Man Arrested on Stolen Bike After Almost Hitting Officers


On Mar. 9, 2015, at 8:56 p.m., officers contacted Pickard after he almost ran into them as he rode a stolen bike on the sidewalk in Downtown Portland.

Portland Police officers arrested 36-year-old Steven Ronald Pickard after contacting him at SW 10th Ave. and Morrison St. as he rode the stolen bicycle.

Officers checked the serial numbers on the white Cervelo bicycle and learned that the bike was reported stolen on January 22, 2015, from the 1800 block of Southwest River Drive.

Earlier in the evening, another Central Precinct officer took a report that this stolen bike was seen in the area of Southeast Water Avenue and Belmont Street along with a man matching Pickard’s description. The caller on that report, a friend of the bike theft victim, provided a picture of the man and the bike to police, who confirmed that it was Pickard and the stolen Cervelo bicycle.

The victim in this case was able to provide the serial number to police when making the theft report, listed the bike on http://www.stolenbikeregistry.comand share the information among her social networks to get the word out about the theft. All of these actions led to police being able to recover the bike and make an arrest.

Steven Pickard
Steven Ronald Pickard

Pickard was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of Theft in the First Degree (by Receiving), Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of a Controlled Substance. Additionally Pickard is being held on a parole violation.

The Portland Police Bureau has some valuable information on bike theft prevention available at



UO Honored Gold Bicycle Friendly

BICYCLEEUGENE, Ore. — The League of American Bicyclists recognized the University of Oregon with a Gold Bicycle Friendly University Wednesday.

The University of Oregon encourages bicycling as an easy option for transportation and provides amenities such as way-finding signs, bike parking and fix-it stations throughout campus.

Being a bike friendly university has created opportunities for the diverse campus community to lead happier, healthier lives and has redefined how easy, affordable, accessible, and fun transportation can be.

To apply or learn more about the free Bicycle Friendly University program, click here.

Bikers Take Over for Sunday Streets

9-21 BIKESEUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of residents used nothing but foot-powered transportation Sunday.

Eugene Sunday Streets returned for its second event of the summer, this time in the Harlow neighborhood. Organizers say they hope the free community event inspires people to use other modes of transportation besides driving.

“We’re trying to help our community see that there are other ways to get around other than driving alone. So, showing people you can walk, and you can bike as a form of transportation. Not only is it fun, but it’s convenient, it costs less than driving and it helps you stay healthy,” says Lindsay Selser with the City of Eugene.

City representatives say they are already planing for next year, which will make the event’s fifth year.

Bike and Trailer Stolen from Dad

9-17 BIKE STOLEN PICEUGENE, Ore. — A man is hoping to get his 9-month-old daughter’s toys back after thieves stole his bike and child trailer.

Steven Mara says he put up a sign outside his apartment complex showing thieves what they stole didn’t just have monetary value. They were toys that meant something to his daughter Indika.

Mara says he’s a single dad and struggles to get by on a fixed income to support his daughter. The bike and trailer were their only mode of transportation.

“I just want them to know that you know you hurt somebody who’s completely innocent. She had nothing to do with whatever your problem was,” Mara said.

Luckily, through some help from Walmart, Mara was able to buy another bike and trailer on major discount. But the toys Indika was attached to are gone.

Mara says theft is a problem in the area. Eugene Police say there aren’t many robbery calls, but there are a lot of calls in general in that area.

Grant Goes to Three New Bridge

Bridge ProjectEUGENE, Ore. — Thanks to new funding approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission, the Lane Transit District will get $3.51 million.

The bulk of the money will go to build three new bike and pedestrian bridges over Amazon Creek. The bridges will be at Buck Street, Sam Reynolds Street, and between Commerce Street and Fern Ridge Path.

Both the west Eugene EmX project and the city of Eugene will oversee the projects.

