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Wine Down Eugene


Wine Down Eugene March 5-11

As I prepare myself for yet another necessary major surgery (sigh), I just can’t help accepting every invitation with glee to events and stellar opportunities that have been tossed my way.

“Want to fill a position on the judging panel in Cannon Beach for the SavorNW Wine Awards?” I’d be honored.  “Would you like to attend the Oregon Chardonnay Symposium at the beautiful Stoller Family Estate and savor Chardonnays from 40 Oregon wineries?”  Wouldn’t miss it for the world!  “How about joining us for a live tasting of the wines of Uruguay?”  Indeed, I’d be delighted.  “Want to join us for our first Wine vs Beer Food Pairing Event at the Tap and Growler?”  You betcha.

The line-up of J. Scott Cellars wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah

Without a doubt, I am going to get in as much fun as I possibly can before going under the knife and being laid up for a couple months.  Enjoy. Every. Minute.

As I wrote in last week’s Wine Down Eugene, being a part of the esteemed wine judging team of the impressive SavorNW Wine Awards will undoubtedly be the ultimate highlight of the year for me.  The Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival is taking place right now, and the folks attending are in for some amazing, award-winning wines.

The Wine vs Beer Food Pairing Event at The Tap and Growler was incredible and featured three of some of my favorite local producers of fine wine, creative brews and mouthwatering foods: winemaker Jonathan Scott Oberlander of J. Scott Cellars, Oakshire’s Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk, and Michael Landsberg of Noisette Pastry Kitchen – quite the trio of talent.

Oakshire’s PTO Pale Ale, 7th Anniversary Ale and Overcast Espresso Stout

Taking place in the Tap & Growler’s Barrel Room, located behind what I like to call, “the great wall of wine taps,” the event was sold out – all twelve seats were taken by like-minded people with palates that were just waiting to be tantalized by some really outstanding wines, brews and handcrafted small bites.

With Jonathan of J. Scott Cellars, Matt of Oakshire and Michael of Noisette each explaining what they had brought to the table, we were excited to start tasting and finding our favorite matches between the food, wine and beer.  There were three brews and three wines alongside a plate of six different mouthwatering savory and sweet bites.

The Oakshire brews:

  • PTO Pale Ale (standing for Paid Time Off – a great story to ask about when visiting Oakshire’s Public House) – full bodied, citrus-centric hop monster. Loved it!
  • Brewer’s Reserve 7th Anniversary Ale – quite possibly my favorite beer of all time. Baltic Porter, barrel aged in both bourbon and Pinot Noir barrels and matured on tart cherries.
  • Overcast Espresso Stout – year round, rich smooth, oatmeal stout.
  • A bonus sample of the Funk d’Farmhouse (aged in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels for a year, need I say more?)

The J. Scott Cellars wines (all from wine kegs):

  • Chardonnay – classic Chardonnay with an excellent depth of character and smooth, silky, creamy mouthfeel
  • Pinot Noir – light bodied, yet full of character with aromas and flavors of cherries, cranberries, earth and spice.
  • Syrah – black and red fruit aromas with a touch of smokiness and a zippy black pepper finish.
  • a bonus sample of the ’12 Zinfandel (read my review here)

Noisette small-bites:

  • Ham & Cheese Bread Pudding
  • Chicken Liver with Pepper Jelly
  • Savory Spiced Corn Puff Honeycomb
  • Curry Nut Meringue
  • French Macaroon
  • Chocolate Sesame Pokey Stick
Clockwise from bottom right corner: Ham & Cheese Bread Pudding, chicken Liver, Corn Puff Honeycomb, Meringue, Macaroon and Pokey Stick
Clockwise from bottom right corner: Ham & Cheese Bread Pudding, Chicken Liver, Corn Puff Honeycomb, Meringue, Macaroon and Pokey Stick

I would love to go into great deal about all of the incredible flavors in everything that was involved (indeed, each beer, wine and small bite was delicious), but with limited space and time, I’ll share three pairings that were totally unforgettable and simply stunning together:

Ham & Cheese Bread Pudding with Chardonnay: Although the saltiness of the ham was super nice with the hoppiness of the PTO Ale, there was something really palate pleasing about the creaminess of the bread pudding that went amazingly well with the creamy texture of the Chardonnay. The flavors, and in particular the textures, sang in harmony.

Savory Spiced Corn Puff Honeycomb with the Syrah and the Overcast Espresso Stout: This was a perfect tie.  The super savory honeycomb had loads of flavors, both sweet and spicy. the Syrah toned down the spiciness while popping the sweet qualities, while the Stout did the exact opposite. The honeycomb was light and airy, contrasting the heaviness of both the wine and beer – the contrast is what made it distinctively delicious.

The delicious Ham and Cheese Bread Pudding with J. Scott Cellars Chardonnay – a beautiful marriage of textures

French Macaroon with the 7th Anniversary Ale: Wow. This pairing was unbelievably perfect in every single way, shape and form.  Go, no run, to Noisette and pick up a French Macaroon (with chocolate inside), take it to the Tap and Growler and get a pint of the 7th Anniversary Ale before it’s all gone. Now.

