A Very Merry Gnocchi Party!


Parties do not have to be hard. Parties can by thrown together simply due to a mutual love of a specific food. One person mentions gnocchi, the next confesses their love of this particular pasta, another states they’ve never made it before and would love to learn how to make it. Within a few weeks, twenty plus people are making time for a much looked forward to party during the busy holiday season.

Days and hours before the gathering, photos get sent around by party goers, teasing each other with what they are bringing. The droolfest begins.

Pork Belly brought by Ellen Brenner (Photo: Ellen Brenner)

Though events such as these do take a lot of planning, especially in between Christmas and New Years, it never seems to feel much like work. Having something to look forward to, knowing others will enjoy what you bring just as much as you do, makes it all worth while. The only pressure you feel is to show up and eat. A lot.

Chocolate chip shot glass for eggnog shooters made by Rosa Mariotti (Photo: Mike Bragg)

Rosa Mariotti and Bill Anderson graciously opened up their home and welcomed their guests last Saturday, with open arms and pasta boards made by Bill at the ready. Rosa taught us how to make the gnocchi by hand, encouraging us to get our hands dirty with flour, olive oil and sparkling water. “Do not be afraid of the dough” one person says to another. We laugh, we mix, we roll the gnocchi with gusto.

Gnocchi making (Photo: Mike Bragg)

For those who are ready to eat, there is a never ending table of all things Food. Bone marrow butter, tomato jam, Tuscan chicken liver pate, homemade crackers, cheesecake. Next to the table, someone is stirring something in a pot or three. In another room, fudge, truffles, wine, eggnog and edible shot glasses stand next to a tree with Secret Santa gifts to be opened later in the evening.

kirks table
Not meager offerings! (Photo: Kirk Koenig)

This is not the first time a get together has occurred with this particular group of people, nor will it be the last. Camaraderie and friendship can begin in a thousand different ways. Some people bond over children, some over jobs. Some people meet at the park, and some online. There is a certain and immediate comfort level found between those who share a love of all things food, and it brings us together quite often.

On the last day of the year, I leave you with both a recipe and video for gnocchi and party making, in the hopes that you will be encouraged to spend time with those you care about, by sharing some food with them. From our group of food lovers to yours, Happy New Year!

[gn_box title=”Cavatelli Gnocchi” color=”#725″]


  • 2 1/2 All Purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp sparkling water
  • 4 tsp olive oil

Watch the video for hands on instructions and try making pasta yourself! We loved a browned butter infused with rosemary sauce the best, but a simple marinara topped with works just as well.

Growing up Italian: Two weddings and….one crushed!


When one gets married, in Italy, one is willing to grow deeper roots. I, on the other hand, always wanted to grow wings- for as long as I can remember.

My parents got married in 1965, and accordingly with the Italian family-planning program, I was born almost a year later, to the day. Now, that requires some serious math skills!

Sept.5th, 1965 Mom and Dad getting married

My dad never boarded a plane, neither has my sister. Fear of flying.  I wonder how can you fear something you have never tried? Mom was the dynamic and curious one of the couple. She even managed a quick trip to Eugene, to visit me just before she got diagnosed with cancer. She never allowed her fears to be bigger than her dreams. I try to do the same.

My parents honeymooned in Capri. After that, they had my sister and me within 3 years of getting married, so they didn’t have much disposable income to devote to luxury trips.

We always went to the Adriatic coast of Italy. Every summer, for many decades. Sometimes, though, a wedding would get into the way of our vacation.

Summer seems to be a premium season for getting married in Italy, or maybe everywhere.

As a little girl, I sure remember PLENTY of booooring weddings. Tightly squeezed into socks and shoes and a too-pretty-to-go-play-outside-dress. Sitting in church for hours, not to mention those looooong wedding receptions…

In the eyes of a child who wants to go out and play, those were not good days. I endured them, all with good table manners and behavior to match because my parents would not have tolerated otherwise.

One summer wedding though, really stuck with me. A series of enjoyable events turned another booooring wedding into a memorable one.

Castellano’s wedding. Vanese little Church. Early 70’s. Me, my sister behind me and my Dad with an old super 8 camera ready to roll.

That hot summer day, I didn’t care about being squeezed into pristine stiff white cotton socks. I got to wear a silk dress! The cream and black polka dot dress was “retrofitted” from my mom’s dress by our clever seamstress Ivana. She even got me some stylish ruffles on the sleeves, and the buttons were on the back. The dress was so smooth that I couldn’t stop touching it or smoothing its skirt. It was what nowadays one would call a “hand-me-down”. Back then was just a NEW dress, or at least new TO me.

