How To Use CBD In Managing Your Anxiety During This Crisis


With the world scrambling to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, anxieties are mounting. Social
isolation, uncertainties surrounding employment, and a host of other reasons have contributed to this. At the same time, CBD’s popularity to treat anxiety has gathered traction in these uncertain times. CBD’s potential for combating anxiety is well documented and is exactly what’s needed to calm nerves now.

CBD has been shown effective at lowering anxiety in it’s various forms. You can browse around here to familiarize yourself with a variety of cbd products. Meanwhile, to help you find one that’s consistent with your needs, this article summarizes a few key pointers.

1. Tinctures and Oils
Tinctures and oils provide an easy passage into the CBD world. In tincture form, CBD is dissolved in an alcohol base, whereas in an oil state, it’s mixed with a carrier oil such as mct oil (coconut), hemp seed oil, sunflower or grapeseed oil. Most tinctures and oils are placed in a dropper that allows for exact intake measurements. The main cannabinoid compound rapidly enters your bloodstream and effects start to show in as little as 10 minutes, lasting for up to 4 hours.

2. CBD Vape Oils
A special pen is used to vaporize CBD oil. However, recent reports and cases have called its safety into question. For instance, at least 2,807 people have been hospitalized and 42 dead as a consequence of a deadly lung condition called EVALI. In addition, the Federal Center for Disease Control has linked most cases to the use of illegal black-market vape cartridges adulterated with Vitamin E oil.  If you’re considering the possibility of vaping CBD, make sure you buy it from a licensed state-endorsed store. Their CBD vape cartridges are highly regulated to ensure your safety and health.


3. Yummy Edibles
CBD can make an excellent ingredient in most food. As an edible, it’s very easy to consume and tastes like a treat particularly if made a part of brownies or gummies. The effects may take more than an hour to kick in.  The oral bioavailability of CBD is also a consideration in this consumption method. While passing through your gastrointestinal tract, CBD undergoes disintegration before being processed by the liver. This decreases its efficacy and allows only a limited amount to enter your circulatory system. You might need to amp the dosage to balance out this loss.  Furthermore, the FDA has announced that the sale of CBD-containing food is illegal. You will have to get it in edible form from a licensed adult-use market.

4. Smoking
Smoking provides another fast route to enjoy CBD’s anti-anxiety effects. In a single puff, the
active cannabinoid is shot directly to the lungs, from where it makes way to the bloodstream for
instant absorption.  However, you need to be wary of your CBD intake when smoking because measuring your dosage isn’t easy with this method. You also need to consider the danger of lung inflammation due to smoking.


Know the Optimal Dosage
Dosing varies significantly for each consumption method. There’s no universally accepted
dosage for CBD because large-scale clinical trials haven’t been completed to determine optimal
dosage by consumption method.  Furthermore, the FDA is still in the process of understanding the science behind cannabis and its various compounds. Meanwhile, a lot of pre-clinical research has corroborated that CBD is safe for use in the treatment of anxiety.

Still, if you’re looking to treat anxiety with CBD during this crisis, you do need to approach the
aspect of dosing with caution. Here are some general dosing tips to help you out:

1. Calculate your CBD Dosage
The factors you need to consider to figure out your CBD dosage include:

● Metabolism
● CBD concentration (expressed as mg/container)
● Anxiety level
● Body Weight

CBD concentration is expressed in mg/container. Once you’re sure about the potency of your
CBD product, you can use a dosage calculator to factor in the rest of the variables and find our
perfect dosage. Your unique body physiology also plays a role in your response to CBD. Individuals with increased metabolic activity benefit from a higher dose.

2. Go Slow
Even though CDB has proven to be safe in high doses (>300mg), it is generally recommended
that new or returning users should start with a low dosage and dial it up gradually to gauge the
effects. Titration is one such method that allows you to do this, removing the danger of any
adverse effects. It can help you find a dosage consistent with your body tolerance and chemistry.

CBD products can help treat your pandemic blues. However, you must find a consumption
method consistent with your medical history. You must also determine the dosage that is best
suited for your body chemistry and body size.  If you are taking medications, you should consult your physician before taking CBD.