Kudos to the Tap and Growler’s General Manager, Toby Harris, for putting together a stellar event that included three of Eugene’s rock stars in their own fields.  For being among some of the first special events to take place at the recently opened Tap and Growler, I’m more than impressed with Toby’s collaboration of food, drink and good cheer – I can’t wait to see what other events he’s got up his sleeve.

Keep up with what’s going on at the Tap and Growler on Facebook:

A bonus sample of Oakshire's Funk d'Farmhouse - a must-try brew
A bonus sample of Oakshire’s Funk d’Farmhouse – a must-try brew

Follow me over to my award-winning website to read more about my evening at the Tap and Growler – it didn’t end with the completion of the event.  Some new found friends and I were having way too much fun, so we decided to check out a flight of brews and wines from the Tap and Growler’s expansive tap list, discovering some excellent beverages.




Wine Down Eugene: Valentine’s Special


Wine Down Eugene February 12-18

Special Valentine Edition

Just the other day, I read an excellent article on by one of my wine writing colleagues, Meg Houston Maker, “For Valentine’s Day, Pour Wines From Winemaking Couples.”  Meg shared the article in a post on Facebook, stating, “Because the world does not need another Valentine’s Day story about pairing wine with chocolate.”

Hallelujah, I cannot agree more with Meg.  Simply Google wine and chocolate pairings and about 4 million results appear.  And frankly, wine and chocolate don’t really pair well; there have been very few times that I’ve actually enjoyed the two together.  I am much more inclined to enjoy a bottle of wine produced by a winemaking couple than I am to enjoy a bottle of wine with chocolate.  Meg’s article is a great read.

photovday capitello brut rose
Capitello Brut Rosé – perfect for Valentine’s Day

Although the store shelves are overflowing with heart shaped boxes of chocolates for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I walk straight past that section to the aisle where the popcorn is.  I love popcorn, it’s my absolute favorite food.  Each year, on Valentine’s Day, I seek out new and intriguing popcorn recipes.  After the kids have gone to bed, I make a great big bowl of popcorn for my husband and I.  We cozy up on the couch in front of the TV and pop the cork on a bottle of Brut Rosé.  Some of the best food and wine pairings I have ever come across have been on Valentine’s Day, with a bowl of popcorn and a Brut Rosé.

Brut Rosé is the perfect wine for Valentine’s Day: it’s pink, it’s festive, and it not only pairs perfectly with popcorn, but with many other foods, as well.  In fact, sparkling wine, in general, pairs really well with all sorts of popcorn recipes, but for Valentine’s Day, the pinkish hue of Brut Rosés are simply irresistible.

As I was on the hunt for the perfect popcorn recipe for this year’s movie date with my husband, I couldn’t decide on just one – I came across a plethora of tempting recipes.  Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been experimenting with many of the recipes I discovered, and I’ve been in popcorn and Brut Rosé bliss.  My husband doesn’t know which recipe I’ve chosen for Valentine’s Day yet, but he’s well aware that I’ve been having a good time with my research.

I loved the Mumm Napa Brut Rosé with popcorn
I loved the Mumm Napa Brut Rosé with popcorn

The Brut Rosés that I’ve been sampling over the past few weeks are:

  • Mumm Napa Brut Rosé
  • Capitello Brut Rosé Olivia’s Cuvée
  • The Pines 1852 Brut Rosé 2010
  • Argyle Brut Rosé 2010
  • Ferrari Rosé Metodo Classico

The popcorn recipes I’ve been sampling over the past few weeks are:

  • Truffled Popcorn
  • Caramel Popcorn with Bacon
  • Pad Thai Popcorn
  • Biscoff Cookie Popcorn
  • Creamsicle Popcorn
Is there any better pairing out there?
Is there any better pairing out there?

Each of the Brut Rosés paired especially well with a specific popcorn recipe, and believe me, these pairings were, by far, tastier than any chocolate and wine pairing out there.  Follow me over to my award-winning website, for detailed tasting notes, the best matches between popcorn and wine, and for the pairing that I chose for Valentine’s Day.




Wine Down Eugene


Wine Down Eugene November 27-December 3

I made an appearance yesterday on KPNW News Radio’s Wake Up Call with Robb Holloway and Bill Lundun, and it was all about Thanksgiving-centric wine and beer.  This wasn’t the first time Bill, Robb and I have discussed my favorite beverage on the air, and as always, it was a ton of fun.

We were joined by Aaron, the beer steward for Eugene’s premier brew pub and bottle shop, Bier Stein, who brought in Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale from England as his choice ale for the big feast.  Malt forward with just a touch of earthy hops and notes of hazelnut and cocoa, Aaron suggested pairing the Nut Brown Ale with sweet potatoes and pecan pie; as well as, many of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.  The Bier Stein’s an iconic beer pub in Eugene that has 24 beers on tap up front, six on tap in the back, and about a thousand bottles including ciders in their immensely extensive cooler.  It’s not hard to grasp why the Bier Stein recently won Best Beer Bar in the Pacific from

 | Photo by
The gorgeous copper-salmon hue of Argyle’s 2010 Brut Rosé | Photo by Julia Crowley

Because of their excellent depth of character and vibrant, lively acidity, my top pick wine for Thanksgiving this year is Sparkling Brut Rosé.  The depth, character and acidity of Brut Rosés make it a super food-friendly wine that I wholeheartedly believe will pair beautifully with just about any food.  And they’re simply gorgeous in the glass – the coppery salmon hue comes from the winemaker either choosing to have minimal contact with the grape skins or choosing to blend in a small amount of red wine into the white wine.

