Horse Racing: The Sport Of Kings


‘The Sport of Kings’ as it has become known over the years is steeped in tradition and history. Originating in the BC era, horse racing has remained a staple entertainment of mankind throughout the years. Despite this constant existence and popularity it has consistently been changing and the last 100 years has seen a particular acceleration of changing with the advancement in technology. From equipment to accessibility and betting to veterinary procedures this sport has developed over the years. Below we are going to look at just how horse racing has changed with the times.

Amongst the oldest games in the world, horse racing originated in 4000BC Mongolia. It spread in popularity through the ancient civilizations from Egypt to Rome. It would spread throughout Europe and eventually result in the 1750 creation of the Jockey Club. Whilst the first documented competition of horse racing can be attributed to the old Greek Olympic Games in 648BC, the racing would evolve over the centuries and result in the sport it is today.

Lets have a look at some of the things that have changed.

Betting and Money:

The change in personnel becoming involved in the sport was linked to the opening up of wagers through bookies instead of privately. This changed not only sports betting around the world but specifically horse betting and horse racing more generally. It meant working class people could become involved in betting on the races which opened the sport up beyond the rich and elite. Nowadays this betting on the races has become normal with huge swathes of options available online and in person, along with help to make the best bets, like tips and racecards at Timeform. With this change in betting has come huge amounts of investments into the sport internationally. The affluence of years gone by has exchanged wealth for the prize pots and huge amounts of bookmakers money which circulates in the sport in the 21st century.


Over the years the equipment has moved with the times and generally modernized. Horse racing has become incredibly fast, with racing now taking place on aluminum plates which are lighter and more aerodynamic than the original steel plated which used to be used. Proper training now takes place also for both the horse and the jockey alike which means less chance of danger or injuries. Racing has been more on the mind rather than functionality in recent equipment developments which has made the whole experience for horse and rider much more comfortable. Parallel with this technological advancement in equipment is the development of veterinary practices and knowledge about the horses which has helped to develop better results both on and off the track.


Given the name the ‘Sport of Kings’, horse racing used to be for the wealthy only. It was previously reserved for the elite and super rich who would be the only ones able to keep and rear a horse to race in the first place. It wouldn’t be till the 1920s where the sport would take a turn towards a more working class direction. This would see normal people start to flood the concourses on the roots, people from all over the world become involved in the sport and women also become involved in horse racing.

Gambling On Bitcoin



Embracing change is one of the most difficult things to do and there is nothing that best exemplifies this
than Bitcoin. When Bitcoin emerged around 2009, only a few people managed to embrace it and the
rest dismissed it as a fad. As years passed, the situation remained the same as most people were
skeptical about the digital currency including most of the world’s governments. It was only after Bitcoin
managed to gain traction after an exponential rise in value which led many economists to label it a
bubble about to burst that many individuals, as well as governments, managed to warm up to.

The majority of people who embraced Bitcoin are online gambling players who find the cryptocurrency
appealing owing to a number of factors which make their gaming experience worthwhile. Below, we
highlight the factors that make Bitcoin a huge favourite for online gambling players.


Most, if not all gamblers, prefer to keep their identities hidden. There are different reasons for this,
some of which include hiding their personal and banking information from fraudsters. Using
conventional currencies, gamblers are bound, at one point or the other when using UK slot sites, to
reveal their banking information (due to regulation by the UK gambling commission). However, when
using Bitcoin, gamblers need not reveal any sensitive data and it is for this reason that many gamblers
prefer using Bitcoin.

Playing Games in Restricted Territories

Closely related to anonymity, is the fact that players also prefer using Bitcoin because it allows them to
deposit and also withdraw at online casinos from locations that maybe restricted. This is made possible
as Bitcoin is unregulated, hence its transactions cannot be tracked. This is also great for people who do
not like opening bank accounts as they can simply use a cryptocurrency account and conduct their
transactions via a crypto-based platform.

Instant Transactions
One of the major disadvantages of using conventional currencies at an online casino is that withdrawals
may take a long time before being processed. This is a huge turn off to gamblers who like withdrawing
their winnings as soon as they reflect in their casino accounts. However, with Bitcoin, the challenge of
waiting for long periods as withdrawals are processed is none existent as all Bitcoin withdrawals are
instant. It is for this reason that many gamblers prefer using Bitcoin.

Low Associated Fees
Minimizing losses and maximizing profits is the ultimate aim for all gamblers. One way of doing so is
through opting for payment methods that charge low banking fees. When it comes to low fees, there is
no other better payment method than Bitcoin as this cryptocurrency does not charge any costs for its

No Taxation

Several governments view online gambling as a cheap way of making money as such they levy
exorbitant taxes and some conservative governments do this as a deterrent measure. All this works
against the gambler and as such, many players opt for Bitcoin as transactions are not taxed. However,
you should note that Bitcoin transactions are untaxed only in countries where the coin is not regulated.

The Quest For El Dorado


New Game: Join Jungle Jim on his Quest for El Dorado

Summer is gone – and the weather has rushed to show us just how much. No more sleeping under the stars for us. This doesn’t mean, though, that the time of adventures is over, only that we’ll have to go on them using other means, like the internet. And what better start for the online adventure season than joining Jungle Jim on a quest to find El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, in a new game released at

Meet Jim


After a disappointing lineup of games for the beginning of the year, the Vegas Palms has finally released its latest, highly anticipated title: Jungle Jim: El Dorado. The game is beautifully crafted, and filled with special features, bonuses, and multipliers – just what the doctor ordered for the thousands of Vegas Palms players all over the world.


