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One Man Dies After Boat Capsizes

WaterNEAR GOLD BEACH, Ore. — The Curry County Sheriff’s Office reports one person has died after a boat capsized at the mouth of the Rogue River on Saturday morning.

Deputies responded to two 911 calls from witnesses to a boating accident at the mouth of the Rogue River at around 7:30 a.m. The callers reported that an 18-foot boat with at least two people on board had capsized near the north jetty as it was attempting to cross the bar outwards. Deputies located the overturned boat about three hundred yards off shore of the north jetty in about 12 to 14-foot swells.

Near the boat they located the ship’s two occupants, later identified as two men from Cottage Grove. One was holding onto a seat cushion and the other was face down in the water and unresponsive when deputies found him. Deputies pulled the unresponsive person onto their boat and then threw a lifeline to the other.

CPR was performed on the unresponsive man for more than an hour before he was pronounced dead. Investigators identified him as the boat operator, 56-year-old Thomas Whiting. The passenger, 36-year-old Charlie Johnson, and Whiting’s nephew, was transported to Curry General Hospital for hypothermia.

The Sheriff’s Office says there was also a female yellow lab on board but it has not been located.

Sewage Spills Onto Roadway

hazmatNEAR COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Hazmat crews cleaned up a spill after a sanitation truck, carrying 1,000 gallons of sewage tipped over, spilling sewage and supplies on the roadway.

The truck’s driver was rushed to the hospital, after he crashed on Row River Road, near Sears Road outside of Cottage Grove.

South Lane Fire and Rescue crews responded to the crash.  Chief John Wooten says he immediately contacted the city of Cottage Grove and hazmat because the spill was so close to the Row River, the main water supply for Cottage Grove.

“Right now we’re assessing the situation, helping a plan to start the cleanup. It does not appear based on the product that was in the truck that there’s a threat to the waterway, or anybody’s drinking water. So, this appears to be a pretty easy cleanup at this point,” said Wooten.

People living near the crash scene say they think a lot of people speed through the curve and don’t realize how fast they’re going.

‘We’ve seen a dozen wrecks on the curve on this road. Road’s mostly straight on both sides of this, but when it comes to this back to back curve in the road, people get a little incompliant and don’t know well, I can make that,” said Don Burke.

Investigators say the road was shut down for hours as they cleaned up and worked to figure out why the truck tipped over.

Warming Centers Open for Saturday

12-3 egan warming center picEUGENE/SPRINGFIELD/COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The Egan Warming Centers will be open the night of Saturday, Nov. 29th. Volunteers are on standby for the night of Sunday, Nov. 30th and Monday, Dec. 1st.

Sites activated for Saturday, Nov. 29th are as follows:

1. First Christian Church, 11th & Oak Eugene (shuttles to take guests to other sites will arrive here at around 5:30 pm and run until about 8:00 pm). This is an adult site. The site also allows pets.
2. St Mary’s Episcopal Church, 13th & Pearl: This location is for overflow and late arrivals only. Guests need to check in at First Christian. This is adult site. No pets allowed at this location.
3. First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street: This is a youth site for females 21 and under and males 18 and under. It will be open at 7 p.m. Pets are allowed.
4. Resurrection Episcopal Church, 3925 Hilyard Street: This is an adult site that opens at 7 p.m. No pets allowed
5. Adventist Church, 12th & Olympic Springfield: This is an adult site that opens at 6:30 p.m. Pets are allowed.
6. Dayspring Church, Howard & River Road: This is an adult site that opens at 7 p.m. No pets allowed

Due to the holiday, many volunteers aren’t available. In order to safely activate, all sites still need a lot more volunteers for all shifts. Volunteers need to go to the Egan Warming Center website to sign up to volunteer.

Cottage Grove’s Beds for Freezing Nights warming center will be also be open Saturday, Nov. 29th and Sunday, Nov. 30th from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church located at 1025 N. 19th Street in Cottage Grove.

The warming center is for adults and families. Unaccompanied minors are referred to the Looking Glass Host Home Program. The center does not allow pets. If no guests check in by 10 p.m., the shelter will close for that night.

Free community meals will also be provided on Sunday, Nov. 30th at the Cottage Grove Community Center located at 700 E. Gibbs Avenue at 5 p.m.

Water Main Break Closes Road

11-26 waterCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Crews in Cottage Grove say there was a water main break on S. 10th St. near Quincy Ave. Wednesday afternoon at about 2:20 p.m. The break lifted the entire road surface on 10th St. between 4 to 6 inches in some places.

Crews say S. 10th St. is closed to traffic between Monroe and Quincy Ave. while crews make repairs.

City representatives say water customers may experience cloudy water but it’s safe to drink. They say it’s due to mineral scale buildup.