Living in the heart of the Willamette Valley, where the three main varietals used for the production of sparkling wines thrive (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier), it’s not surprising at all that the great state of Oregon has some stunning sparkling Brut Rosés.

My two favorite Oregon Brut Rosés are Argyle Winery’s 2010 Brut Rosé and Domaine Meriwether’s vintage 2000 Prestige Cuvée Brut Rosé. 

 | Photo by
Photo by Julia Crowley

Located in Dundee, Oregon, Argyle has been producing world-class methode champenoise sparkling wine since 1987; as well as, still wines including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling.  Argyle’s 2010 Brut Rosé is 70 percent Pinot Noir and 30 percent Pinot Meunier.  In the glass (I always sip my bubbly from a Riedel Oregon Pinot Noir glass- never a flute), thousands of tiny bubbles travel north from the eye-catching coppery salmon color.  Aromas and flavors of wild strawberries, red cherries, roses and a hint of ginger flow seamlessly along the palate in creamy, lush and vibrant waves.  Lovely acidity rounds out the fruit to bring on an elegantly balanced sparkling wine – truly a palate pleasing, delicious Brut Rosé that will pair perfectly with anything that’s being served on Thanksgiving.

Domaine Meriwether is located in Veneta, Oregon, right off of Highway 126 on a beautiful property that looks out over the vineyards and the foothills of the Coastal Range.  Like Argyle, they’ve got a reputation for producing world-class methode chempenoise sparkling wine.  The vintage 2000 Prestige Cuvée Brut Rosé is 85 percent Pinot Noir and 15 percent Chardonnay, and displays that stunning color I love so much.  Fresh cherry and strawberry aromas are highlighted by citrus and a hint of sugar cookie.  On the palate, the mouthfeel is rich, silky and lively with tart cherry flavors and a lightly spicy, elegant finish that leaves the palate refreshed and wanting more.

 | Photo by
| Photo by

I was just out at Domaine Meriwether for their wine club party a few days ago, and new owners Lorrie and Eric Normann discovered a stash of library wines that they now have on sale through Thanksgiving weekend.  Sort of like striking gold, their lucky find includes Meriwether Pinot Noirs from 2002 to 2006, 2005 Pinot Gris’ and Chardonnay, Magnums of the 1999 Captain Clark Brut Cuvée, the divine 2000 Prestige Cuvée Brut Rosé and more.

I participated in a vertical tasting of the 2002 to 2006 Pinot Noirs, and I highly recommend the 2002, 2005 and 2006 – they were all outstanding!  Don’t miss the chance to add a bottle or two to your own wine cellar.  Visit Domaine Meriwether at 88324 Vienayrd Lane, Veneta, OR 97487.  They are open daily from 11 am – 5 pm and Fridays from 11 am – 9 pm.

 | Photo by
Strike some gold at Meriwether through Thanksgiving weekend | Photo by Julia Crowley

Wine Down Eugene


Wine Down Eugene April 3-9

Ribera Del Duero tasting at New York’s Salinas Restaurant – outstanding

In last weeks Wine Down Eugene, I wrote a little bit about my trip to New York City, and I mainly focused on sharing my thoughts and pictures on my emotion-invoking visit to the 9/11 Memorial.  My half day visit to the spot where the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center once stood will forever be imprinted on my heart, it was truly astonishing. Also leaving a lasting impression were the experiences from the rest of my four days in the big city, where the main focus was on my favorite topic in the world: wine.

The worlds leading wine-related socially interactive website,, invited a group of top wine and food bloggers to attend a weekend filled with tasting world-class wines. Ranging from a $38 dollar bottle of delightfully crisp and refreshing 2011 Sohm & Kracher Austrian Gruner Veltliner to a $500 dollar bottle of 1978 Scarpa Barolo Le Coste di Monforte from Italy that displayed alluring notes of smoke and freshly-rolled cigars, we bloggers were feeling mighty special.

$500 dollar bottle of 1978 Barolo from Italian winery, Scarpa. Scarpa wines have not been sold in the U.S. for 20 years – hoping to change that.

We experienced incredible culinary creations presented by local restaurants and chefs, and we were VIPs for Snooth’s First Annual People’s Voice Wine Awards Grand Tasting – where over 300 wineries from around the world shared their best wines alongside delicious Caribbean themed bites from the event sponsor: Cayman Islands.

The accomplished and well-respected wine and food bloggers that attended this phenomenal weekend with Snooth in New York City have joined forces to create a powerful voice about the wines and foods we experienced while in New York.  Snooth will publish an introduction to each of the events we attended, and then each of the bloggers will write a post about that particular event – providing a plethora of easily accessible information through multiple high quality websites.  My introductory post to the weekend in the city, including links to all of the attending bloggers websites, has been posted on my award-winning website, #SnoothPVA Weekend in New York City.

A Moscato Rosé from Brasil – my first experience with Brazilian wines took place at this Snooth event in NYC.