Free Whiteaker Mural Art Tour

mural singleEUGENE, Ore — Life-sized art comes alive in Eugene this weekend, and with a little peddle power you can take it all in.

The Lane Arts Council is hosting its 2nd annual Mural Bike Tour. One of the featured artist is Esteban Camacho Steffensen. Steffensen spent two months at the Washington Jefferson Skate Park transforming two massive bridge columns into works of art.  “It’s a challenge. It’s an artistic challenge to paint 17 feet high,” says Steffensen. He completed the murals just in time for the official opening of the skate park in June 2014.

Steffensen was one of dozens of artists who submitted entries for the mural project. Eight finalists were selected and in the end, he won. “I am lucky that I am from Eugene, and I started painting murals in Eugene, and I’ve never really gone in on a public project commissioned here. So when I got it, yes, it’s really rewarding,” Steffensen said.

The Mural Bike Tour starts at the Washington Jefferson Skate Park at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 16.  It will cover 13 murals in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Eight mural artists will be on the tour to discuss their work including Kari Johnson. Johnson has five murals on the tour.  One of them, which is almost 25 years old, is located at 4th Avenue and Monroe.  Her work is impressive.  Perhaps even more impressive is that she has no formal training. “Maybe it’s in my blood. I never went to school for art. I don’t know.  I don’t know how I became an artist,” Johnson said.

The Lane Arts Council says the free bike tour will take about two hours and covers about a mile and a half.

Thousands Attend Eugene Sunday Streets

video preview image

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands made it out for the Eugene Sunday Streets event. Residents got to see live entertainment, learn how to skate and meet different people from the community.

Organizers of Sunday Streets say the free event is one of the most popular gatherings of the year and more importantly, it helps to build a stronger sense of community by showing people that the roads belong to everyone.

“We just really want to make sure people know that these streets are our streets. They belong to the public. They belong to everyone, not just cars or service vehicles, but also to cyclists, walkers and everyone in the community,” says Volunteer Coordinator Ariel Coleman.

The second Sunday Streets is on September 21 in the Harlow neighborhood. Click here for details.

Cyclist in ICU following vehicle crash on Kings

A bicyclist injured in a traffic crash Thursday outside Fred Meyer was in fair condition Friday in the intensive care unit, according to a nurse at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.

Joanna Herron, 26, of Corvallis sustained severe internal abdominal injuries when a minivan pulled out of the Fred Meyer parking lot onto Kings Boulevard and struck her as she was riding south in the northbound bike lane, Corvallis Police Sgt. Jason Harvey said.

The motorist, 44-year-old Holly Steele-Leonard of Corvallis, was not hurt in the accident, which occurred about 5:35 p.m.

No citations have been issued, but the accident is still under investigation.

Herron made the news in 2011 when a tractor lawnmower ran over her head. The accident occurred after she fell asleep while listening to music in tall grass at the Corvallis city shops complex at 1245 N.W. Third St.

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UO student hospitalized after bike accident

A 19-year-old freshman was transferred to the hospital around 5 p.m. this afternoon after his front tire came loose and fell off. He flipped over his handlebars and landed face first on the ground.

Still conscience, the student complained of jaw pain, sore teeth and a headache.

Danielle Koire, a UO freshman, was walking out of class on 13th by the EMU when she saw the loose tire roll by and then the student hit the ground immediately after. She called 911  twice before help arrived.

Matt Halpin, a UO senior, and Ashley Barnhill, a UO junior, both have response training. They examined the student before the ambulance arrived.

UOPD could not be immediately reached for comment.


UO student hits bicyclists on 13th Avenue

Dana Rognue was taken to the hospital after complaining of an injury to her right leg. Rognue and another bicyclist were hit by a car on 13th Avenue between Mill and Ferry streets Wednesday afternoon.

The driver, a confirmed UO student, was leaving an old apartment where he was checking mail.

Eugene fireman and paramedic Steve Waleri said the accident was not serious and there were minor injuries.