Horse Racing: The Sport Of Kings


‘The Sport of Kings’ as it has become known over the years is steeped in tradition and history. Originating in the BC era, horse racing has remained a staple entertainment of mankind throughout the years. Despite this constant existence and popularity it has consistently been changing and the last 100 years has seen a particular acceleration of changing with the advancement in technology. From equipment to accessibility and betting to veterinary procedures this sport has developed over the years. Below we are going to look at just how horse racing has changed with the times.

Amongst the oldest games in the world, horse racing originated in 4000BC Mongolia. It spread in popularity through the ancient civilizations from Egypt to Rome. It would spread throughout Europe and eventually result in the 1750 creation of the Jockey Club. Whilst the first documented competition of horse racing can be attributed to the old Greek Olympic Games in 648BC, the racing would evolve over the centuries and result in the sport it is today.

Lets have a look at some of the things that have changed.

Betting and Money:

The change in personnel becoming involved in the sport was linked to the opening up of wagers through bookies instead of privately. This changed not only sports betting around the world but specifically horse betting and horse racing more generally. It meant working class people could become involved in betting on the races which opened the sport up beyond the rich and elite. Nowadays this betting on the races has become normal with huge swathes of options available online and in person, along with help to make the best bets, like tips and racecards at Timeform. With this change in betting has come huge amounts of investments into the sport internationally. The affluence of years gone by has exchanged wealth for the prize pots and huge amounts of bookmakers money which circulates in the sport in the 21st century.


Over the years the equipment has moved with the times and generally modernized. Horse racing has become incredibly fast, with racing now taking place on aluminum plates which are lighter and more aerodynamic than the original steel plated which used to be used. Proper training now takes place also for both the horse and the jockey alike which means less chance of danger or injuries. Racing has been more on the mind rather than functionality in recent equipment developments which has made the whole experience for horse and rider much more comfortable. Parallel with this technological advancement in equipment is the development of veterinary practices and knowledge about the horses which has helped to develop better results both on and off the track.


Given the name the ‘Sport of Kings’, horse racing used to be for the wealthy only. It was previously reserved for the elite and super rich who would be the only ones able to keep and rear a horse to race in the first place. It wouldn’t be till the 1920s where the sport would take a turn towards a more working class direction. This would see normal people start to flood the concourses on the roots, people from all over the world become involved in the sport and women also become involved in horse racing.

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference Prices Increase at Midnight


MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff

The marijuana business in Oregon is going through rapid changes, including a December 1st deadline where all growers must declare whether they are producing products for the medical or recreational markets.

For growers wanting to be in compliance with ever-changing rules, Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is your best resource for information. OMBC is the longest running cannabis B2B networking event in the state, with top notch exhibitors and select speakers specializing in all areas of cannabis business. The next event will be held Nov. 19 at Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites in the heart of Oregon’s cannabis country. Industry experts, cannabis law reform activists, and marijuana business attorneys will be on hand to present the latest information and answer your burning questions.

These days, no one can deny that the Oregon cannabis industry is booming, generating more than $85 million in tax revenue to the state and creating thousands of jobs. But the competition is fierce, forcing entrepreneurs and business owners to be creative with their branding strategies while producing top-notch products and services. Not only will the OMBC present you with important tools of the trade, but it will also provide you with excellent networking opportunities that can help you take your cannabis business to the next level.

While the OMBC is designed to help you survive and thrive in the legal cannabis market, advocating for social justice and sensible policies is always a top priority. Keeping people out of prison and providing safe access to patients remain of paramount importance to our community. State Senator Floyd Prozanski, a major champion of sensible cannabis and hemp regulations, will be on hand to present the latest legislative information and respond to your policy questions. This will be an important opportunity for advocates to continue the process of protecting and improving Oregon’s cannabis laws.

Early Bird Ticket prices end tonight at midnight – which means you have only a few hours left to save $100 on conference registration! VIP tickets will include an After Party at Brickroom with Hip Hop artists Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief, and a keynote speech by the iconic Henry Rollins. You know you want to be there, so get your tickets now!

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Does Social Media Love or Hate the Cannabis Community?


MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Amber Iris Langston

To say that cannabis entrepreneurs face unique changes in the marketplace could be an understatement. (It definitely is an understatement.) But the truth is, until we fix federal prohibition cannabis businesses are going to subject to arbitrary decisions from major companies in the “legal” marketplace.

Btw, “legal” is not a meaningful term in this context.

If the name of your organization has letters that fit together like so (“c-a-n-n-a-b-i-s” or “m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a”) you might be a non-specific threat to the gentle sensibilities of this great nation, not to mention the minds and hearts of our innocent children.

For years, activists have battled the moral ethical codes of various social media platforms to advertise about political activities that support legalization including Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Sometimes our ads will go for weeks unnoticed. Sometimes they get shut down immediately. While there may  have been some base of reasoning behind this censorship five or ten years ago, with nearly 90% of the country in support of medical cannabis and a majority of states with some kind of legal cannabis, this really makes no sense. It’s a very unfriendly variable for social change agents in the middle of a campaign, or for entrepreneurs in the middle of a business launch.

Apparently, last week my good friends at MJToday Daily had a run-in with the mail service provider Mailchimp, when their content was flagged and shut down. Shea Gunther, a co-founder of my own advocacy alma mater, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, heads up that project, and pointed to the ridiculous nature of Mailchimp’s action in an interview last week with Forbes:

“As the marijuana industry continues to grow, the federal-state conflict in cannabis laws is causing marketing problems for companies within the industry. Marijuana businesses routinely have their Facebook ads rejected and their Instagram accounts shut down ― ostensibly for violating the services’ policies against promoting illicit drugs.

“But the marketing headaches affect even businesses that don’t deal directly with the drug. ‘We don’t do illegal stuff,’ said Gunther, whose newsletter features marijuana-related headlines from around the web. ‘It sounds like their system … is not tuned to handle marijuana content. Everything we do is in compliance.’

“Perhaps one of the most aggravating aspects of the industry’s social media challenges is the arbitrary nature of how such policies are enforced. It can be particularly frustrating for companies that spend resources on building up their social media followers, only to have their accounts shut down. Meanwhile, they watch their competitors continue to use the platforms with no consequences.”

Unfortunately, this happens over and over in the cannabis space will little consistency across companies, and I am afraid that it will continue to happen until we can see some significant national-level policy change.

How do we make national-level policy change happen? I am so glad you asked! The answer is GET INVOLVED. If you are a business, become a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association which is working in Washington, DC to repeal federal prohibition. If you are a student or have young people in your life, support Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

And of course, if you want to be informed of the latest political, technological, and other challenges for businesses in the cannabis industry, go to the International Cannabis Business Conference! Our next stop is paradise on December 1-3 in Kauai, Hawaii, followed by San Francisco in February, Berlin in April and Vancouver, BC, set for next June. Tickets are on sale now!

Photo courtesy of Blogtrepreneur via flikr

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Dank News! This is what’s happening.


MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Ngaio Bealum

News travels fast, but stoners travel slow(ly). We here at Marijuana Politics want to make sure you are up to date on the latest weed news, so we have compiled a tasty hit of headlines just for you. Check it out:

Congressman wants to end drivers license suspensions for drug offenses

TL;dr  –  Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) has introduced an amendment to fix a decades old law left over from the failed “War on Drugs”. Currently, states that do not immediately suspend the driver’s licenses of people arrested for drug possession can be denied federal monies. Suspending someone’s license does nothing to stop drug use. Congressman O’Rourke’s amendment would change the law. Read more here.


Colorado Sells another $100 million dollars worth of pot- in a month! 

Tl;dr – Once again, Colorado has sold over one hundred million dollars of pot in a month, according to reports. The state sold $127 million worth of cannabis and cannabis products, while taking in about 95 million in taxes. Tax money and job creation. That’;s what legalization does. Check it out right here.


Netflix TV show”Disjointed” opened a pot shop this weekend.

The new Netflix sitcom “Disjointed” is set in a cannabis dispensary, and what better way to promote the show than to offer custom cannabis? West Hollywood pot shop AHHS was turned into a facsimile of Ruth’s (lead Kathy Baker’s character) dispensary and offered some Netflix themed goodies like “Banana Stand Kush”. The LA times has the scoop.


