David Hill Winery

Frugal Wine Gal: David Hill Farmhouse Red


In the beautiful countryside just northwest of Forest Grove lies David Hill Winery. Nestled on some very historical land that dates back to the late 1800’s, this is a winery that makes a wide variety of wines from their large estate. The winery itself is named after a combination of an old family name in the Forest Grove area, the Frederick David Family, and the site where the winery is located. It has gone through many names since, but this hilly area was originally known as “winery hill”. They also have a farmhouse that was built in 1883 that they use for their tasting room. I love a winery with an interesting history!

The gorgeous farmhouse (Photo Credit: Joshin Yamada)

The David Hill label was launched in 2000 and currently has 40 acres of grapes grown on their massive 140 acre property. They produce many varietals like Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling. For the most part they use their own estate grown grapes, but do have a couple of “bigger red” options from Southern Oregon and Washington. The wine I just had to share though, was the David Hill Farmhouse Red. This is their answer to a traditional table wine. The blend changes from year to year, but is always a delicious blend of robust red grapes grown in Washington.


Wineries like David Hill make red blends for many reasons. One is that blending different varietals can help make a wine that is unique and highlights some of the best qualities of all the grapes used in the blend. Blending is the art of sitting down and putting together a mix that works well and creates a divine experience. This blend is a “non-vintage”, which means that wines from different years were mixed as well. Different varietals vary from year to year, which means that this wine is very distinct.

The Farmhouse blend consists of 40% Sangiovese, 40% Mouvedre, 10% Malbec, and 10% Barbera. These are of course grapess that do not grow so well here in the Willamette Valley, mostly due to the amount of heat we get. Sourcing these grapes from Washington is a great way to get these warmer climate grapes. Our neighbors up north get some crazy warm temperatures and we can benefit from those climate differences by creating beautiful blends.

David Hill

From the first moment this wine hit my glass, just based on the color, I was very excited. The color was dark and alluring. I could tell I was in for a bold drinking experience. The nose was full of rich chocolate, spice, and had a hint of smokiness. My initial sip had flavors of dark cherry and black fruits. Then notes of coca-cola and spicy pepper crept it. There were bold tannins, but they rounded out and ended very smooth. Vanilla and hints of oak were left behind on my palette. This is exactly what I want in a red blend! Bold, complex, and heavenly.

Table wines are a classic choice for any occasion. They are great on their own or with a big meal but are always meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. This wine paired perfectly with my evening of snuggling on the couch and watching a movie with my husband, dog, and cat. Not only was this wine really enjoyable, but the price point was amazing. At $12 a bottle, you really can’t beat the value you get here. You can find this bottle at most retailers, or at their tasting room in Forest Grove. Pick this up for yourself, you’ll love it. Cheers!