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Hey all, BJ here.

Another week zipped right past and its time for your fave column, BJ’s 3 W’s.

A couple weeks ago I got a chance to see a very young and very awesome band perform and by young I mean the oldest band member is 17 and the youngest of them 13. I wrote a little about them in the column a few weeks back and now was given the opportunity to do a little talking to the singer of the band for the youngest band signed to Roadrunner Records.

When they came out on stage I thought the same thing probably any one would have seeing them for the first time… they are just babies. Those babies Rocked!!

Francheska Pastor 17 (18 on Aug. 1st) vocals/guitar (the oldest member) along with the 16 year old bass player Louey Peraza, 14 year old guitar player Mason Gainer and 13 year old drummer Aiden Marceron, the band Bad Seed Rising.

Hey, this is Francheska!


Francheska…Bad SeedRising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How long have you been singing?

Francheska Pastor: I have been singing pretty much all my life just for fun and just started taking vocal lessons only about 3 months ago.

EDN: Have you known the boys for long?

Francheska Pastor: I’ve known Mason and Aiden for about 2-3 years and met Louey on the first day of band practice.

Bad Seed Rising | photoby Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Where are you from?

Francheska Pastor: I’m from Frederick, MD. the boys live closer to Baltimore, Aiden is about to move like really close to me.

Bad seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How does your education fit in?

Francheska Pastor: I left school after my sophomore year and graduated a few months ago so I could focus on the band. The boys all do their schooling through online classes.

Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Francheska how does it feels to be on stage in front of all those people(the fans) and to be on tour with Adelitas Way and Red?

Francheska Pastor: It feels abosolutely surreal to be on stage with my boys playing for the people! It feels even greater to get a reaction out of a brand new crowd we have never played in front of before! It was great to tour with Adelitas Way and Red they are all great guys and crew members were great too. It was really awesome chillin’ with everyone before and after the sets.

As a matter of fact in a week we head back out to tour once again with Adelitas way.

Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: Tell us something about your songs.

Francheska Pastor: We all write them together and they are mostly relationship/emotion based themes, not just lover relationship but platonic or people we have met before. Over time and maybe on the next album, I’m hoping for the themes to become more about personal struggles, I want people to be able to relate to my lyrics and realize there is someone out there that knows what they are going through. I would also love to write about more worldly things such as humanity and life itself.

END: Talking about relationships… do you have a significant other?

Francheska Pastor: I myself do not have a significant other at this time, when Im in a relationship I find myself to be too emotionally invested and become distracted with stress and the relationship itself that I can’t even focus on the band. I’d rather live in the moment with my friends and family, make memories, focus on my career, rather than spend time on my phone making meaningless conversations with someone I’m only infatuated with.

Louey of Bad Seed Rising pounding the bass at Wow Hall | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

EDN: How do all of your parents fit in and feel about the band and your touring?

Francheska Pastor: The are all extremely supportive, there isn’t a day I take it for granted. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. We actually have 2 dads on tour with us, Mason’s and Aiden’s dads. They tour manage and get us from city to city and all that.

END: What bands have you been inspired by?

Francheska Pastor: On a personal level Dance Gavin Dance, Being as an Ocean, Issues and our local mates Marmozets. So rad to see other women tearing it up out there! Suprisingly I also take and interest in the Rap and R&B genre like Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator and J. Cole.

Mason on Guitar with Bad Seed Rising at Wow Hall | photo by Billie-Jo miller

EDN: As a band what has been your biggest challenge?

Francheska Pastor: The “biggest” challenge we face and on a regular basis, I use the word biggest loosely is having people take us seriously with our young ages.

I hope we get back to Eugene real soon. We had a great time!

EDN: Eugene looks forward to seeing Bad Seed Rising again!

Thank you Francheska! You Rock!

Now it’s time to see what’s happening this weekend… here come the 3 W’s, Where, When, What’s Happening!

Rock out with Dragstrip Superstar at Bugsy’s on Sat. the 11th. (Guest drummer John Troute)

Embers Supper Club: Fri. and Sat. Coupe de Ville.

Hi-Fi Music Hall: Fri. Foreverland, tribute to Michael Jackson.

