cletis carr

Cletis Carr – Home again (for awhile)


Eugene is lucky: Cletis Carr is coming back to his home state to do some long awaited concerts.  Playing with “the Sneakers” in the late 70’s early 80’s, Cletis was well known in the area for his guitar and keyboard sounds.  The Sneakers (previously the News and Shaniko) were famous for not only the over the top shows, but the waaay over the top after parties!


Coming from a musical family it was almost a given he would continue the family legacy and he did it well. Arriving in Nashville in the 90″s Carr made himself at home, writing and performing along with producing.  He was even featured at the world famous “Bluebird Café”.

Intending  a brief vacation to Australia, Carr ended up touring with his bands “Big Whiskey” and the “Hillbilly Moon” sharing the stage with a few fairly well known bands like Tom Petty and Elvis Costello.

Coming full circle he has now released his 8th album, “Sedalia Blues”.  His time is split between Australia and Nashville and now touring in the states in support of his newest release.

To be able to see this performer in a small intimate venue is exciting and his long time fans in the area will enjoy this personal show.

Cletis Carr

Put it on your calendar and start the holiday right. JULY 2ND AT THE GROWLER UNDERGROUND 512 Main St., Springfield.