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Who Will Win Super Bowl 5O?


At first glance, it’s very easy to say that Cam Newton and his NFC Champion group Carolina Panthers, with only a single loss this year, will take the Lombardi trophy. Upon further review though, this could be anybody’s game because the Denver Broncos defense is simply incredible. It’s impossible to compare the two but their backend is exactly on par rank-wise with the Panthers offense. In other words, this game is actually very evenly matched.


It’s because of the Panthers electric offense and always-deadly ground game, that they are so heavily preferred in this one. Super Bowl odds favor Carolina by -6 naturally because of their dual threat under center – Cam Newton. The Auburn alum and likely NFL Most Valuable Player, has been nothing short of sensational this season. Newton led all quarterbacks in rushing attempts, yards, yards-per-attempt, touchdowns and rushing yards per game as well. Meanwhile, through the air, he also threw 35 touchdowns with only 10 picks. Even Peyton thinks he should be the NFL MVP.

Cam Newton with father Cecil

Now while Newton has stolen most of the headlines leading up to Super Bowl 50, the Denver defense is not to be outdone. The group was hands down the best in the league all year. They held their opponents to the fewest yards per game with 283.1 and also led the league in sacks with 52.0. Behind soon to be free agent phenom Von Miller, the Broncos AFC Championship winning defense will keep this game close.

Outside of that though, it’s going to come down to Peyton Manning. The Broncos decided to give Peyton the reins to the playoffs over backup Brock Osweiler before their Divisional dance with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Manning wasn’t outstanding completing only 21 of 37 passes for 222 yards and no touchdowns. The team still found a way to get it done and advance though. The following week, Peyton connected on 17 of 32 for 176 yards. Although, veteran tight end Owen Daniels, was able to bail him out with two touchdown catches to help secure the AFC title.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) watches play from the sidelines late in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, in Denver. Denver won 52-20. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The question remains, if the Broncos receivers can’t keep Peyton out of trouble, will the team have enough in their arsenal to take down Carolina? In Manning’s ten games played in the regular season, he threw nine touchdowns with 17 interceptions. For one of the best quarterbacks of all time, this has been one of his worst years ever. If he can find a way to turn the tides though on Sunday, Peyton could ride off into the Hall of Fame sunset with his second and final Lombardi ring. If not, we could be witnessing the start of something extremely special in Carolina.

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Super Bowl Drinking Games at FishDuck Secret Hideaway

Sssshhh . . . I’m typing this from the closet floor in an undisclosed location for the annual Super Bowl party.  We’re all incredibly rich from working here but what’s even better than the money, cars and models is the lavish parties that Fish throws for us several times a year.  I don’t even know where I am right now.  I was just told to bring a passport and zero gravity underwear.

To paraphrase Jim Harbaugh, "Who parties better than Fish?  NO-BODY!

To paraphrase Jim Harbaugh, “Who parties better than Fish? NO-BODY!”

Like all good Super Bowl parties this one has a board where you can buy squares to guess the final score of the game.  Unlike most office pools, though, the winner of this one gets his own country.  Last year Fish himself won, which means that he got to change the name of an existing nation.

Good choice, eh?

Good choice, eh?

But our favorite part of Fish’s Super Bowl party is the drinking games we play.  Which led me to wonder why we should have all the fun?  Feel free to play right along with us:

1.  One beer for every ten times that Peyton Manning says, “Omaha.”  Good Lord!  No one outside of Nebraska even knew that Omaha was a city until Manning started saying it over and over again.  Personally I thought it was just a word that came before “Steak.”

I wonder if he even knows that the capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln?

I wonder if he even knows that the capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln?

2.  Shot of tequila every time Joe Buck says, “This is a big third down for the offense.”  Isn’t it, by definition, a big third down for the defense as well?

HI, I'm Joe Buck and you are looking live at my incredibly high forehead.

Hi, I’m Joe Buck and you are looking live at my incredibly high forehead.

3.  Jack and Coke every time Troy Aikman says, “Marshawn Lynch is a downhill runner.”  Stadium architects worked diligently to make sure that Met Life Stadium’s field is perfectly level.  There is no such thing as “running downhill” on a flat field.

A football field is a plane...not an incline.

A football field is a plane . . . not an incline.

4.  Shot with a couple of beers back every time Richard Sherman makes a tackle and woofs about it: You should be okay.  He made a whole two tackles against the 49ers and has cashed in as if it was a career day.

A rare photo of Seattle's most loquacious player with his mouth closed.

A rare photo of Seattle’s most loquacious player with his mouth closed.

5.  Seven and Seven every time the camera lands on John Elway.  Bonus margarita if it’s backed by the Soundtrack of a horse whinnying.

And...they're off!

And . . . they’re off!

6.  Finally, being poured into your car by the Designated Driver when the confetti falls.

Super Bowl Snowfall

Super Bowl snowfall.

Wherever you are and whatever you do tomorrow, please stay safe.  The private jet you run into, when careening in a drunken stupor onto an airport tarmac, may be FishDuck’s.

Go Ducks!

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John Boyett signs with the Denver Broncos practice squad

The Denver Broncos announced Tuesday that they have signed John Boyett to their practice squad.

Boyett is a former Oregon safety who was originally drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

He was released from the Colts earlier this year after he was arrested in Indianapolis on Sept. 2. Boyett allegedly ran from police officers because he was facing charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Following the incident, Boyett apologized to both the police and the Colts organization.

By signing Boyett to their practice squad, the Broncos are getting a hard-working and dynamic safety, once his health improves. Injuries to both knees kept Boyett from ever practicing with the Colts and in his final year with the Ducks, he was held out from all but one game.

Before his season-ending surgery last year, Boyett had been a star defensive player for the Ducks. He started all four years for Oregon and in 2009 he led the team in tackles. His career numbers are also impressive, playing in 40 games while recording 278 tackles and 10 interceptions.

The Broncos will hope that Boyett can rebound from his health and off-field issues to become the defensive threat he once was.

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