Old Nicks pub: Fri. Full Lush, Skemata and X Boyfriends.

Sat. The Haymarket Squares, Small Leaks Sink Ships and The Crossroads Exchange.

The River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar: Sat. Helmet Pony.

The Mohawk: Fri. Jet Harris and The Hotrod Hellcats and Sat. Rad Rangers.

Three Rivers Casino: Rock-n-roll with Frown Squad.

Wow Hall: Shellac, Shannon Wright; 8:30pm $13 & $15.

Happy Hours: Fri. Party with Johnny Wilde Band, featuring Scott Johansen beating on drums.

In Cottage Grove at the Village Green: on Fri. Tonewood Trio, Jazz. Sat. Gumbo Groove; – Fungrass.

The Axe and Fiddle: Fri. Farmhouse Odyssey, Maw Band. Psychedelic, pro-rock. Sat. Krystine Kills, Ismay -9pm ; alt-rock, $5

The Black Forest: Fri. King Ghidora-10pm and Sat. Bent Knee and Era Coda-9pm.

Mac’s: The Tommy Hagan band. Blues/funk. $7 starts at 8pm

Have a great and rocking weekend, ta ta for now!

As always please don’t drink and drive.




BJ’s : Where, When, What’s Happening!


Hello, BJ here with this weekend’s When, Where, What’s Happening.

Lets start right off with saying hello to this weekend’s local musician : Mark Nash.

Hello Mark.


Mark Nash
Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

How old were you when you starting playing music and what was it you first played?

I was 12 years old when i first started playing the tuba and my first teacher was band teachers for horns. Other then that I was self taught. I’ve been involved in music in one form or another since then, so… 36 years now.

What band are you in and what do you play in it?

I play Bass and sing with local party band Code Red.

What made you choose the bass?

I’m lazy and only want one note at a time so the bass fits my personality.

What other Instruments do/can you play?

I was a professional tuba player in the marines. Besides bass and tuba, I can also play piano, French horn, bass trombone, euphonium, bass drum and bass cowbell.

What other bands have you been a part of?

Code Red is my second band. Before that, it was a band (mostly) garage band called Saint Krampus. We had one gig… and broke up.

Mark Nash 1
Mark Nash playing with Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Who were your biggest influences?

All over the place. Rock, blues, classical, jazz, swing, symphonic, etc. Since I’m currently in a rock band. I’ll talk about those. There are so many great artists out there… Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Dream Theater, Rage Against The Machine, Rush, Kiss, Motley Crue, Stevie Ray Vaughan… way to many to list, but definately more in the hard rock/metal arena.

What do you think about the local musicians?

Of the musicians I am aware of, I know that there is a ton of talent out there and I feel very fortunate to be mixed into the thick of it. There are so many local musicians that we don’t ever hear or see, for one reason or another. I’d love to be able to spend the time to check them all out. Doing so helps me become better doing what I do.

Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you could sit in with any other local band who would it be?

Definately Satin Love Orchestra playing bass or trombone.

What do you love most about what you do?

Easy! All the people. Fans, dancers, other musicans.

Mark Nash at The Mohawk | photo by Billir-Jo Miller

Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself or your music?

I’m a nerd through and through. I get involved in the technical aspect of sound and light way more then my own instrument. I love hearing what other bands are doing… love going to catch other band’s shows and support the music scene beyond my own band when I can.

The music scene is thriving in the region and I’m so happy and feel very fortunate to be a part of it!

Thank you Mark Nash!

Unfortunately due to a scheduling mishap Mark Nash and Code Red won’t be playing this weekend but will be back in our 3 W schedule next weekend.

Code Red
Code Red band | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Now onto this weekend’s When, Where, What’s happening.

Bugsy’s 559 Ivy St. Junction City : Sat. Country Rock with Most Wanted.

The Cooler : Sat. Classic Rock by Heavy Chevy.

Cozmic: Sat. Soul with Monophonics.

Mac’s Restaurant & Night Club: Both Fri. & Sat. its Blues with Hank Shreve Band.

The Riverstop Restaurant and Sports Bar 39297 McKenzie HWY :  Country music with Haywire.

