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Trump Tramples Israeli Cannabis Exports


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In a troubling move, US President Donald Trump has nixed Israel’s medical cannabis export hopes.

Israel has long been a leader in medical cannabis research and now stands poised to serve a huge export market. Yet this market will remain unserved and global medical cannabis production discouraged, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has caved to pressure from Donald Trump to quash a lucrative and health-promoting trade. As reported by The Jewish Telegraph Agency,

The prime minister made it clear that he did not want Israel to be a pioneer in the export of medical marijuana in order not to anger the U.S. president, according to the report.

While commonly ignoring any American request to stop building settlements on Palestine land, in this case, the Israeli Prime Minister was quick to comply.

Netanyahu told the heads of the ministries he ordered the freeze after receiving a call about the issue of exporting marijuana from Trump, who is against its legalization.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this development is Trump’s apparent active opposition to medical cannabis. Of course, Attorney General Jeff Sessions nourishes a great hatred for all things marijuana and the others in Trump’s cabinet are extreme in opposition to cannabis, the President himself has said little about the plant. During his campaign, Trump expressed support for medical marijuana and for the rights of states to choose. His comments about the drug war have been extreme, even praising the homicidal actions of foreign leaders, but has so far not demonized cannabis.

How did the notion come into Trump’s mind to request that Netanyahu stifle shipments of medical cannabis? It seems unlikely that he came up with the idea himself.

The fact that Trump apparently personally made a phone “call about the issue” would seem to indicate its importance to the President. Unfortunately. In any case, Trump’s actions, far more than any that have come before, show him to be actively opposed to cannabis, its medical uses, and its value to commerce. 

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Where Did The Week Go… Bigfoot X-ing


Woman Blames Car Crash On Bigfoot

There’s so many distractions for drivers these days. From looking at your phone (Stop!) to eating (Wait until you get home!) to awkwardly waving at the dude (Because he’s waving back) in the Statue of Liberty outfit promoting the local company that will do your taxes for you, drivers have plenty of challenges on the road.

One distraction I didn’t think about is Bigfoot. I mean come on, seeing Harry from Harry and the Hendersons walking around would be a bit of a distraction. Especially if he was also eating Jack Link’s Jerky.

A woman in Idaho allegedly experienced the rare Bigfoot sighting and it caused her to crash her car.

This is actually a sign in Oregon. | (

According to Pullman Radio, the woman told the Latah County Sheriff’s Office that she saw a “shaggy” creature between 7 and 8 feet tall chasing a deer on a stretch of US-95 outside of Potlatch.

The woman checked her mirrors to see the Bigfoot. But as her eyes re-adjusted to the road she hit the deer with her Subaru Forester according to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

She continued driving, picking up her husband from work, and then drove to the sheriff’s office to report the incident. In a stunning development, officers did not find any evidence of Bigfoot at the scene of the crash.

Does the Sasquatch really exist? We only have this grainy video as any type of evidence. If it does exist, he’s doing a better job of hiding than Richard Simmons.


Video of the Week: Trump Forgetting to Sign Executive Orders

If there’s one thing Donald Trump loves to do as President, it’s sign executive orders. The first month of his presidency was chalked full of show-and-tell ceremonies of him signing things to let everyone know “See, I’m doing stuff.”

But on Friday, Trump appeared in yet another episode of Veep, I mean, The Office, I mean, his role as the President when he gave a short speech on the two trade policies he was approving.

When the speech was over, Trump high-tailed it out of there to the bewilderment of Vice President Mike Pence who attempted to tell him to sign the EOs. Trump said something to the effect of, “Nah Bro, I’ll do that later,” and left Pence to awkwardly walk back to the desk to retrieve the documents.

But it didn’t end there. Pence then said to the three people next to him, “After you,” before ignoring that and walking in front of all of them anyway.

The cherry on top is the three reporters at the end saying off camera, “He did not sign them.”

This video will hopefully be the subject of another great SNL parody this weekend. Of course, why watch SNL when we can all just endure regular sketches of the comedy known as the current administration.


Dad’s Tough-Love Sign Goes Viral

I don’t have any kids, but I feel like parenting these days has gotten a little soft. It used to be that if you did something bad, you were grounded and had to go to your room. No playing outside, no toys and no television.

