The Honest Art Of Selling Out


Dancers use movement and body language to express and portray emotions or characters. Work Dance Company is a highly motivated Hip Hop, and Jazz/Funk Dance Company based in Eugene. Choreographer Nate Boozer founded this dynamic group back in 2008. Work Dance Company has sold out shows in both Eugene, and Portland. They have been the recipient of the Best in Eugene award two years running, for their over the top productions in Wonderland and Animal instinct.

Work Dance Company has 22 multi-talented dancers using everything from old school to new school urban hip hop, and jazz/funk techniques. They are unique in that they also add theatrics to their shows and routines. Work has performed in venues all over, and is making a name for itself with their fresh style, and high energy performances on the stage.


“The dance company has hosted 8 SELL OUT shows at the Hult Center in Eugene, OR, and 3 SELL OUT shows in Portland, OR. We also hosts a monthly Hip Hop ‘HyPE’ night up in Portland, OR, every first Thursday of the month at CC Slaughter’s Nightclub,” said Boozer. “The Hype night is fully equipped with Go Go dancers and three fresh performances by Work Dance Co. throughout the night. The event has become the best hip hop night of the month for the Portland night life.”

Saturday, April 30th, Work hosted Neon Jungle at the Hult Center here in Eugene. Using everything from; video visual effects, lighting, props, and dozens of costume changes. Over 100 dancers shared the stage with special guest groups joining Work on the stage.

Show description; ‘Scratch up these walls bleeding pink mix me up something sweet to drink. Lit up towns with people on display, the urge is in me I’m ready to play. Switch my hips, and tap my feet, I am ready to dance to the sound of this beat. The vibe is right and the mood is set, come with me on the dance floor, this party isn’t over yet.’


“Neon Jungle was a great success! We Sold out 4 days before the show and had a huge waiting list of people trying to get any tickets that might be released. This was a great thing to have happen. This was our 9th sell out show and the audience and I agree it was our best yet. The vibe was just so wonderful on stage with all the guest groups and Work Dance company dancers,” said Boozer. “I have to say there is something magical performing for a larger venue and having it be sold out. The energy that filled the venue was MAGICAL and left us feeling so pumped and thankful for the amazing community response. We decided to donate part of our proceeds to HIV alliance and another portion to Local Dance scholarships!  I am a firm believer in if the community is going to help you out and show support we should give back to them!”

Work vows to bring a true and honest dance production to their audience. This group of talented dancers love what they do, and continue to push the limit and themselves to bring their community, and your community they best performance each and every time they perform.

Local Donation Site for Soles4Souls


Every day there are children all over the world who are unable to attend school, and adults unable to get to work all because they have no access to shoes. Everyday tasks such as walking become unbearable, and something as simple as a new pair of shoes can provide relief for these kids and adults.

A nonprofit global organization that is committed to help fight poverty thru the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing,  Soles4Souls has collected over 26 million pairs of shoes for those in need in 127 countries, and all 50 states since 2006.

Soles4Souls was originally founded as disaster relief organization and continues to act as a second wave respond-er in natural disasters. Their mission is to assist and contribute resources for those in need during the times of these disasters.

A local Eugene business recently announced that they would be spearheading a local drop location for this organization. Tyler Head, owner of Turning Point Realty Group intends on being a permanent collection site and helping Soles4Souls on their mission to eradicate poverty.


“I became involved with Soles4Souls when I was discussing with my marketing account manager different opportunities that I could take advantage of to give back to my community for everything they have done for me.  He mentioned Soles4Souls so I looked them up and read about their cause and I really liked it,” said Head. “I decided to contact Soles4Souls directly to see if they were interested in having me be a drop off location for people that wanted to donate to the cause and they said they would be glad to have me as part of their team.”

Currently Head is working hard to get the word out about not only the organization, but his business being a donation site. He is hoping to seek local support and encourages those in the community to learn more about the organization, and also bring in their gently used or new shoes to donate.

“Many people in the community have an opportunity to give something. Anything that they can give means so much to others that have nothing,” said Head. “For those people that can’t afford to give a pair of shoes or clothes, just giving us word of encouragement and support means the world to us, maybe they can give a little time to help collect shoes or clothes from folks than can afford to give.  Anything helps, and is appreciated more than you can imagine.”

Soles4Souls mission is to help those in developing nations who use walking as their main mode of transportation. These millions of people are exposed to unsanitary conditions that could lead to illness or even death. With the donation of a single pair of shoes to each of these individuals you can help end this cycle.


“I have not gotten a chance to see how our work impacts the people that are benefiting from our donations. I would love the opportunity to travel to another area of the wold and be the one that can personally give these folks new shoes and clothing to wear. that would be an incredible experience,” said Head. “I haven’t received any local support yet because I just got started and I don’t think anyone knows about us yet. I have collected about 6  pairs of shoes so far and they have all come from family. I hope to get a ton of local support as time goes on, and together we can all be more productive members of the community.”