Piksix | photo by Bille-Jo Miller

The Mohawk 1501 Mohawk Blvd : Friday come on out for some Rockin Rollin with Piksix and help them in celebrating their drummers birthday(happy birthday Brandon Pinnell!) Meet the Fireball girls,get your $4 Fireball shots and swag! Piksix will be donating their tips to Relay for Life. If you didn’t get enough of Piksix on Friday night then you just got lucky because they will be back on Saturday!

Fireball Girls
Fireball Girls | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

The Mill Casino’s Warehouse 101: Frown Squad.

Saturday night at the Mcdonald Theatre its Grateful Dead tribute Dark Star Orchestra. Ticket price $30 at door, $25 advanced.


Spring Flower | photo by Billie-JO Miller

April fools day just passed and I was reminded about the time that my oldest daughter then about 13, now a mother of 7 herself decided to try the old sugar in the salt shaker April fools trick on me.  It worked of course better then she would have thought. The salt shaker was untouched until about a week later when I used it on a cup~o~noodle, by then she had totally forgotten about April fools day and when I took that first sugary bite and looked at her and said wow my noodles taste so sweet, she all of a sudden remembered why and started to laugh, then realized she had just shook the same salt shaker onto her own noodles ha ha ha April Fools!

Have a wonderful weekend and as always please don’t drink and drive.

Happy Easter!

See ya next time, BJ












BJ’s Where, When and Whats Happening ?


BJ here!

Hello to you… hello to this weekend’s 3 W’s and hello to this week’s Awesome local musician.

Actually…this week’s Q & A is from Derek Zane.

Here we go…

Hello, what’s your name?

Derek. Whats yours?

Derek Zane | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

What bands have you been in?

Let’s see…P.E.L.T. (perverted egotistical love titans), Ozone Baby, Gods Of Thunder (KISS tribute band), Mr. Wizard, Dammit Jim, Haywire, Cheap Truck, Stiff Richard, Joe Cool & Dragstrip Superstar. I was in some LA bands but nobody cares about those. Almost forgot : my first band up here was the McKenzie High School Pep/Jazz band.

Derek Z
Derek Zane Playing Guitar. | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Who are your influences?

As a kid, it was all about The Beatles but also with a heavy dose of the radio. My parents were into Harry Belafonte, The Carpenters, Perry Como, Broadway & Hollywood musicals, Neil Diamond, Andy Williams…I mention that because we moved A LOT and the radio or 8-track tape player was a constant traveling companion. For better or worse, I can sing along with every song in The Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz. My grandfather was an actor and also played brass in some big bands in the Glenn Miller era. I don’t know if musicality is hereditary but it probably came from my Grandad.

Derek and Duke
Derek and Duke at a Cheap Truck gig | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

My uncle had a drumset and I was fascinated by them and vowed to learn to play the drums. I would set up some pillows, grab a pair of my mom’s knitting needles and taught myself how to play to my ELO and K-Tel Hits records. Ended up being a drummer for my high school but because my parents couldn’t afford to buy me drums, they got me an ultra lame electric guitar from Sears and I taught myself to play by getting a Mel Bay chord book and playing along to the sheet music my mom had (she plays piano).  I’m here to tell your readers around the world that I knew NOTHING about guitars, but now? I play in bands all thru-out Lane County AND Salem! Dreams come true, kids!

As a teen learning to play guitar, I was way into Kiss, Cheap Trick, Heart, Queen, Wings, Journey, Van Halen, Pat Benatar, Styx, Randy Rhoads… I can tell you exactly where I was the first time I heard Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio. It was life changing as was Van Halen’s Eruption.

Derek Zane guitar
Derek Zane on guitar. | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Nowadays, I like any genre as long as the song is good. Melody, harmony… not a fan of rap or screaming Cookie Monster vocals but I can appreciate the rest.


If you could sit in with any of the other local bands for a few songs, which band would it be?

Satin Love Orchestra. I already have the clothes
What do you think of the local musicians?