Snoop and Martha are up for an Emmy!

That’s right: Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have been nominated for an Emmy award for their VH1 special “Snoop and Martha’s Potluck. This is the first Emmy nomination for a pot-themed show since “Weeds” was on the air.    Leafly has more info


5 states looking to Pot the Vote in 2018

Michigan wants to legalize adult use, while South Dakota, Missouri, Utah, and Oklahoma want to make medical marijuana available to qualified patients. MJBiz Daily has the updates.


Ngaio Bealum is a writer, comedian, cannabis activist, and a decent juggler. You can catch him on the road performing at events around the country and MCing the International Cannabis Business Conference. Follow him on the social medias. @ngaio420



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NBA Open to Discussing Medical Cannabis


MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Ngaio Bealum

Could the NBA allow players to (openly) use cannabis? It just may happen.  A recent post on reddit suggests that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is at least open to the idea. When asked about medical marijuana use and the NBA, this is what Commissioner Silver had to say:

“I would say it’s something we will look at. I’m very interested in the science when it comes to medical marijuana. My personal view is that it should be regulated in the same way that other medications are if the plan is to use it for pain management. And it’s something that needs to be discussed with our Players Association, but to the extent that science demonstrates that there are effective uses for medical reasons, we’ll be open to it. Hopefully there’s not as much pain involved in our sport as some others, so there’s not as much need for it.”

There may not be as much pain in the NBA as there is in the NFL, but there is certainly wear and tear. Professional basketball players routinely push their bodies to the limits. About twelve years ago, many players decided to curtail their use of prescription anti-inflammatory drugs for fear of kidney and liver damage. Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory and has no real side affects, except for perhaps a pleasant buzz.

As it is now, cannabis use can get an NBA player suspended, although that wasn’t always the case.  Old school fans will recall when former Celtics Center  Robert Parish got busted for receiving cannabis in the mail. He didn’t miss a game.

Many former players are now looking to capitalize on the new legalization. Former Portland Trailblazer  Cliff Robinson and  International Cannabis Business Conference panelist and former Detroit PIston John Salley have each started cannabis based businesses.  It is time for the NBA to embrace the future.

Ngaio Bealum is a writer, comedian, cannabis activist, and a decent juggler. You can catch him on the road performing at events like the Dope Show in Tacoma, Washington, and MCing the International Cannabis Business Conference. Follow him on the social medias. @ngaio420

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German Cannabis Supporters Join 2017 Hanfparade

MARIJUANA POLITICS – The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Amber Iris Langston

Despite a little cold and rainy weather, a great crowd turned out this year for the 21st annual Berlin Hanfparade (or “Hemp Parade”) last Saturday, August 12th.

According to Michael Knodt, writer for Marijuana.com and speaker at the April 2017 International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin, the turnout for this year’s event was brimming with enthusiasm for the future of cannabis in Germany:

“An estimated 2,000 participants joined the 2017 Hanfparade, proudly marching through the streets of Berlin under the motto “Breiter kommt weiter” (“The wider our range, the bigger our progress”). Even with attendance slightly down from last year’s event — the largest German legalization demonstration to date — the mood was electric and the event set a colorful, loud, and hopeful sign for the legalization of cannabis in an influential European nation.

“…Accompanied by booming basses of music, loud slogans, and many creative posters, the participants walked passed the Chancellery and the German Bundestag on their course toward the Federal Ministry of Health, where a small stopover took place. Directly in front of the seat of the outgoing German Drug Czar Marlene Mortler, the well-known youth judge Andreas Müller explained the dangerous context between cannabis prohibition, false prevention strategies and the steadily increasing number of cannabis offenders among the younger generation.

“…Onlookers had trouble escaping the contagiously positive mood radiating from the demonstration, many smiling faces could be seen in the surrounding trucks and cars. The legalization movement is becoming mainstream — the common goal of the end of prohibition and the release of cannabis has slowly become visible on the German capital’s horizon.”