You can drop off your gently used clothing or shoes to Turning Point Realty Group office, 112 E. 13th Avenue in Eugene. For more information about getting involved with Soles4Souls, visit https://soles4souls.org/get-involved/


The Bier Stein: Bottleshop And Pub


A beer hall is a large pub that specializes in beer, while creating a jovial and chaotic atmosphere with something fun for everyone to enjoy. Beer halls are typically found in Germany and can house a couple of hundred people at a time. Nestled in Eugene we have our very own beer hall with an array of bottles and beers on tap. The Bier Stein specializes in creating a unique atmosphere for not only beer connoisseurs to meet, but also families to dine.

The Bier Stein hosts over 30 evolving taps, and roughly 1,000 different bottles of beer from all around the world. Their goal is to create a unique space for fellow beer enthusiasts to enjoy one of the largest selections of beer in Oregon all under one roof.


There 30 evolving taps change almost daily based off what they have in stock. You can not only view this always changing list on their website, but it will also tell you how much of that beer is left on tap before you make the drive.

“We strive to be accessible and ensure we have something for everyone no matter their preference,” Said Aaron Brussat, Beer Steward, and Community Relations Manager.

In addition to their ever-growing and impressive selection of craft beer, they also pride themselves on ensuring all of their staff are trained as Beer Stewards. They are always available to help you choose the right beer for you based on your own personal preferences. The Servers and Bottle Stockers on staff have all received their Cicerone Server Certification. The Cicerone Certification Program certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.


“My goal here is to make sure that our staff continues to be educated and enthusiastic about beer, which will enrich our customers’ experiences on the other side of the glass,” said Brussat. “I look forward to more pairing dinners and other opportunities to showcase not only what our kitchen can produce, but the joy that comes from a perfect beer and food pairing. Otherwise we’ll keep doing what we do best: staying ahead of trends and having as much great beer as we can get our hands on.”

According to Brussat their IPA’s are the most popular in their store, given that 90% of the world’s hops are produced in Oregon and Washington. The Bier Stein is always striving to grow their selection with imported and classic beer, as well as the popular ciders, stouts, and IPA’s. In addition to keeping their shelves stocked with an ever expanding selection they also ensure each beer is served the way it is intended.

“Our belief is that beer tastes better out of its intended glass,” said Brussat. “We offer beer-specific glasses to create an authentic beer experience.”

On any given night you can walk into the Bier Stein and choose from their array of bottled beer in their wall of cases, or you can venture to the front counter and view their list of beers on tap. You can’t help but feel the sense of community that has been built in this beer hall not only from the employees who are always at the ready to help you, but also from the patrons sitting around enjoying the beer and food before them.


Thomas Tyner Injury Will Test Oregon’s Lauded Depth


Thomas Tyner Injury Bad But not Catastrophic


The news of Oregon running back Thomas Tyner missing the entire 2015 season due to shoulder surgery would be a damning blow to most programs. Anytime a team loses a former five-star recruit, it’s a big deal that would usually send fan bases into a frenzy.

But scanning the comments sections on Twitter, Yahoo! and Bleacher Report show fans are obviously upset at the news, but by no means ready to call the season over before it starts.

“Not even close. Although a big loss, Oregon is deep at RB. They will be fine!!,” said Raida Dave.

“Team is deep…no worries…get well,” said Newsflash.

“A big loss, but not crippling once you consider how deep Oregon is at RB. Could be worse I guess. Get well soon Thomas Tyner,” said Chuck Freaking Norris.

See, even Chuck Norris is still optimistic. Tyner is coming off of a season in which he lost the starting job to emerging stud Royce Freeman. Tyner’s line for the season was 573 rushing yards and five touchdowns. He was expected to challenge Freeman for the starting job in 2015.

Thomas Tyner breaks a tackle as he has a big gain | Gary Breedlove/Eugene Daily News
Thomas Tyner breaks a tackle against UCLA. | (Gary Breedlove/Eugene Daily News)

But ensuring a starting spot in Oregon’s offense is like being cast as Doctor Who; they go through a lot of them. Byron Marshall was expected to be the lead back after LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner departed and instead was moved over to wide receiver last season following the injury to Bralon Addison.

Coach Mark Helfrich mixes and matches players like an incoming college freshman’s wardrobe so Marshall will likely move back to running back to fill Tyner’s spot. Addison will also be back at receiver.

Of course this puts more pressure on Freeman to carry the load and remain healthy throughout the season. He’s a bruising back who can absorb a lot of hits, but the Ducks dynamic offense allows multiple weapons to be used so his number of carries won’t be astronomical compared to other programs.

As for Tyner, his father John Tyner said the surgery went well and the running back is expected to make a full recovery and return to action in 2016. The timing of the surgery is curious.

Tyner apparently injured his shoulder while returning a kickoff last season against Washington. He missed the following game at California before returning for perhaps his best game with the Ducks in a victory against Stanford. He was also the featured back in Oregon’s two playoff games.

To play well in multiple games, participate in the Spring game and then decide to have surgery right before Oregon begins its fall practice is strange to say the least. Tyner had a lot of hype coming out of Aloha High School and his time at Oregon so far has been average at best.

You can never have enough depth, but the Ducks should be able to weather the storm. Besides Freeman and Marshall, they also have redshirt sophomore Kani Benoit, redshirt freshman Tony Brooks-James and true freshman Taj Griffin at running back.

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