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PENDLETON — The Pendleton Development Commission is considering changes to its grant application review process.

Three of the four citizen members of its Grant Review Advisory Committee resigned recently. A full committee would have seven members.

“Now grant applications go to the committee twice a year,” City Manager Robb Corbett said. “It’s done by the PDC’s cycle. But now available funds are low, so there’s a conversation among PDC members to decide what to do.”

The city council established the nine-member PDC in 1981 to act as the Urban Renewal Agency. PDC members are the city council and mayor.

The grant review committee was formerly called the Facade Restoration Committee, with up to nine members. There also are a general PDC Advisory Committee and a Jump Start Committee.

Kate Dimon, grant review committee chair, with members Velda Arnaud and Bill Taylor resigned in protest, alleging the PDC did not follow its own rules and procedures. Member Tonya Nichols remained.

The committee reviews grants on the second Tuesday of each month. Applications are due the last Monday of the preceding month.

The standards for a Rejuvenation Grant to restore an entire building are the same as for the Upper Story and Facade Restoration programs. Historic building renovations or restorations must follow certain standards.

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