There is certainly great momentum for sensible cannabis law reform in Germany as the economic powerhouse has seen its medical law liberalized as several cities have well-established political movements examining how they may be able to follow in the footsteps of Amsterdam and allow cannabis commerce among all adults. Not only is it great for Germany that cannabis legalization is on the horizon, but also for the rest of Europe as Germany’s influence reverberates well beyond its borders. It is certainly an exciting time for the cannabis community across the globe and we will undoubtedly see many  positive laws and policies enacted in the coming months and years.

So what will be the state of cannabis in Europe’s largest country over the next year? Leading cannabis experts agree, the best (and most rockin’) way to learn, is to join them at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin, Germany, April 12 & 13, 2018. Get your tickets for Berlin and Kauai now to lock in early bird prices!

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HBO Go, Netflix, and The Beginning of The End?


Who would have thought that Game of Thrones would save the future of mass media consumption in America?

Cord cutting, or the act of cancelling cable TV, is not just for broke twenty-somethings anymore. It’s gone mainstream. Recent studies show that educated, employed consumers make up most of the people choosing to cut ties with the cable box.

With the economy still struggling to keep us all afloat, people all over have been searching for ways to trim their budget and cable companies are quickly becoming first on the list. While cable providers still run the whole show off an infrastructure that is decades old and a technology that was new back when Seinfeld was still on NBC, consumers have just accepted their inordinately high cable bills. Providers have moved the pieces around the board for the last thirty years putting themselves in this position. Millions of people rely on their services for home entertainment, and they have reaped billions in the meantime. Just look at Comcast sitting up there on top of the world, owning a once-great broadcast channel and makin’ movies.. Awww… Aren’t they cute when they try to look as popular as Disney?


This all started with the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996. Where corporate lobbying and political corruption joined forces to sell us one of the biggest pieces of garbage legislation this country has ever seen. We’ve been eating it by the spoonful ever since. I don’t think the Act is the first time corporations have joined forces with the government to defraud the American people, but passing a law that supposedly promotes mass media diversity and air wave independence seemed like a great idea at the time.

Maybe I was just younger then, but I don’t remember always feeling like I’m getting fleeced from the moment I get up in the morning til the time I drop off at night.

Hindsight being 20/20, they basically all lied. Surprise! What the Act was supposed to do was make it possible for consumers to have more entertainment choices because all these independent cable/internet/phone providers were going to start up out of the woodwork, and Fiscal Nirvana was on its way. What really happened was it cleared the way for any company to buy any media outlet anywhere. Mergers, acquisitions, and twenty years later, there are four companies that provide comparable phone service. Three companies that own all of the radio stations. Two corporations that sell comparable cable services… And just one mega-conglomerate that owns the tap on high-speed broadband internet. These providers got us all hooked with the promise of freedom, then they created arbitrary price structures and manufactured obsolescence right into the system. With things like cable boxes, yearly cell phone model updates, and higher-definition picture quality, consumers just keep paying and paying. Not only are we thereby dependent on these monopolies to provide us the very things that make modern life modern, but they are free to charge us whatever they want for it. The only recourse we have is to stop using the services they know we’ve become dependent on.

So much for fostering a free and independent media market.

People are catching on, and the Comcasts of the world are living on borrowed time. Every time a budget-concerned consumer has to shell out more than they’re willing to for a “luxury” like internet or television, an anti-corporate angel gets its wings. The internet has accomplished one thing if has anything else, and that is to give a previously scattered and jumbled crowd of voices one giant megaphone with which to bitch in unison.

The collective kvetch might just save us all.


Enter Game of Thrones, the wildly popular HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novels. On the air for four seasons now, Game of Thrones holds the special prize of being the most pirated show ever. The solitary fact that Game of Thrones is watched by millions of viewers that don’t pay for the right to do so has caught the attention of HBO execs who see a potential goldmine of opportunity there.


Ever since Netflix began offering it’s cheap, reliable streaming service a few years ago for $8 a month, the company that started by sending DVDs to your mailbox quickly has transformed into a multimedia powerhouse. Watching one company rise from sending discs in envelopes into a critically-acclaimed entertainment studio in under a decade has other corporations scrambling for a piece of the pie. However, the major setback has always been the deals that cable companies struck with production studios and television channels. While there has always been an outcry for a stand-alone HBO Go app, the company wouldn’t risk losing the choice deals it has with packaged-channel providers.