I’ve played with a fair amount of them since I moved up here in 1990…as far as the “rock scene” goes. When I worked with Duke Sound doing a lot of the blues/multi-act shows, I really saw that this area is thick with talent. I’ve played with the best and some of the less then best but at the heart of it…It all comes down to what kind of person you are and how you treat others, not just the playing part of it. I do respect all of them for their effort and love of what they’re doing. Most of them are very nice people and I count quite a few of them as friends.

What instruments do/can you play?

Guitar,bass, keyboards, drums, kazoo (only rhythm)

How old were you when you started playing?

Got my first real 6 string….at 15. Drums were about a year before that.

How long have you been playing?

Hey, nobody told me there was gonna be math! As a part of my deal with the Devil, I can’t really discuss “years” or what life was like before electricity.


Derek Zane | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Are you self taught or did you take lessons and if lessons where, who taught you?

Mel Bay Giant Book of Chords was a life saver when I tried out for jazz band. There were no music videos when I was a kid (and where I lived, I couldn’t have watched them anyways) so…my teachers were Kiss & Beatle records being played over and over  and over. I feel bad for my little brother that had to listen to me figure out Rush songs in the next room. Altho, he can probably hum the solo to Limelight note for note.

What made you pick the instrument you play as your choice?

I wanted to be Ringo but was kinda pushed into being George/John. I didn’t mind, tho, cuz I grew up appreciating vocalists and it was easier to sit around a campfire with a guitar than a drumset. Altho, chicks do dig bongos.

What do you love most about what you do?

Besides the mountains of cash and dating hot models with lowered expectations? Hmmm. Being in a band and playing music every weekend can be a grind if you aren’t having fun with the people on stage with you. Once it becomes a repetitious job, you need to stop. If you aren’t having fun, everyone in the room can tell. I’ve been in those situations and something inside kept me from completely losing the will to live and quit—I liked the people in the band. They were/are my friends. So, you stop stressing about playing for only 2 people or the fact that everyone else is only dancing to the songs you don’t like … and just enjoy the fact you are making music and getting a little bit of money for doing so and… doing it with people you care about. I will never be one of those guys that stopped playing and sold their gear for whatever reason. If I wasn’t in a band, I would still play every day. It’s a gift from … whatever higher power you believe in.

Thank you Derek Zane of Dragstrip Superstar for your AWESOME  local musician interview!

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you want to check out Derek Zane along with fellow band members Scott Johansen and  Jeff Blaser their band Dragstrip Superstar will be at Happy Hours 645 River Rd. in Eugene tonight (Fri.) starting at 8:30pm.

Breana Cahoon
Code Red’s Breana Cahoon. | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Mark Nash
Code Red’s Mark Nash. | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Now for this weekend’s Where, When and What’s Happening!

Piksix | photo by Billie-jo Miller

Happy Hours 645 River Rd. Friday : Rock and roll with Dragstrip Superstar!

Saturday : Classic rock with Splat!

Mac’s Restaurant and night club 1626 Willamette st. in Eugene….Starting at 8pm with a $5 cover on Friday(tonight) night its the one and only awesome Rock and Roll Party band Code Red! … Saturday night(tomorrow night) it’s blues with Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes starting at 8pm with a $6 cover.

At the Mohawk, 1501 Mohawk blvd in Springfield : Friday : Modern rock band AMPT starting at 9pm!

Saturday :  it’s the premiere of Into the STORM. The Rock and Roll 80’s style party starts at 9pm!

The Gridiron Grill and Taphouse 2816 Main st. Springfield : Friday it’s a Piksix party with classic rock and dancing starting at 9pm!

Riverstop Restaurant & Sports Bar 39297 Mckenzie Highway :  Saturday the 28th  it’s Classic Rock with Still Thinking starting at 8pm!

Bugsy’s 559 Ivt St. Junction City : Friday its Rock and Roll with Frown Squad (formally known as Mr. Frown) starting at 9pm!  Saturday once again it’s that awesome party band Code Red starting  at 9pm!

Joe Weber
Joe Weber | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

This weekend at the Mill casino’s Warehouse 101 both Friday and Saturday it’s Phamous Phaces with high energy classic rock and power pop from 9pm-1am!

Well, my friends… that’s it for this week’s 3 W’s (Where, What, When)

Have a great weekend and, as always, please don’t drink and drive.