As you all may have noticed, Wine Down Eugene (which is normally published every Wednesday), was published late last week and this week.  The two week tardiness of publication is partially due to my fun-filled trip to New York, but more-so lies in the fact that I had shoulder surgery just one day after returning from the Big Apple – let me tell you, shoulder surgery is absolutely no fun.

I desperately needed a rotator cuff repair, and so that’s what I did, albeit having a lung partially collapse during surgery was not part of the plan.  Although I’m on the mend and feel better everyday, it’s been one of the toughest weeks of my life!  I’ll be in an immobilizer sling for the next five weeks, and then physical therapy for another five months.  I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but will continue to share the weekly Wine Down Eugene; as well as, everything wine related on my website, Regardless of my typing bein restricted to one hand, I’m doing what I love, and I love what I’m doing.

Local Lunch Gals: Burgers on the Run

Back in May, we spotted Burgers on the Run and snapped this photo

Now that school is back in session and summer has nearly turned to fall, the Local Lunch Gals, Maria, Jennifer and I, were finally able to get together for a much needed lunch outing.

With the ideal late summer weather we’re having here in the Willamette Valley, we decided we would meet somewhere with outdoor seating so we could eat while enjoying the warm sunshine and cool breezes.

We met in the eclectic Whiteaker Neighborhood at Burgers on the Run, an eye-catching burger joint that we had spotted months ago while visiting the nearby Wandering Goat. Reminiscent of 50’s style diners, Burgers on the Run is housed inside an all-chrome mobile street kitchen complete with witty signs, a working stoplight, Old Glory and a University of Oregon flag. In front of the food cart, a meticulously landscaped area with picnic tables and Adirondack chairs offers an inviting place for diners to relax and enjoy while noshing on their burgers, sandwiches and fries.

Maria and Jennifer placing their orders

Starting at just $2.75 for a single burger, add-on options include American, Swiss, Pepperjack and Cream cheeses. Gourmet toppings like fire roasted jalapenos, organic fried egg and fresh ripe avocado, to name a few, can be added to each burger and sandwich. Every sandwich and burger automatically comes with the mayo-based 27 spice Signature sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, and can be made into a combo meal with fries and a soda.

I ordered the Single Burger combo with American cheese and added fresh ripe avocado. Maria ordered the Fairway Grilled Chicken sandwich combo with mayo and no onions, and Jennifer, who is currently on the HCG diet, ordered the 100 percent Turkey Burger, no bun.

Italian Alto Adige Lagrein – great with a burger

If you’ve read any of our past Local Lunch Gals reviews, you know we usually choose places to eat that offer beer and wine, and knowing that food carts in Eugene are not allowed to sell any type of alcohol, I came prepared. In my purse, I had a bottle of wine, a bottle opener and a wine glass. Since Maria had been at work prior to our lunch meeting, she didn’t have a wine glass with her, but Jennifer brought a plastic wine glass from home. While we waited for our food to be prepared, we opened up the bottle of wine: a Lagrein from the Alto Adige region of Italy – a bold Italian red wine that pairs well with red meat.

I poured some into Maria’s paper cup (sorry Maria), some into Jennifer’s plastic wine glass and some into my wine glass, and we cheered to our first Local Lunch Gals outing in what seemed to be way too long.

Single Burger combo meal with a side of fresh avocado

When our food was ready for pick-up, I was happy to see my favorite kind of French fries, shoestrings, alongside a mouthwatering juicy burger. I asked for the avocado on the side, and I loved that it was a generous helping of thick, very fresh slices. At first bite, I could taste the many flavors of the 27 spice Signature sauce, which definitely made this burger stand out from others – it was delicious.

Jennifer and Maria really enjoyed their meals too; however, I’m sure Jennifer’s mouth was watering for some fries and a burger, though she did eat every last bite of her no-bun turkey burger which she cut up with the lettuce and tomato to make a salad. Maria’s chicken was juicy and packed full of the flavors it had been marinated in, and as you can tell in the photo, she was diggin’ it.

Maria clearly enjoying the Fairway Chicken sandwich – I hope we’ll still be friends after she sees this!

The Italian Lagrein I brought was a prefect match with the juicy, flavorful burger; in fact, we all loved the wine so much that it dissipated rather quickly. What do wine gals do who are not ready to be done with sipping good wine while spending time with good friends? We find a solution. First we attempted to have someone deliver us a bottle of wine through a pleading post on Facebook. No luck. We did have other options: Red Barn Grocery was only a couple blocks away and a small market was right around the corner; however, Eugene Wine Cellars was in plain view from where we sat.

Thank you Eugene Wine Cellars!

Since the gracious owner of Burgers on the Run didn’t mind that we were sticking around after we had finished our meals, we opted to head over to Eugene Wine Cellars to see if we were lucky enough to score a bottle of wine from an urban winery that does not have a tasting room or a retail outlet [at this location]. After attempting a few knocks on the locked door, we thought we may need to head over to Red Barn Grocery after all. But, as luck would have it, a forklift operator was hard at work lifting pallets of cases of wine just outside the winery. We waved him down and asked if we could purchase just one bottle of wine. At first, he looked at us like we were crazy wino women (perhaps we were), but once he realized we were serious, he made a quick call to the owner who agreed to sell us a bottle of B2 2009 Pinot Noir. Mission accomplished.