The other circumstance that corresponded to this being an epic wedding, was the fact that the church chosen for the event was the size of a studio apartment. Seriously. Only the Priest, the Groom, the Bride and their parents could fit inside.

That meant that all of us guests had to stand outside, under the shade of some old pines and listen to the ceremony through a makeshift audio system.

At Dario Cecchini’s Officina della Bistecca 2010

That implied that I didn’t have to sit in church for hours! We were captive audience, but we could walk around and play-quietly-with other children. Score!

Also, the wedding reception was held in the unfinished basement of the couple’s future home. No restaurant food, just good old family-style reception. One didn’t have to worry so much about “la bella figura” or being judged for being silly or loud.

That day was fun. That’s how all the weddings should be-in the eyes of a child.

As an adult, I promised myself that the next wedding I would attend to, would be mine.

Well, I should have been more careful and put a deadline to it. I haven’t gone to a wedding in over 10 years. Actually, I did, but nobody knows that……I crashed it!!

Pamela and me. Dionigi winery, Umbria 2009

My long time friend Pamela lives in Italy. She is a hoot! She can find her way out of pretty much any situation. She also can just as easily find her way into any situation. So she does.

Prior to my trips to Italy, all I have to do is just mention to Pamela that I would like to do something, and she delivers. Like the summer of 2010 when she managed to get a last-minute reservation at Dario Cecchini’s in Panzano. The best family-style, communal table-dinner served by the most famous butcher in the world.  Pamela is my personal concierge in Italy, you could say. But wait, it gets better!

Dionigi winery produces superb products. Oh yes!

Summer 2009. I talked about wanting to do a wine tasting. “Sure” she said. “let’s go for some Sagrantino”.

Wine connoisseurs will agree with me that the Montefalco Sagrantino is one of the best wines of Italy.

In the car, on our way there, she mentioned that the “cantina” (cellar) was closed for the day due to a wedding happening at the location. Without blinking, she added: “don’t worry, the cantina is open to the guests”.

So guests we became. Underdressed, a little sweaty from the car ride, Pamela never lost a beat. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment, but I followed her svelte silhouette through the crowd. Nobody seemed to mind us.

The label on the Sagrantino Barrel

Here we are, in the heart of the winery, down in the cellar. Nobody else is there.

Pamela navigates the cellar with ease, explaining the different wines to me while someone from the winery approaches us. “Oh oh, we are in trouble” I think.

Instead, Pamela, without loosing her cool, explains that she is a guest of the Groom and she would like to taste the wines.

“Sure” the gentleman says. So, here we are, illegal wedding guests, taking a sip of the most amazing nectar one can imagine in the quietness of a cellar. We even got to taste the prestigious Sagrantino Passito wine.  Told you, Pamela  can get her way into anything!

Now…how do we get out? Most of the guest have arrived and the reception is in full swing.

Snails cured with mint and stuffed with herbs, then BBQ’d.

While we are walking back to the car, it’s dusk outside, and some communal table have been set up to display the various dished. Porchetta, desserts, and there is also a huge  pit where they are roasting snails!

There is no stopping Pamela now: “Are you hungry? Let’s eat”.

Before I could say anything she is already in line to get herself a portion of snails cured in mint and BBQ’d. Delicious, I must say.

Well, since we are eating, I go for the Porchetta, and some petite fours, because I like know…

Porchetta is the real deal here!

Nobody paid any attention to us, we actually had a really good time and I can’t remember if Pamela managed to take a picture of two with the Bride and Groom as well.

Maybe the wine, maybe the heat, my recollections stops with the fireworks into the night.

It’s always special when the best memories come from  something totally unexpected.

Italian eat a lot at weddings.  It’s not usual for the food to be so “casual”. We often have more refined and elegant dishes. As a child I remember  having a choice of pasta: fettuccine, spaghetti..and more often than not a “mari e monti” version. That would be the equivalent of a Surf and Turf here.

Pamela’s fun car.

A combination of seafood and mushrooms that makes everybody happy. Just recently I was gifted a serious piece of salmon and some mushrooms.

While I don’t have a wedding planned in the near future, but I plan to attend one in June, I couldn’t stop thinking of how food brings people and strangers together: whether to honor two people who marry to grow deeper roots and plant a family seed, or just friends who celebrate life and enjoy the process.

Meanwhile, I wonder what Pamela has planned for me next time I see her!

Can’t wait to find out, and I’ll sure to keep you posted.

Until next time, Mangia, and enjoy!!

