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At 3:30 p.m. on February 28, Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit and Eugene Police SWAT executed a search warrant at a residence in the 2800 block of Crocker Road. The location had been a neighborhood nuisance house for quite some time, and frequent short stay traffic had been observed on muliple occasions, which was indicative of narcotic and stolen property fencing occurring at the house. EPD SCU applied for and was granted a search warrant at the location for firearms offenses and illegal narcotics. 

Brandon Anthony Calhoun McFarland, age 29, was taken into custody from the location and has several felony charges pending. EPD SCU seized evidence from the search warrant including: 

  • Five handguns (including three handguns from vehicle); one of the handguns was reported stolen 
  • One rifle with a case (from vehicle) 
  • Ammunition 
  • Operational digital scales and packaging material 
  • Approximately 11 grams of Xanax pills as seized 
  • Approximately 112 grams of blue oxycodone pills marked M30 (claimed as fentanyl) was seized 
  • Approximately 254 grams of field-tested positive methamphetamine as seized 
  • Approximately 23.7 grams of field-tested positive heroin as seized 
  • Approximately 82.6 grams of field-tested positive heroin/fentanyl mixture as seized 
  • Approximately 93.5 grams of field-tested positive fentanyl powder as seized 
  • Approximately 14.6 grams of field-tested positive MDMA as seized 
  • Approximately 38 grams of field-tested positive cocaine as seized 
  • One stolen bicycle, recovered
  • More than $4,000.00 in US Currency 

Case #23-03041/Search Warrant

Street Crimes Unit

SCU is funded through the Community Safety Payroll Tax and works in concert with communities to help solve issues.  The unit focuses on prolific offenders, who are identified through intelligence-based policing, public tips and other sources. They proactively respond across the city to quality of life issues as they arise, using all available resources and partners such as community groups, neighborhood associations and city services. SCU is dedicated to targeting immediate and acute community safety system issues while working toward mission-critical enhancements that need to be addressed through a longer-term and broader community safety initiative. 

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