Crews say the break has been isolated.

Local Radio Host Gets National Award

11-18 Radio DJCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A big award for a small radio station host in Cottage Grove, receiving recognition from the Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Cameron Reiten, who is legally blind, owns KNND AM radio and also hosts shows on the country radio station.

Reiten recently flew out to Akron, Ohio to receive the honors and was even told he’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017. He says he thanks his viewers for listening and helping him achieve his dreams, going from intern to owner and host.

“It’s really humbling to be considered to be in the same league as some of the legendary broadcasters that helped shaped radio into what we think of it as today,” Reiten said.

You can catch reiten on the radio at 1400 AM.

David Bowen Says Death Was Accidental

video preview image

EUGENE, Ore. — A Cottage Grove man on trial for shooting his girlfriend, former Cottage Grove resident Tammy Borda, says it was an accident.

Bowen testified for nearly two hours last Friday about his life history and on Monday, he returned to the stand. With his voice breaking and through some tears, he told his story to the jury about Borda’s death. Bowen says he shot Borda in self-defense and accidentally killed her after she pulled a gun on him during an argument inside his home in December. Bowen says Borda became angry with him after she found another woman’s bag in his home. He said he meant to shoot her shoulder, but when she slumped over he knew he’d missed his mark.

Bowen recalled, “I remember calling her name. Trying to get her…hoping she would say something.”

He tried to move her to the car to go to the hospital, but discovered she wasn’t breathing. So Bowen says he then just kept Borda’s body in his kitchen for about two weeks before dumping it.

“I was under so much shock from what happened and being so scared of the incident itself, that I was having trouble thinking straight,” says Bowen.

Bowen says he did experience some suicidal thoughts, which he gave up on because of his son

Both sides rested their cases that afternoon. Court will break for Veterans’ Day on Tuesday and reconvene on Wednesday for closing statements.

Missing Person – Cottage Grove



Goes by: Suki

CHANTHAVONG, Souksavath LCM News










Endangered Missing Person

44 year old Asian male; Ht: 5’06”; Wt: 170; Hair: Black; Eyes: Brown.


Last seen wearing red shorts; gray hooded sweatshirt and a dark colored T- shirt. “Suki” was last seen near mile post 1.4 off Carpenter Bypass Road mushroom picking with a friend.  Chanthavong may exhibit unusual behavior due to being off of his medication.


Last seen Thursday, November 06, 2014 around 1:30PM off Carpenter Bypass Road west of Cottage Grove, Oregon


If you have seen Chanthavong please call the

Lane County Sheriff’s Office at 541-682-4141 or 911.

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Public’s Help Needed Identifying Suspected Three Time Bank Robber

Eugene OR – A man suspected in two bank robberies on Thursday, October 16, 2014, is now suspected in a third robbery – this time in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The Friday, October 17, 2014, robbery occurred at the Wells Fargo Bank branch inside the Safeway store located at 1500 E. Main in Cottage Grove at about2:45 pm.

The first robbery on Thursday took place at 10:10 am – also at a Wells Fargo Bank branch located in a Safeway store, but this one was in Salem. That store is located at 3380 Lancaster Drive NE.

The second robbery on Thursday took place at the Umpqua Bank branch located at 1175 Valley River Drive in Eugene.

Investigators believe the same man is responsible for all three robberies. In all cases, he approached the teller desk, demanded cash, received an undisclosed amount of money and left.

Witnesses describe the suspect as:

White man

Age: Late 30’s to mid-40’s

Height: 6’0″ – 6’2″

Weight: 200 pounds

Build: Medium

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Short stubble, possibly graying

In the first robbery on Thursday, the suspect was wearing a black, zip-up long sleeved shirt or jacket with two white stripes and a Michael Jordan logo over the left chest.

In the second robbery he was wearing a black sweatshirt with red print. In both of these robberies, he was wearing blue tennis shoes and black basketball shorts with a red triangle and white stripes. He was also wearing gold wire-rimmed glasses.

In the third robbery on Friday, the suspect was wearing a dark colored shirt or jacket, light colored pants, and blue tennis shoes.

Anyone with information as to this person’s identity or location is asked to call the FBI in Portland at (503) 224-4181 (twenty four hours a day); the FBI in Salem at (503) 362-6601; the FBI in Eugene at (541) 343-5222; or the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at (503) 540-8079; or the Eugene Police Department at(541) 682-5111.



Clickable pictures:

10-17-14 Cottage Grove, Oregon

10-17-14 Cottage Grove, Oregon

bank 3 CG

10-17-14 Cottage Grove, Oregon

10-16-14 Salem, Oregon

10-16-14 Salem, Oregon

10-16-14 Eugene, Oregon

10-16-14 Eugene, Oregon

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