[gn_box title=”LASAGNA MARI E MONTI  (Surf and Turf lasagna)” color=”#253″]
DSCF4407 Lasagna Surf and Turf

Finish the lasagna dish with a layer of Mushrooms and Salmon mix.


  • 2 boxes of ready Lasagna sheets
  • 10oz Salmon filet-skin removed and diced
  • 1 fresh mozzarella (about 8 oz)
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 lb of fresh mushooms-diced
  • 2T butter and 2 T olive oil
  • 1 large cloves of garlic
  • BECHAMEL sauce:
  • 2 1/2 C milk-warm
  • 4 T butter
  • 1/4 C flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • 1/4 C white wine

Chopped parsley and Parmigiano cheese to garnish


Pre heat a skillet and melt 2 Tbs of butter and 2 Tbs of olive oil. Add the mushrooms and sear them on medium heat. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Cook for about 5 to 10 minutes until soft but not watery. Set aside.

To make the Bechamel: Melt the butter and add the flour. When the roux is done and a white-ish patina appears, add the milk. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Keep stirring until the sauce gets thicker and coats the back of a spoon. Set aside.

In the same skillet you used for the mushrooms, add the onions, and a splash of olive oil.

Sautee until it starts to lightly brown, deglaze with wine.

Add the salmon, a grated clove of garlic and cover with a lid.  When the salmon is done,fold it into the bechamel sauce. Add the mushrooms to the mix.

Using a 9×13 dish , smear the bottom of the dish with some of the salmon mix.

Make a layer of lasagna noodles, top with bechamelle.

Another layer of lasagna noodle topped with mozzarella. Repeat alternating noodles and salmon mix until all is used up and finish with a layer of salmon and mushrooms.

Bake at 350F for about 20 min covered with foil, then another 20 uncovered until lightly crisp and brown.


How Clean is Your Favorite Restaurant?


We take a lot for granted as consumers when we head into a restaurant. We expect it to be clean, that the food is reasonably fresh, that they follow good practices for food prep, storage and serving.  With the popularity of shows like Kitchen Nightmares (Gordon Ramsey) and Restaurant Impossible (Robert Irvine), we also go in with a bit of suspicion and not a little doubt: is it really as clean as I think?


The Lane County Restaurant Inspection Scores were recently released, so we can give you a little help with that doubt. This list doesn’t tell you anything about the decor, if the food is delicious, the friendliness (or lack there-of) of the staff, or even if the food comes from a can. It will show you who the dedicated professionals are in our community.

With 1000+ restaurants in Lane County, and more than 900 scoring in the top bracket (90 – 100 points),  you have to wonder what the under-achievers excuses are.

69 or Fewer points: A restaurant inspection score below 70 is failing and requires the restaurant to be inspected again within 30 days.

  • Korea House Restaurant
    1306 Hilyard Street,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 3/3/2014
    SCORE: 68
  • Noodle Head
    880 E 13Th,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 3/15/2014
    SCORE: 69
  • Rivas Taco Shop
    1484 Willamette St,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 1/8/2014
    SCORE: 51 (ouch)
  • Subway Sandwiches & Salads
    1985 Empire Park,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 4/9/2014
    SCORE: 64
  • Teriyaki Boy Inc
    844 East 13Th Ave,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 4/3/2014
    SCORE: 57

70 – 79 Points:

  • Brail’s Restaurant, Inc.
    1689 Willamette Street,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/11/2013
    SCORE: 75 (say it isn’t so!)
  • Countryside Pizza & Grill
    88278 Territorial Road,  Veneta OR 97487
    Semi-Annual 12/12/2013
    SCORE: 79
  • El Jarro Azul
    764 Blair Boulevard,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 12/27/2013
    SCORE: 76
  • Embers Club, The
    1811 Highway 99 North,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 4/9/2014
    SCORE: 72
  • Ocean Sky
    1601 Chambers Street,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 11/21/2013
    SCORE: 72
  • Pantry And Pub, The
    1810 Chambers St,   Eugene OR 97405
    Semi-Annual 10/18/2013
    SCORE: 75
  • Tom’s Tea House
    1333 Hilyard St,  Eugene OR 97405
    Semi-Annual 3/3/2014
    SCORE: 75
  • Vietnam Restaurant
    2355 West 11Th Avenue,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 11/25/2013
    SCORE: 74

80 – 89 Points:

  • Agate Alley Bistro
    1461 E 19Th Ave,   Eugene OR 97403
    Semi-Annual 12/19/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • B Squared Wine Bar
    2794 Shadow View Dr,   Eugene OR 97440
    Semi-Annual 11/15/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Bai Khao Thai Cuisine
    541 W Centennial Blvd,  Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 3/11/2014
    SCORE: 81
  • Best Western Cottage Grove – Kitchen
    1601 Gateway Blvd,   Cottage Grove OR 97424
    Semi-Annual 3/5/2014
    SCORE: 88
  • Buddy’s Diner
    1725 Coburg Rd,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 4/18/2014
    SCORE: 89
  • Cafe 123
    123 International Way,   Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 11/7/2013
    SCORE: 81
  • Cafe Soriah Llc
    384 West 13Th Avenue,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 3/11/2014
    SCORE: 84
  • Carmelita Spats
    150 Shelton Mcmurphey Blvd #103,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/1/2013
    SCORE: 86
  • Caspian Restaurant
    863 East 13Th Avenue,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 3/4/2014
    SCORE: 85
  • Chao Pra Ya Thai Cuisine
    580 Adams Street,   Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 12/29/2013
    SCORE: 82
  • Charley’s Grilled Subs
    21 Valley River Ctr,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/15/2013
    SCORE: 88
  • Coburg Mongolian Grill
    1540 Coburg Rd,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 10/30/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Cottage Deli
    605 S 5Th St,   Cottage Grove OR 97424
    Semi-Annual 2/19/2014
    SCORE: 89
  • Dizzy Dean’s Donuts
    2380 W 11Th Ave,   Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 1/9/2014
    SCORE: 89
  • Doc’s Pad Restaurant & Lounge
    710 Willamette St,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/6/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • El Kora
    3007 North Delta Hwy #202,   Eugene OR 97408
    Semi-Annual 12/13/2013
    SCORE: 86
  • Emerald Valley Golf & Resort
    83301 Dale Kuni Rd,  Creswell OR 97426
    Semi-Annual 2/28/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Emu – Subway Sandwiches
    UOFO- Erb Memorial Union, 1222 East 13Th Avenue Eugene OR 97403
    Semi-Annual 4/2/2014
    SCORE: 89
  • Eug Hilton, Skinners
    66 East Sixth Avenue,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 3/4/2014
    SCORE: 84
  • Firehouse Restaurant The
    1263 Bay Street,  Florence OR 97439
    Semi-Annual 11/6/2013
    SCORE: 82
  • G J’s Family Restaurant
    1563 West Sixth Avenue,   Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 12/13/2013
    SCORE: 82
  • Hayden Bridge Deli
    2454 10Th St,   Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 1/10/2014
    SCORE: 89
  • House Of Chen
    1861 Franklin Boulevard,  Eugene OR 97403
    Semi-Annual 11/20/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Hult Coffee Shop
    401 East Tenth Avenue,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 4/11/2014
    SCORE: 80
  • Izzy’s Pizza Bar & Classic Buffet
    950 Seneca Rd,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 3/14/2014
    SCORE: 85
  • Jack In The Box
    1788 W 6Th St,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 1/3/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Joe To Go
    2585 River Rd,   Eugene OR 97404
    Semi-Annual 1/15/2014
    SCORE: 89
  • Kelly’s Cantina
    1340 Bay St,   Florence OR 97439
    Semi-Annual 10/28/2013
    SCORE: 84
  • Kozy Kitchen
    820 Hwy 101,   Florence OR 97439
    Semi-Annual 11/14/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza
    24 North Ninth,  Cottage Grove OR 97424
    Semi-Annual 4/14/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Marche’
    296 East Fifth Avenue, Fifth Street Public Market Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/13/2013
    SCORE: 82
  • Marche Museum Cafe
    Schnitzer Museum Of Art,  Eugene OR 97403
    Semi-Annual 3/3/2014
    SCORE: 82
  • Mcdonalds Of W 11Th #16288
    3555 West 11Th Avenue,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 3/14/2014
    SCORE: 82
  • Milky Way Tea & Pastry
    854 E 13Th Ave,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 3/4/2014
    SCORE: 84
  • Miso
    686 E 13Th Ave,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/9/2013
    SCORE: 84
  • Mission Restaurant & Cantina
    610 E Broadway,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/20/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Mom’s Pies
    1133 Willamette,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/14/2013
    SCORE: 80
  • Noodle Bowl
    860 Pearl St,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/29/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Our Daily Bread Restaurant & Bakery
    88170 Territorial Road,  Veneta OR 97487
    Semi-Annual 12/12/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Pho The Good Times Asian Bistro
    2729 Shadow View Dr,   Eugene OR 97408
    Semi-Annual 1/13/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Pink House, The
    1408 East Main Street,  Cottage Grove OR 97424
    Semi-Annual 11/20/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Pk Park U-Of-O
    2835 Leo Harris Parkway,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 2/26/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Prime Time Diner
    40-A River Loop 2,   Eugene OR 97404
    Semi-Annual 3/10/2014
    SCORE: 85
  • Rogue Ales Public House
    844 W Olive,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/13/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Sarku Japan
    293 Valley River Unit G-13,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 2/20/2014
    SCORE: 88
  • Shari’s – West 11Th Avenue
    2950 West 11Th Avenue,  Eugene OR 97402
    Semi-Annual 4/4/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Sharky’s Pub
    4221 Main Street,  Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 3/24/2014
    SCORE: 88
  • Sidelines
    77 W Broadway,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/23/2013
    SCORE: 85
  • Spring Garden
    215 Main St,  Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 2/25/2014
    SCORE: 81
  • Steelhead Brewery & Cafe
    199 East Fifth Avenue, Suite 1 Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 11/26/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Studio One Cafe
    1473 E 19T,  Eugene OR 97403
    Semi-Annual 12/16/2013
    SCORE: 81
  • Subway
    1657 Mohawk,  Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 6/21/2013
    SCORE: 84
  • Subway
    551 W Centennial Blvd,  Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 1/9/2014
    SCORE: 87
  • Sushi Seoul
    2532 Willakenzie Rd,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/10/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Sushi Ya
    5 East 8Th St,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/17/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Sweet Illusions
    1836 So A St,   Springfield OR 97477
    Semi-Annual 10/21/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Sy’s Pizza
    1211 Alder Street,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 1/8/2014
    SCORE: 81
  • Sy’s Pizza
    55 Silver Lane,   Eugene OR 97404
    Semi-Annual 12/12/2013
    SCORE: 86
  • Tararin Thai Cuisine
    1200 Oak Street,  Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/11/2013
    SCORE: 89
  • Tenghua
    121 Commons Dr,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 12/11/2013
    SCORE: 87
  • Todd’s Place
    355 E Broadway,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 2/19/2014
    SCORE: 86
  • Torero’s Mexican Fam Rest
    1205 Pacific Highway 99 N,  Cottage Grove OR 97424
    Semi-Annual 10/23/2013
    SCORE: 85
  • Wild Duck Cafe
    1600 Coburg Rd #4,   Eugene OR 97401
    Semi-Annual 1/30/2014
    SCORE: 85