Until now.

As of last week, HBO announced that in 2015, it will start offering access to its HBO Go app for a monthly fee, instead of making it exclusively available to cable customers, as it is now. I would like to believe that this is the beginning of the end that sparked when Netflix offered it’s first streaming service. I would like to believe that from here, cable companies will have to find another way to line their pockets while their customers jump ship for more and more stand alone products like Netflix and HBO Go.

The simple truth is that the Comcasts of the world rely on laziness. They rely on the fact that Americans want a shiny, reliable package. But as modern life gets busier and busier, and our time becomes more and more valuable to us, having a cable package that offers 700 channels of crap versus the one thing consumers want to watch at any given moment… Well that’s just insane.

When we cut the cord in our house two years ago we thought that getting to watch out favorite shows would be a hassle. Guess what happened? The opposite, it got easier. Without 700 channels of crap to distract us, we only watch the shows and movies that we want to watch. While it does take the always enjoyable “what’s this random movie/show?” scenario out of our daily life, paying another $50-75 a month to Comcast to watch a handful of hours of television a week is just crazy. That is, until all these new stand alone services start adding up to more than a cable package of course, but I’m just cynical like that.

Watching shows and movies across a handful of devices and consoles might not be as simple as picking up one remote and pushing buttons, but I’m not so lazy that I won’t spend a few moments setting up a show online to save myself a chunk of cash.


I see a future where there are no set-top boxes where you have to skip page after page of programming you don’t want to watch to find the one thing you do. I see a future where you sit down at your television, queue up the next show you want to watch from your HBO Go or your FX Now app, and start watching on your home theater all seamlessly integrated. I see a future where cable companies that used to gorge themselves on the trough of our uninformed spending now have to fight for every dollar we choose to give them. I see a future where deregulation has actually created opportunity, instead of taking choices away from us.

Do I actually think that Digital Cable is going anywhere? No, there are way too many lazy people and Luddites out there to make that happen anytime soon. But at least I’ll be able to watch the next season of Game of Thrones by paying the studio that created it instead of some cable company that packaged it with 10,000 cooking shows and singing competitions.

Entertainment Schedules Released for 45th Annual Oregon Country Fair


The Oregon Country Fair has released entertainment schedules for some of the stages at this year’s fair, with more to be released throughout June. Main stage performers include reggae band Sol Seed, roots and blues guitarist David Jacobs-Strain and electronic dance trio Beats Antique. Schedules can be viewed on the OCF website at http://www.oregoncountryfair.org/entertainment.php.


This year’s fair features 17 stages of entertainment, more than 80 food booths and nearly 350 craft booths featuring more than 700 artisan crafters. Vaudeville, circus acts, spoken word, wandering musicians, face painting, parades and many other fair favorites will return this year. Fairgoers are sure to find an entertaining surprise around every bend in the path.

Fairgoers are encouraged to ride to the fair aboard the complimentary Lane Transit District bus service. All LTD bus rides will be free for the duration of this year’s fair, which runs from July 11 to July 13.

If bought in advance, ticket prices are $23 for Friday, July 11; $25 for Saturday, July 12; and $23 for Sunday, July 13. Tickets purchased the days of the event are $25 for Friday, $29 for Saturday and $25 for Sunday. Prices do not include TicketsWest service fees. A ticket good for all three days of the fair may also be purchased for $58 in advance only. Children ages 10 and under are admitted free and there is a discount for individuals who are alter-abled or ages 65 or above.

TicketsWest outlets are located at numerous Safeway stores throughout Oregon and southwest Washington.

Parking at the Oregon Country Fair costs $8 per vehicle per day in advance, $10 per vehicle per day on-site. Parking passes may be purchased with admission tickets or at the fair site the day of the fair, but fairgoers must show an admission ticket to drive onto or otherwise access the site.

About The Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country Fair is best know as the host of an annual, three-day cultural exposition that asks the question, “How do we want to live?” The non-profit fair organization, which is also owner and steward of approximately 446 acres of land in Veneta, demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and seeks to model sustainable living for other organizations, events and in the living of daily life.

