Saturday Night On the Town


Saturday night and where’s the party? It’s a rainy, dark night and so is my mood.  I want music to take my mind off the mental clutter of the work week.  Rough and loud will do the job nicely. There are some hidden gems to be found around town, so let’s get started.

Goodfellas is offering up a ladies night party featuring FUNGI.  If I hadn’t been clubbing in Springfield last night, I wouldn’t have known about this show at all.  Goodfellas has a great stage, sound system and roomy dance floor.  Along with excellent, friendly service, this joint is somewhat of a surprise and an excellent place to hear local talent.  I was under the mistaken opinion that FUNGI is more a cover band, but they have original hard rock material that erases memory.  I’m looking forward to a live performance that can clear out all the cobwebs is my brain and let me start fresh next week.  “Lack There Of” with the line “What do you want from me?” seems especially apropos for me.  (Read more about FUNGI in NOTT June 25) Most of my friends would guffaw loudly at the idea of me and the word lady in the same sentence, but I still qualify for Ladies Night; the show starts at 9:00.

Not everyone will be in as dark a place as I am, so for those seeking a little tamer scene, Mike Denny Trio is a great choice.  Some folks might remember Mike Denny performing with his All Stars group (more a blues band) at past Eugene Celebrations. Denny is a jazz guitarist,  performing and teaching all over the northwest, including guitar instruction at LCC and the U of O.  Tonight, he’s at Ax Billy Grill with his trio billed as a rock show. He has a solo CD “Looking In” and a quartet recording “Now-Here-This” under the Origin label, so I predict some original material along with quality cover material.  Show starts at 8:00 but it’s a small place with no cover charge-might want to get there early for a good seat.

In counterpoint to Mike Denny and reverting back to my need to blow it all out and start fresh, consider Wetsock.  They have a little tune, “War on the Streets”, with the line “I feel so f****ing low” blasting through on a ripping guitar riff contrasted with a muted horn.  Rough and loud, a little complex, just the way I need it.  This punk band snarls out in your face lyrics, oh yeah, and  their energetic rhythms totally rip out all suicidal thoughts while I contemplate the value of using anger to get what I want.  “Bruce Campbell” is a story in song form, thus the ska genre peeks through.  I love the horn supporting the lyrics in this one.

Wetsock comes on at 9:00 at Sam Bond’s; $5 cover. 

No excuses, just results.  That’s what Night on the Town is about this rainy November weekend.  Let’s get going.

Original Music

Mike Denny Trio:  RockAx Billy Grill – 8:00

The Tip, Jam Stain: RockDowntown Lounge – 9:00

Triggered:  NuMetalO’Donnells – 9:00

Mudpuppy: RockCornucopia – 10:00

The Underlings, Boomchik!, Long Tall & Ugly:  Punk, rockBlack Forest – 10:00

Deadsetlife, audiophobia: MetalQuackers – 11:00

$3 Joneser: Grunge rockMaize Lounge – 10:00

$5 Wetsock: Ska, rockSam Bond’s – 9:00

Cover & Tribute Bands

Joybox: RockYukon Jack’s – 9:00

$9 Riffle: Rock Eugene Eagles – 8:00 (non-members ok)

Blues, Jazz & Country

Molly Nord: Piano improvHidden Valley – 6:00
Eric Richardson’s Invisible Arts Ensemble: Jazz Papa’s Soul Food – 7:00
$5 Bob Wehrman Group: Jazz vocal quartet – Jazz Station – 8:00
$5 Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit: Americana, comedyAxe & Fiddle – 9:00
$5 Jonathon Harris: CountryWhiskey River Ranch – 9:00
$6 Vicki Stevens Band: Blues Mac’s – 9:00