90 – 100 points:  There are 904 restaurants in Lane County that inspected out in the “A” class.  50% of them hitting a perfect score including some favorites: Albee’s, Restobar, 7’s Deli, A Secret Garden, Aiyara’, Axe & Fiddle, Belly, Bier Stein, The Bijou Metro, The Black Forest, Bugsy’s, Cafe 440, Carpe Diem, Glendi, Du Hall, Shiela, Sienna, all the Cafe Yumms, Chachi’s, Chaos Kaolaches, Chief’s Wild Wings, Cornbread Cafe, Chu’s Chinese, Craig’s Family Bbq, Cush, The David Minor, Davis, Dixie’s, Duck Brothers, Dunes Cafe, El Charro, El Pato, The Stockman’s Cafe, Fiddler’s Green, Falling Sky, Fins, The Firs, Food for Lane County, Palace Bakery, Goodfellas Lounge!, The Glenwood, Grit, Harley’s and Horses, Heidi Tunnell Catering (Creswell Bakery), Hole in the Wall, Hop Valley, Holy Cow, Ike’s Lakeside, Izakaya Meiji, The Jail, Jameson’s, King Estate, Koho Bistro, Kona, Kopi-O,Las Morenas, Laughing Planet, Level Up, Lion Mountain Bakery, Los Faroles, Mazzi’s, Mezzaluna, Mon Ami, Morning Glory, The Noti Pub, Off The Waffle, Perk, The Pita Pit, Poppi’s, PRI, Rennie’s Landing,Ryi, Sabai, Sam Bond’s, Shooters, Sixteen Tons, Snack Shack, Spice, Sprout!, Stray Kat Cafe, Sunrise Cafe, Sushi Pure, Sweet Basil, Sweet Life, Taste, The Tiny Tavern, Ume Teriyaki Grill, Urban Kitchen, Vida Cafe, Voodoo Donut, The Washburne Cafe, Wetlands Pub, Whirled Pies and Ye Olde Pancake House.

There are a lot of additional 100 pointers.  You can check these scores for yourself here: Lane County Restaurant Inspection Scores