4th July

Don’t Lose Your Pet This 4th of July


The single largest day of the year for lost pets, is the Fifth of July.  Following a nationwide celebration of independence and fireworks, shelters will be inundated on July 5th with lost pets. 30% of all “lost” animals occur on the evening of the 4th of July; most of these runaways could have been prevented with a few simple measures.

Fireworks are explosive, uncommon noises that frighten your animal. This fright is not restricted to the domestic cats and dogs. It can also include birds, reptiles and livestock. If you know that your animal is going to be frightened, take some preventative measures before the night. Contact your local veterinarian for sedatives if required.

  • Keep your pets inside that night. Fireworks put a strain on your animal. If you’re going to be away form your pet, have someone  stay behind to remain with them.
  • Keep your pet safe. During fireworks exhibitions, make sure your pet can access their “safe” house, the place where they can hide out. Don’t chain them up, their inability to escape the loud noises will only create more stress.
  • Avoid the noise. If your pet is inside, close windows and turn up the volume on television to overcome the noise for the duration of the show.
  • Remain calm. You pet will sense your reaction. Yelling at the animal does not help.

These four simple measures can assist during the course of the night, but what action should you take the morning after if you suddenly find your “friend” is no longer at home?

Have a recent photo of your pet and update your social media profile. Alert your local Neighborhood Watch team and advise them of your lost pet. Check local message boards and see if your pet has been found.

new+city+of+eugene+logoHopefully, if your pet does get out, they will end up at the local animal shelters. Lane County operates two animal shelters, one that services the city of Eugene and Springfield, located at 3970 W 1st Ave Eugene. PH: 541 – 844-1777. Outside of the city precincts, the City has partnered with the Greenhill Humane Society at 88530 Greenhill Road. Both shelters run a combined web page which allows you to view which animals are at the shelter.

In Lane County, animal shelters are only required to hold your pet for three days if the animal does not have identification marks,  and five days if the animal does have identification.

MurphyGreen Hill Humane Society Media and Events Manager Sasha Elliott says

“Friday will be on our our biggest day of the year.”

Elliott said that to accommodate the influx of animals this Friday, some of the animals already in the shelter have been moved off site.  When asked,  Elliott said that the shelter may take in as many as “a hundred or so” lost pets this Friday.

Commercially there are number of devices you can attach to your pet to assist with identification.

A QR identification code available through PetHub allows you to create a bar code, attach it to your pets collar, and if found, can be scanned with a smart phone to provide the animals particulars. For the more technically minded (owners that is, not animals) GPS Tracking through Pettracker will allow you to home in on your lost pet.

JasperIf your pet does become lost, recognize that a Microchip in your pet is the best identification procedure, but only if your pet is recovered.

Unfortunately, less than 2% of all cats and 20% of all dogs are ever reunited with their family.

The Lane County Shelter at 1st Avenue will be open on Friday 5th July from 10am – 6pm.