The three chairs we claimed for the afternoon

We headed back to Burgers on the Run, pulled the Adirondack chairs into the grass between the street and the food cart, and made ourselves comfortable while we relished in a glass of great local wine and marvelous conversation. The owner of Burgers on the Run mentioned that we had broken a record for being the longest staying customers he had ever had, and we really appreciated his hospitality.

We will, for sure, be returning to Burgers on the Run. Overall, the prices were exceptional, the food was outstanding, and the owner is approachable, accommodating and amicable. We highly recommend this one-of-a-kind food cart.

Burgers on the Run

Burgers on the Run is located in the parking lot of Builder’s Electric at 195 Madison, diagonally across the street from The Wandering Goat and just two buildings away from Eugene Wine Cellars.  The empty building that now sits in between Builder’s Electric and Eugene Wine Cellars is the future home of Oakshire Brewing. Just around the corner from Burgers on the Run is the future home of Hop Valley. I’m pretty sure owner, Steve O’Brien, found the perfect spot for his All-American burger joint.

Special thanks to Burgers on the Run, Steve O’Brien, for his hospitality and great conversation with the Local Lunch Gals. Not only was O’Brien gracious and hospitable, but he gives back to the community that surrounds him with kindness and generosity; in addition to, donating to both Food For Lane County and St. Vincent de Paul’s.

For a full review of the Italian Lagrein and the B2 Pinot Noir, follow me over to B2 wine is produced by Eugene wine Cellars and their tasting room is in the B2 Wine Bar located in Crescent Village at 2794 Shadow View, Eugene.

Wine Down Eugene

Wine Down Eugene for August 8-14

My summertime kitchen

“Fire up that grill, honey!” I’ve said those exact words on numerous occasions since the clouds have dispersed and the sun has been shining down on the Willamette Valley; indeed, I love to cook in the great outdoors – one of the many reasons why I love summer.

In the past two weeks, I’ve used the outdoor grill on twelve of those fourteen days. With as much grilling as I’ve been doing, I’m always on the prowl for new and exciting recipes. From Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon to an entire wheel of ooey-gooey grilled Brie cheese, I am absolutely loving the the ease of outdoor cooking.

Savory Grilled Blueberry Pizza | Photo

While I love discovering all these great grilling recipes, I also love pairing wine with the food I’m preparing. With each recipe, I’ve carefully thought about what wine would be perfectly matched with the food, and so far I’ve come across some truly ambrosial combinations.

My favorite recent food and wine pairing was a Savory Grilled Blueberry Pizza, from, with a glass of Domaine Meriwether 2005 Pinot Noir. Another pairing I loved was Bourbon Bacon BBQ Ribs paired with a 2010 Petite Sirah from King Estate – unconditionally delicious. For a quick and easy appetizer, I grilled sourdough baguette slices alongside a wheel of Brie cheese, then dipped the grilled bread into the melted Brie while sipping on a chilled glass of 2009 Terriorial Pinot Gris, an outstanding pairing.

The list goes on, so enjoy these gorgeous sunny days and get out of the kitchen. Fire up that grill and follow me over to for summer grilling recipes and exceptional wine pairings.

Wine Bars, Shops and Restaurants

Wineries without Walls (wine shop & tasting room): Sat. 4-6 pm, wine tasting with Mark Nicholl of William Rose Wines. This wine shop and tasting room showcases local wines and is located inside the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center in Veneta. 24949 Hwy. 126, Veneta.

Heidi Tunnell Catering Company: Tue. Bakery 10 am- 6 pm, lunch from 11 am – 2 pm and dinner from 4-7 pm. The wood fired oven is back and wood fired pizza is available for Tuesday dinner; Thur. NO Thursday Night Dinner this week, HTCC will be at the Ladies in the Field event in Corvallis. Read about the Thurs. family-style dinners on For reservations call 541-895-5885; Sat. 6 pm HTCC Barn Dinner with Domaine Meriwether – Sold Out.182 South Second St., Creswell.

Territorial Vineyards and Wine Co.: Thu. 5-11 pm, music starts around 7 pm with The Porch Band; Fri. 5-11 pm, music starts around 7 pm with The Anthony McCarthy Duo; August Art: Shanna Trumbley. 907 West Third Ave., Eugene.

LaVelle Tasting Room at 5th Street Market: Mon. – Sat. 11 am -9 pm, Sun. 11 am – 6 pm; Thurs. live music with Gus Russell, Paul Biondi and friends; Fri. 6-8 pm, live music with Jerry Zybach Trio; Sat. 6-8 pm, live music with Joanne Broh and the Love Bandits. 296 E. 5th Ave., Eugene.

Falling Sky Brewing: Hours of operation: Sun.-Wed. 11 am – midnight and Thur.–Sat. 11-1 am. Excellent selection of handcrafted brews and local barrel to tap wines. Check out the Local Lunch Gals review of Falling Sky here. 1334 Oak Alley, Eugene.

Ninkasi Brewing: Tasting room hours: Sun.-Wed. 12-9 pm, Thu.-Sat. 12-10 pm. Indoor and outdoor seating, food available for purchase from varying food carts. 272 Van Buren St., Eugene.

Marché Provisions: Wed. 4:30-6:30 pm, Ridge Vineyards Free Tasting. 7 pm, Dinner with Ridge Vineyards. For details and reservations call 541-342-3612; Fri. 5-7 pm, Free weekly wine tasting. 296 E. 5th Ave., Eugene.