The fair also continues to make significant contributions to the community of Veneta, and has received a special Community Stakeholders award from the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce for its stewardship of land, philanthropy to schools, and arts and economic solutions. Fairgoers support the spirit of the fair year-round by helping raise money for the Oregon Country Fair Endowment Fund and the Jill Heiman Vision Fund, which provides grants to local nonprofit organizations and social services agencies. Between these grants, as well as charitable donations from its board of directors, the fair has awarded nearly $1,000,000 to Lane County nonprofit and youth-oriented organizations in the past 22 years.

Candelaria Band Bringing Latin Sound To Eugene


The exotic sound of Candelaria Band is coming to Eugene for the first time.

The Oakland, Calif. based band that has a unique Latin sound will be performing at 10:30 p.m. on November 22 (Friday) at Luckey’s Club.

Photo courtesy: Candelaria Band.
Photo courtesy: Candelaria Band.

Founding member Dan Candelaria said, “It’s mostly cumbia music, and we infuse it with reggae and dub reggae.”

Candelaria said the band’s influences include King Tubby, 1970s reggae, Andres Landero, and Toto la Momposina among others. The band’s lyrics focus on the U.S.-Mexican border and other issues but he said they focus on human stories related to the issues rather than get political.

“We’re really excited,” Candelaria said about coming to Eugene. “We’re doing things I would never have foreseen. We’re coming up to Oregon. I’m playing with my best friends.”

Rick Dancer TV is Moving to Every Sunday



Big changes are coming to Rick Dancer TV. We started this TV show with an idea. BEGINNINGS.

We know you are tired of traditional media and sick of traditional television so we set out to create something you would watch. WORTH WATCHING.

We had an idea to take everything we’d been told you couldn’t do on TV and “just do it.” CAN’T DO THIS ON TV

We believe that media is a relationship. The days of “pushing our way” into your television are long gone. We want to give you creative, fun and sometimes off the wall entertainment so you will invite us in. NO PUSHING, NO SHOVING.

We understand your thirst for reality but you hate reality TV so why not just be real? Hey, there’s an idea. LET’S GET REAL

We take you places you dream of because you are an adventurer and want to have fun. HOW ABOUT AN ADVENTURE?

We bring back an interview segment commercial television killed because it failed to titillate and instead aimed to educate. The WaterCooler is back. THE WATERCOOLER

We find Emma Christine, on a local radio station to be my co-host and the magic begins. Emma brings humor and life to the program and we know we are onto something. A LITTLE MAGIC!

And we talk about things you aren’t supposed to talk about to your friends, but want to, and we talk about them on TV. OK, LETS TALK FOR A MINUTE

We love to introduce you to local business and places to visit or eat. THERE’S SOMEONE WE’D LIKE YOU TO MEET

We also have a softer side. We aren’t afraid to show stories that will touch or break your heart after all life is not always easy and acknowledging that helps all of us. We also aren’t afraid to tell the story, even when it’s longer than the: 30 seconds allotted by traditional media. Some stories need time and we give them that time. GO AHEAD, TRY TO TELL THIS IN A SOUND BITE

We love to bring you news, but news with a twist. We bring relevance not just facts, figures and folly. We breathe life into our productions and sometimes use a handheld camera, like the local TV stations. RELEVANCE AND A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

Since we are not “Managed” by suits in their ivory palaces doing what’s best for “sales” we can step out of news and into real life. We can show you ideas and stretch your mind just a little, even when it involves controversy. READY FOR A NEW IDEA?

So there you have it. Rick Dancer TV expanding and moving into new territory. We know you want local and you want information and entertainment and some news not just press releases put to video. We know you are looking for experience and people who understand the media is more than “being on TV.”

We’ve teamed up with Eugene Daily News and others to connect you to your community. So come joins us on this wild adventure. We have so much planned but I can’t tell you everything you’ll just have to watch and see. There are people out there watching and attempting to copy us so we like to be a little careful, let them work.

What we said on the first show is still true. IT’S STILL TRUE RDTV is not a train wreck but it is also not traditional media. Now, isn’t that what you are looking for?

We leave you with this and hope to see you online all the time at http://www.rickdancer.tv or on KEVU every Sunday at 4:30 starting September first.

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