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Records Section Front Counter Hours Change

Effective Monday, August 29, the front lobby Records Section counter will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The counter will be closed during other hours and weekends due to temporary staffing shortages. Currently, there are Records Section vacancies of more than 40%. Lobby access will remain open 24 hours for acceptance of bail payments for Eugene Municipal charges and use of the “Red Phone” (direct line to Communications/ Dispatch Center) if needed to initiate a call for service. All other services customarily handled at the window will be done during the reduced hours.

Additionally, you can register a Potentially Dangerous Dog (PDD) via appointment only with an Animal Welfare Officer at the Police Department. Call 541/682-5748 to schedule an appointment. For dog licensing, please use the following for service:

or 1-855-328-1400;

Greenhill Humane Society;

Participating local veterinarian clinics.

Records Section Front Counter Hours Change

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