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”


Every once in a while I stop and wonder just how strange my life can get. Over the years I have witnessed situations and events that at the time seemed to be the craziest I had seen until the next weird event occurs.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump (1994) | Photo by

The title of this article, as I’m sure you know, comes from the Tom Hanks movie “Forrest Gump.” The quote is from Forrest’s mother. It really fits our current times. I have seen things that I could not have imagined possible. It was inconceivable and yet it happened.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) |Image by

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) seemed to start out as a small outbreak, but has proven to be a serious and deadly viral outbreak. I originally started writing this article more than a week ago and it was ready to be published. Due to a serious server issue it was eaten by the server before it could be published. So here I am trying to recreate it. The virus has spread all over the world now and many of us are distancing ourselves from contact with other people as much as possible. The hope is that with less person-to-person contact we will be able to slow down the numbers of infected people and therefore reduce the amount of deaths.

COSTO Shelves
Long Lines, Empty Shelves at COSTO Victirville, CA | Photos by

In the original article I wrote I described the strange site I witnessed in COSTCO where the entire toilet paper section and the paper towel sections, making up an area more than 50 feet long, were completely empty of stock. The same could be said of the hand sanitizers and cleaning products. The hoarders picked them clean. They obviously were thinking only of themselves and not the many other people who actually needed to by their normal supply of those products. How on earth did they think they needed that much toilet paper all at once?

Empty Shelves
Safeway Empty Shelves | Photo by Getteimages. ca

Our local Safeway store was exactly the same with the added empty shelves where all of the bottled water should have been. They even cleaned out all of the distilled water. There are those of us who use CPAP machines for sleep apnea, The machines have small tanks which have to be filled with distilled water to add moisture to the air that is being pumped into our lungs. Without that moisture our sinuses and lungs would become seriously dehydrated. If the hoarders took only what they needed for now there would have been enough left for those of us who came after them. Why this panic buying? Were they that afraid they would have to be baricaided in their homes without being able to leave to go to the store? There is is. Stupid is as stupid does.

Memphis Light Snow
Snowflakes Falling In Memphis, TN 2018 Storm | Photo by

I have a couple examples of situations in my past that are very relevant to our current crisis. When I lived in Memphis, Tennessee, a place where serious snowfall is quite rare, I had possible light snow in my weather forecast back in the mid 1980s. I emphasized that no accumulation was expected, but once the people heard the word snow they went crazy. The stores were cleared of bread and milk like a field picked clean by locusts. My wife and I used to go to a day-old bakery which was a satellite store for one of the best bakeries in town. The forecast I gave was broadcast on Friday night. My wife and I went to do our grocery shopping the next day as we always did on Saturday and of course we went to that bakery. Normally the store had stationary racks and six foot tall racks on wheels full of loaves of bread, buns, and assorted baked goods. That Saturday however, to our surprise, all of the racks were empty. It was a weird feeling similar to walking into a ghost town. The supermarkets were cleaned out of all of the milk in stock to. What on earth would they do with all of that milk and bread? Even if we did get a significant snowfall it wouldn’t last more than a day or two at best. My forecast was correct. No snow pilled up on the ground at all. I don’t know what they did with all of that extra milk, but a lot of the bread ended up in their back yards torn apart to be fed to the birds. Stupid is as stupid does.

Mt. St. Helens
Mt. St. Helens Erupting | Photo by Off The Grid News

In the other situation we lived in Spokane, Washington in 1980 when Mt. St. Helens erupted dumping a quarter to half an inch of ash on us. Nobody was prepared for that one. However, when there were subsequent eruptions and I went on the air explaining that another eruption occurred and we could see more ash. The people went shopping. They were the smart ones. They went to the deli section of the grocery stores and bought cheese, cold cuts, dip, beer, and wine. They hand a party while staying inside until the ash actually stopped falling. That’s the way to do it. They didn’t empty the deli section. They just bought enough for their group, usually their immediate family, and left plenty for other shoppers.

Now back to our current situation. As this pandemic continues, and it looks like it will be for some time to come, we need to use common sense. Even if you are self-quarentined just for your protection you will be able to make quick trips to the store for the necessities of life. There will be no need to hoard anything. Please think of the rest of the population and buy only what you need. If we all cooperate and follow the rules that we have been given we’ll have a better chance of getting through this stressful situation. For the latest information and updates on the Coronavirus outbreak there are sites you can visit. and

Let me know what you would like me to talk about or explain. You can email me at: [email protected]

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