Broadway Wine Merchants: Fri. 5-7 pm, Free Friday Wine Tasting; First Tuesday of each month – Cheese & Wine Tasting, $20 per person, call for reservations 541-685-0790. Read about their wine and cheese events here. 17 Oakway Center, Eugene.

The Wine Place (Yachats):  Fri. 4-7 pm Beer Tasting with Upright Brewing; Sat.1-4 pm Wine tasting with Angel Vines. 373 N. Hwy. 101, Yachats.

Long’s Meat Market: Fri. 4-6 pm, free wine tasting with some cheese from their deli; Sat. 11 am – 3 pm, weekly Saturday parking lot BBQ of hot dogs, hamburgers, 1/2 chickens and brats- craft beers and Oregon wines available in the deli. 81 East 28th Ave., Eugene.

Authentica Wines: Tue. – Fri. 11 am – 6 pm, and Sat. 10 am – 5 pm. Wine tasting available every Saturday at the Wine Bar, and on the first Friday of each month during the Art Walk. With a focus on artisan, small production wines for every budget, you’re bound to find something you love at this wine shop. 766 W. Park St., Eugene.

Sundance Wine Cellars: Fri. 5-7 pm Mario’s Frugal Friday free wine tasting; Sat. 5-7 pm, wine tasting. 2441 Hilyard St., Eugene.

16Tons (Supreme Bean): Wed. 7-10 pm, Trivia Night; Thu. 5-7 pm free wine tasting and 50 percent off wine by the glass; Every Fri. 6 pm, free live music; Every Sun. and Mon. 4-10 pm deals on growler and mason jar fills. 2864 Willamette St. & 265 E. 13th Ave., Eugene.

16Tons (Taphouse): Hours of Operation: Sun.-Wed. 3-10 pm, Thu.-Sat. 3 pm – 12 am. Great selection of beer and wine. 265 East 13th Ave., Eugene.

Red Agave: Excellent wine list, including Oregon’s finest from King Estate, Territorial, Evesham Wood and Cristom, to name just a few. 454 Willamette St., Eugene.

Koho Bistro: Wed. Wine Wednesdays – 25 percent off bottles of wine – excellent wine list with local wines from Territorial, J.Scott, Kandarian, Meriwether and Silvan Ridge to name a few; Happy Hour daily from 5 – 6:30 pm $1 off beers on tap, well drinks and wine. Read the Local Lunch Gals review. 2101 Bailey Hill Rd, Suite L, Eugene.

Le Bar at Marché: Seven days a week from 3-5 pm and 10 pm – 12 am – Happy Hour deals on cocktails, wine, beer and snacks. 296 E. 5th Ave., Eugene.

The Vintage: Great wine list with local and international wines, their house red is Wine By Joe Pinot Noir. Read the Local Lunch Gals review of The Vintage here. 837 Lincoln St., Eugene.

Sam Bond’s Garage: Opens at 4 pm. Live music, full bar featuring local wine and beer-in the heart of the Whitaker Neighborhood. 407 Blair Blvd., Eugene.

Papa’s Soul Food: Tue. – Fri. Noon-2 pm and 5-10 pm. Sat. 2-10 pm. Great southern soul food and Blues joint with local wine from Territorial Vineyards & Wine Company and beer from local breweries. Read the Local Lunch Gals review here. 400 Blair Blvd., Eugene.

Creswell Coffee Company: Fri. 7 pm, live music with Dylan James; Sat. 7 pm, live music with Jazz Du Jour. Nice wine selection and occasional wine tastings. 116 Melton Rd., Creswell.

Sabai Café and Bar: Wines by the glass, $6 and under; excellent local wines from Territorial, King Estate, Capitello and Benton-Lane; check out a review by the Local Lunch Gals by clicking here. 27 Oakway Center, Eugene.

Belly: Select and affordable wine list. 30 E. Broadway., Eugene.

B2 Wine Bar: Fri. 8:20 pm, Movies Under the Stars featuring Casablanca; Happy Hour Mon.-Fri., 4-6 pm, and 9-10 pm. Loads of Northwest wines offered here. 2794 Shadow Dr., Eugene.

Excelsior Inn & Ristorante Italiano: Fri. and Sat. 7-9:30 pm, live music, no cover; Mon.-Thu. 3-6 pm, Happy Hour. Extensive local wine list. Read the Local Lunch Gals review.754 East Thirteenth Ave., Eugene.

Café 440: Wed. all day, Wednesday Wine Flights, taste three whites or reds for $10.50; Mon. – Sat. 3-6 pm Happy Hour specials. For the Local Lunch Gals review, click here. 440 Coburg Rd., Eugene.

The Side Bar: Wed. Ladies Night, $1 off any glass of wine and $5 off a bottle of wine, great Oregon wine selection. 1680 Coburg Rd., Eugene

Ring of Fire Restaurant: Mon. 5 pm Wine Night Mondays-35 percent off all bottles of wine; Daily Happy Hour 4-6 pm. 1099 Chambers St., Eugene.

