 years ago.Illahe is one of 10 vineyards in the new Mount Pisgah, Polk County, Oregon AVA. The newly constructed Open Claim Vineyards tasting room.Open Claim Vineyards will open their tasting room later this summer.

Holy Moses, there are a lot of Mount Pisgahs in the United States. But only one of them is surrounded by vineyards. Meet the Willamette Valley’s new Mount Pisgah, Polk County, Oregon American Viticultural Area (AVA). It holds almost as many surprises as there are letters in its name.