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

Grrrlz Rock – Eager Beavers, Troupe Carnivalesque, Buffer, Fiddlin’ Big Sue Band – Americana Oak Street Speakeasy – 9:00
Ladies Night – Conway’s – 9:00
“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests:  Top 40, electro – Cowfish – 9:30
DJ Will: Dance mixDoc’s Pad – 8:00 
DJ Foodstamp: All 45’sGranary – 10:00
DJ Crown: Hip hop, danceTaylor’s – 10:00
Thurlow, DJ zaptra, Bustin’ Jieber: Dance Wandering Goat – 9:00 (Donation)
$1-5 Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit: Acoustic, spoken wordSam Bond’s – 6:00
$5 G.L.A.M.: DJs, performances: John Henry’s – 9:30
$5 Sassparilla, Stereotyped:  Reggae Cozmic Pizza – 9:00
$5 Sol Seed, Alder St. All Stars: Reggae, bluegrassLuckey’s – 10:00
$10 Dru Down with Hero Fame & DJ Joogs: Rap, R&BThe Rok -9:00

— LA Thompson, EDN

Night on the Town


Saturday – Night on the Town

This sunshine is so nice and warm, it’s too much fun laying out on the lake here in Cottage Grove piecing together tonight’s plan.  Today, I’m the girl with the plan, who now, sports a tan!

If last night was kickass bluegrass night, tonight is hard rock night in Ducktown.

But before diving into  metal, we first have to finish up with last night’s bluegrass wave by chillaxtion with Portland’s Tony Furtado at the Ax & Fiddle here in Cottage Grove.  In celebration of Furtado’s 15th Album “Golden” (which Furtado drew the cover art) tonight he plays with Scott Law as the Banjo Killers.  Having won two National Banjo Competitions in 1987 and 1991, Furtado has spent decades fusing bluegrass, country, rock, blues, jazz and folk music into riveting and engaging songs that grip any listener. In the song “Angles We Know” his relaxed vocals and melodic tempos speaks to those who have left this world.  Furtado’s musical acumen has been recognized by such first class musicians as Allison Krauss, Kelly Joe Phelps as well as Jerry Douglas all of whom he has recorded with in recent years.  I can’t wait to hear the contagious instrumental “Portlandia” inspired by the Raymond Kaskey sculpture adorning the entrance to the Portland Building in downtown Portland.  Show starts at 8:30pm cover is $10.  You won’t be disappointed.

Dano & Aaron

Heading back to Eugene finds us at the WOW Hall where the hard rock sounds of the The Procrastinators, Explode-A-Tron, The Low Men and Athiarchists will strum life into all who attend beginning at 8pm.  For the $5 cover you’ll want to make sure you bring your earplugs… you’re gonna need them!  In case you have been living in a cave for the past few years, Athiarchists is the two piece pandemonium stylings of drummer Dano and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Tunnell. Giving birth to their own breed of violent fusion of metal and punk, fans typically are infused with the infectious energy this duo emits that power outages may reign over Eugene tonight. Make sure you bring a flashlight, just in case.


By now I’ll be a bit nervous to take out the earplugs as I don’t want to know if the ears are bleeding, but our journey will take us out River Road way to the old McKay’s Market building now knows as Happy Hours to hear the metal magic known as FUNGI (Fun Guy).  If you’ve been around this town for any length of time, you know all these guys as they have been the fabric for rock music in this town for decades.  On lead guitar is master musician Stefan McConnell.  His guitar virtuoso brother, Roger McConnell often sits in with the band feeding off one another in such a guitar frenzy it makes you wonder why these boys aren’t yet playing in arenas.  Fronted by Shane Thornton on vocals (IB6 UB9) Dave Dickson on bass, and Scott Johansen on drums Fungi plays such killer songs as “Follow Me,” “I am Blind,” and my favorite “She’s So Tight.”  This band creates songs by crocheting pounding melodies with finely crafted lyrics that any hard rock fan can wrap themselves up in and rock.

With all this killer rock and roll going on tonight, I’m looking forward to soaking up some more sun while having a few more cold blended beverages before showering off this coconut smelling suntan oil and putting on some girl clothes for the evening.  My purse is complete with earplugs, flashlight and purfume.