Soriah Cafe: Wed. 5 pm, *last Wednesday of the month only* Celebrate Wine Wednesday. Half off bottles of wine, including local notable names such as BrickHouse, Capitello, King Estate and Broadley. 384 W. 13th Ave., Eugene.

Steelhead Brewery: Sun. – Sat. 11:30 am – 11 pm, open later on Fri. and Sat., In addition to their own wine, Steelhead Red, you’ll find almost 20 wines by the glass, including 5H, Hinman, Erath and King Estate. 199 East 5th Ave., Eugene.

Mac’s at the Vets Club: Wed. 6-9 pm, Wine, Jazz & Variety Show with Gus Russell & Paul Biondi. A different Oregon winery is featured each week. $8 Burger and Brew night, too. 1626 Willamette St., Eugene.

Cork and Bottle Shoppe: Fri. 4 pm, free weekly wine or beer tasting. The Cork & Bottle Shoppe is one of Oregon’s only liquor stores that carries a large selection of local and international wine and craft beer, in addition to liquor. 812 Beltline Rd., Springfield.

Café Zenon: Tues., Fifty percent off bottles of wine; Mon-Fri. 5-6:30 pm, $1 off glasses of wine and pints of beer. Find King Estates’ Domaine Pinot Gris and Capitello’s Sauvignon Blanc here at half off on Tuesdays. 898 Pearl St., Eugene.

Izumi Sushi and Grill: Izumi has great sushi and they offer local wine and beer from Hinman, King Estate, Ninkasi and Oakshire. 2773 Shadow View Dr., Eugene.

Sam’s Place Tavern: Sports bar with a wine list featuring excellent Oregon wine at great glass pour prices – Henry Estate, 5H, Eola Hills and King Estate. 825 Wilson St., Eugene.

Cornucopia Maize Lounge: CLOSED (Out of Business) 73 E. 13th Ave., Eugene.

Agate Alley Laboratory: Sat. 10 pm, Late Night at The Lab with $1 off glass pour wine, $3 well drinks and pints, $9.50 pitchers & appetizer special. Twenty-five varieties of wine for $25 dollars in addition to extensive wines list. 2645 Willamette St., Eugene.

Kiva Grocery: Wine department focuses on affordable Northwest wines, small European wines and organic wines. Ten percent off mixed cases, 15 percent off unbroken cases. 125 W. 11th, Eugene.

Café Lucky Noodle: Tue. 5:30-7:30 pm Wine Night – all bottles 35 percent off; complimentary wine tasting in the lobby; excellent wine list. 207 East 5th Ave., Eugene.

Granary Wine Bar:Wed. 5 pm, $5 glass pours of house white or red. Nice selection of Oregon wine here. 259 E. 5th Ave., Eugene.

Wineries & Vineyards

LaVelle Vineyards (winery in Elmira): Fri. 5-9 pm, Friday Night Flights CANCELLED due to private event. Visit the winery daily, Mon.-Thu. 12-5 pm, and Sat./Sun. 12-6 pm. 89697 Sheffler Rd., Elmira.

Domaine Meriwether: Thu., 6-9 pm. CASA Benefit – BBQ, wine and music. Purchase tickets at www,; Fri. 6-9 pm. Sparkling Nights – wine tasting, live music, fun; Open Daily 11 am – 4 pm, world renowned Meriwether still and sparkling wine can be sampled in the tasting room. 88324 Vineyard Lane, Veneta.

Sarver Winery: Fri. 6-9 pm, live music; Open daily 12-6 pm except Fri 12-9 pm; Gourmet pizza and live music on the first three Fridays of each month, Steak and Sarver Caesar Dinners on the last Friday of each month-call for reservations 541-935-2979. 2600 Mayola Ln., Eugene.

Saginaw Vineyard: Fri. 6-9 pm, Friday Night LIVE featuring Tony Rae & Common Ground. Minors under 21 are permitted to Friday Night LIVE Memorial Weekend through September as long as it’s not raining. If it’s raining, Friday Night LIVE is held indoors and minors are not permitted. For more information, please click here; Open daily, 11 am – 5pm. Sample their traditional style wines in their tasting room located in the original building of a 1905 farmstead. They also specialize in farm fresh fruit wines. 80247 Delight Valley School Rd., Cottage Grove.

Pfeiffer Winery: Fri./Sat. Fondue Nights~Cheese and chocolate fondue with fixings; Daisy’s Food Cart offering great menu items on Fri. Sat. and Sun.! Open Mon.-Thu. 11 am – 5 pm and Fri./Sat. 11 am – 9 pm. 25040 Jaeg Rd., Junction City.

Silvan Ridge Winery: Fri. 12-9 pm, live music starting at 6 pm. Wood-fired pizza and wine; Open Sat.- Thur. 12-5 pm, Fri. 12- 9 pm. Complimentary taste of five wines in addition to several limited wines that may be tasted for a fee. 27012 Briggs Hill Rd., Eugene.

Sweet Cheeks: Fri. 6-9 pm, Twilight Tasting, sample pairings of Sweet Cheeks wine with Oregon-made artisan cheeses while listening to live music from 6:30-830 pm with Alex Hagerty. Featured Food Cart: Dump City Dumplings; Sun. 12-6 pm, Mimosa Sundays, fine sparkling wine and live music from 2-4 pm with Barefoot Leroy. 27007 Briggs Hill Rd., Eugene.