Nowadays, you have the term helicopter parents. This refers to a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child’s experiences and problems. Because they’re around their kids more often, they tend to reason with them rather than punish because, who wants to be around an angry kid? As a result, the kid doesn’t really learn a lesson. They just accept a short-term timeout until they revert back to their old ways.

Again, I’m not a parent so this is all just based on observations. But the good news is, there’s still parents out there who will give the tough-love treatment.

Tough-love indeed. | (Jeremy Brevared USA Today Sports)

One dad in particular is making the Internet rounds for a clever sign he brought to an NBA game last week. The sign read, “Thomas get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here. Love, Dad.” He also threw in a crying emoji.

The sign quickly went viral. Many praised the man’s parenting skills including a lot “dad of the year” posts on Twitter.

It’s certainly a creative way to punish your kid, but it’s also the tried and true approach of bribing. Back in my day, a reward for good behavior would be a trip to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. Now it’s apparently tickets to see Lebron James. My have times changed.


Where Did The Week Go… Donald Trump Interview


Internet Trashes Jimmy Fallon After Donald Trump Interview


Donald Trump appeared on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday night and the appearance apparently broke the internet. Not for what Trump had to say, but for what he didn’t say thanks to host Jimmy Fallon.

The embattled presidential candidate yukked it up with Fallon talking about random things like board games and fast food. Not exactly insightful commentary. Fallon even asked Trump if he could touch his hair to which Trump obliged.

Because of this, people are criticizing Fallon for not asking Trump hard-hitting questions about his campaign or even calling him out for the endless acts of misogyny and lies he spews.

To the criticism of Fallon I say, what did you expect? He’s an entertainer, not a journalist. Fallon is by far the most friendly and non-controversial late night host. He literally likes every movie, t.v. show and song that’s ever been produced and he will laugh at every joke.

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 0534 -- Pictured: (l-r) Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on September 15, 2016 -- (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Donald Trump wasn’t exactly grilled on “The Tonight Show.”( Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

He actively avoids controversy by making friends with everybody. Not just to get every guest imaginable, but also because he’s just a nice guy.

All of these people shaming Fallon must have never seen one episode or even one clip of his show because this is what his show is. It’s vanilla ice cream, sunshine and rainbows. Nothing more. David Letterman he is not.

If you’re looking for a late-night host to actually grill Trump on a few topics, just wait for him to appear on Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert. You won’t see Trump on Seth Meyers because the “Late Night” host has banned Trump to avoid any promotional appearance.

I would love to see Trump on Bill Mauer or John Oliver’s show, but that will probably never happen. Fallon is easy, which is why Trump went on his show. Deal with it people and lay off the funny man.


Kevin Harlan Does Play-by-Play of Fan Running Onto Field

The last game of week one of the NFL season was about as bad as it gets. Somebody forgot to tell the Rams that they were playing in Los Angeles instead of St. Louis. The San Francisco 49ers beat Los Angeles 28-0.

But just when it couldn’t get any worse in the fourth quarter, an idiot decided to run onto the field.

The new protocol with television networks is, if a fan runs onto the field, cameras cut away so as not to give the fan his 15 minutes of fame. It’s also designed to discourage others from doing the same.

So on Monday Night Football, a guy decided to be part of the action. We couldn’t see him, but ESPN radio play-by-play man Kevin Harlan made damn sure we knew what he was doing.

Realizing it was going to be the most exciting few moments of the night, Harlan called the man’s run onto the field like it was the Super Bowl. With his signature booming voice, Harlan was both creative and hilarious in his call.

My personal favorite was, “The guy is drunk! But there he goes!”

Thank you Mr. Harlan for making an otherwise forgettable football game fun even if it was for only a few moments.


New Hampshire Bride Hitchhikes to Her Own Wedding

When’s the worst time to have your car breakdown? First day of a new job? Maybe when you’re moving across the country? The answer might be on you’re wedding day. Just ask Angelique Arsenault.

The New Hampshire woman was traveling to her wedding last Saturday when her limousine broke down with a flat tire.

You don’t see that everyday. | (Katie Queen)

“It didn’t even seem real at the time, but it happened,” Arsenault told WBZ.

When she realized the limo wasn’t going anywhere, Arsenault stuck out her thumb and was able to flag down a passing driver. The driver who stopped was actually full of children. He dropped off the kids, and then returned to save the day.

The bride to be ended up being 30 minutes late, but it was well worth it.

“It pretty much made the whole day,” she said. “Everyone was laughing all night about it. It’s going to be a story we’ll remember forever.”