Brigadoon Wine Co.: Fri. – Sun. 12-5 pm wine tasting in their tasting room. 25166 Ferguson Rd., Junction City.

Benton-Lane: Fri. 6:30 pm, Wine dinner at Lewis & Clark in Eugene. Call the winery for details 541-847-5792.Open Daily Noon to 5pm; For a relaxed one hour wine tasting with the owner in a special wine room overlooking the vineyards, call the winery for details 541-847-5792. 23924 Territorial Hwy., Monroe.

Capitello Wines: Fri./Sat./Sun. Capitello will be pouring their wines at the Bite of Oregon in Portland.

William Rose Wines: Sat. 4-6 pm, pouring at Wineries without Walls located inside the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center in Veneta. 24949 Hwy. 126, Veneta.

Spencer Creek Cellars/McBeth Vineyards: Wine Tastings in the Barn by appointment only. 541-521-4381. 85162 McBeth Rd., Eugene.

King Estate: Open daily 11 am – 8 pm. Sample some of Oregon’s finest wine, dine on gourmet cuisine, and enjoy a valley view that’s unmatched. 80854 Territorial Hwy., Eugene.

Chateau Lorane: Open daily, 12-5 pm. Stop by and taste some of their multiple award winners: Melon De Bourgogne, Petit Verdot, Viognier, Asian Girl Merlot, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and their double award-winning Red Bordeaux blend, Entourage. 27415 Siuslaw River Rd., Lorane.

J. Scott Cellars: Tasting room located in The Wine Place in Yachats. Be sure to stop by and taste these excellent small boutique handmade Rhone varietals from the Pacific Northwest. Specializing in Roussanne, Viognier, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Cabernet…and a little Pinot Noir. 373 North Hwy. 101, Yachats.

Patchwork Cellars: Sat. 4-6 pm, sample Patchwork wines at the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce’s Wineries without Walls. 24949 Hwy. 126, Veneta.

Abbelone Vineyards: Another fabulous winery without walls; check back frequently to find out where you can sample their delicious Pinot Noir.

Stanton Vineyards: Another local winery without walls, look for Stanton wines at Sundance, Market of Choice, Wineries without Walls in the Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce & Authentica, and in restaurants Marché and Eugene Country Club.

Kandarian Wine Cellars: A winery without walls – check back often for tasting locations.

Noble Estate: Open 7 days/week, 12-5 pm. Tasting room with beautiful patio and gorgeous view,. 29210 Gimpl Hill Rd., Eugene.

Oakdale Cellars: A local winery without walls. Oakdale Pinot Noir is a glass pour at LeBar at Marche’. Check back often for tasting and event information.

Briggs Hill Winery: A winery without walls. Check back frequently to see where and when they will be offering samples of their wine.

Iris Vineyards:  Mn-Fri. 11 am – 4 pm. Starting June 16, the tasting room will be open on Saturdays from 11 am – 4 pm. 195 Palmer Ave., Cottage Grove.

Dylan’s Run: Another winery without walls. Keep an eye out for tastings at various locations.

Fractal Cellars: A winery without walls that pours samples at certain events around town. Check back often for dates and locations of tastings.

Save the Date or Reserve Now:

Heidi Tunnell Catering Co: Thursday night dinners in their on-site event center. 6:30pm, doors open at 6pm. Extensive wine list by local, handcrafted Oregon winemakers and local beers as well. 182 South Second St., Creswell.

B2 Wine Bar/Crescent Village: Aug 24, 8 pm Hook.

Sweet Cheeks: Aug. 16, Jewels of the Vine – a fundraiser to support Lane Community College’s Women in Trasition Scholarship. Finger foods, chocolates, wine tasting and other indulgences provided by local businesses. $20 admission. 27007 Briggs Hill Rd., Eugene.

LaVelle Vineyards (winery in Elmira): Aug 18, 6:30 pm. Saturday Evening with the Winemaker. $35 per person. For details and reservations call 541-935-9406. Read about last years event here. 89697 Sheffler Rd., Elmira.

Silvan Ridge Winery: Aug. 18, 2nd Annual Twilight 5K. 5K run, outdoor concert, food, wine and beer. 27012 Briggs Hill Rd., Eugene.

Marché Provisions: Aug. 23, 7:15 pm. Wine Class: Riesling. $35 per person; Aug. 29, French Regional Dinner: Provence.  For details and reservations call 541-342-3612. 296 E. 5th Ave., Eugene.

Capitello Wines: A winery without walls. Upcoming wine tastings will be during the Eugene Celebration and Market of Choice. Dates and times TBA.

Pfeiffer Winery: Aug. 26, 5-10 pm. Robin’s Birthday Bash in the Pfeiffer Winery and Water Garden. Live music with Shelley and Cal, catered by Boss Hawgs BBQ and Bambino’s gourmet pizza, wine and beer available for purchase. $20 per person. Reservations required with a credit card, call 541-998-2828.  25040 Jaeg Rd., Junction City.

Sarver Winery: Sep. 17, 6 pm. Second Annual Lowland Cajun Boil featuring the VooDoo Mountain Zydeco Band. Call to reserve your spot with a credit card – $20 dollars per person. 541-935-2979. 2600 Mayola Ln., Eugene.