Players have the chance to meet Jim, the Vegas Palms’ own take on Indiana Jones, complete with the iconic hat and whip. While we can’t be sure that he is an archaeologist, we surely know that Jungle Jim is an adventurer specializing in recovering artifacts hidden in dangerous places – this time in the jungles of South America.

The Game


The game has five reels, three rows, and 25 win lines. The reels are filled with a variety of gems and other valuable items, like chests of gold, Indian artifacts, against the backdrop of a continuously dripping equatorial forest. The symbols are falling into their place from above, and when they land on a win line in a winning combination, they disappear, allowing others to fall into their place. What makes the game even more attractive is that with each win, the multiplier applied to the next one grows, up to 5x. A long enough sequence of wins can be quite profitable.

The game has a Wild symbol – the Jungle Jim logo – that stands in for any other symbol on the reels, and a scatter – a Mayan calendar – that triggers the game’s free spins. During this feature, Jim explores an ancient ruin for hidden treasures, with the multipliers applied to cascading wins doubled.


Jungle Jim: El Dorado is the best looking game released this year at the Vegas Palms Casino – so far. For October, the casino has something special in store for its players, in the spirit of the closing Halloween: Lost Vegas. The game will have a fashionable zombie apocalypse theme, seeing the living dead take over the most popular tourist destination of the US. You guessed it, it’s the City of Sin, featuring gamblers armed to their teeth, trying to get out of the infested city.

It’s Finally The Weekend…Now What?


Tired to Hit the Pub? Take your Nightlife Online

After a long and exhausting week spent working your behind off, you can hardly wait for the weekend to finally begin. But there are times when you are too tired to get up from the couch. Your mind may be ready for action, but your body says a big no to anything that involves moving anything but your fingers. You don’t have to spend these evenings couch-surfing, tough. You can do something much more exciting, and much more lucrative as well.

Nightlife in your pocket


Vegas-style online entertainment is always just one click away. You can click here for the most entertaining slot machines you’ve ever played, in a variety that puts even the largest Vegas resorts to shame. The Euro Palace is a gaming destination with a considerable history, and a massive collection of online games. If you choose to download its free casino suite, you’ll gain instant access to over 700 great games you can play on your desktop or laptop computer. But you can go with the Euro Palace Mobile, which has more than 100 games for you – and you can carry them around in your pocket, if you like. Or play them on the couch, after a tiresome week.

Quality entertainment

While playing at the Euro Palace can’t match the glitter of taking a walk on the Strip, it has many advantages. For one, it’s the lack of the glitter designed to distract you, and keep you playing. Without the noise and the lights, all you have to focus on is the fun of the games. And what games! Among them, you’ll find slot machines and card games, scratch cards and bingo, and whatever else you might think of. And you can play the all completely free online.

The lucrative part

Players from Europe, Canada, and Australia are often returning to the Euro Palace not only for its massive collection of games, but also for its amazing promotions. New players are greeted with a generous welcome bonus, worth up to $500 depending on the amount they add to their account. Besides, this summer the Euro Palace makes the deal even sweeter with 100 free spins on some of its most popular slot machines. If all this wouldn’t be enough, it also offers its players an ongoing special, where they can win not only a share of a $550,000 prize pool, but also a getaway to a paradisiacal location.

Even without the amazing bonuses, available to players outside the US only, the Euro Palace is one of the most entertaining way you can spend a lazy Friday evening on the couch. All the fun you can get, without any effort. Sounds good, right?

Yes, You Can Play For Free

How to Play Quality Casino Games Online for Free


Have you ever tried MyVegas? Or DoubleDown, or Zynga Casino, Big Fish or any other similar games? I have, and I have to say that they annoy the hell out of me. The games themselves are OK (although I could use much more variety), but that constant pestering about how I should share my progress, install another game (of their own, of course) or buy gazillions of coins in their special offer is driving me nuts. These games would be great if they didn’t come packed with all those reminders and incentives. Fortunately I found a solution to avoid that – and in a place you wouldn’t believe.

I’m constantly searching for my next favorite online slot machine. Slots are among the most popular casual games online, and I have to admit I love’em. Not enough to pay to play them, though – so I was always searching among the games I could play for free. Until I stumbled upon the Canadian Royal Vegas casino, a real money gaming outlet – and never left.

Real money gaming, you might ask? Weren’t you supposed to play free? Well, you are right – and I did.

The Royal Vegas casino is a real money online gaming operator offering its players a huge library of games. But it also has a play mode for those not ready to commit real money to gaming. It’s called Practice Mode, and it is designed for those who want to test drive Royal Vegas before digging in for real. Or who want to have some fun online, with no ads and in-app purchases – like myself. For the best online slots offerd by Royal Vegas, follow this link:

Getting started at the Royal Vegas is easy. All you need to do is register an account (using a valid email address). When you are ready, log on to the Royal Vegas and select “Practice mode” when asked. No matter which variant of the casino you choose – downloadable, browser-based or mobile – you will be able to access its complete game library without it costing you a dime.

Is it better than social casino suites? Well, it definitely is.

First of all, the variety of games is clearly superior. If an average social casino has just a dozen games to play with, and many of them you have to “unlock”, real money gaming destinations offer you access to hundreds of titles at once. Even on mobile, where their offer is somewhat limited, the number of games exceeds one hundred. The casino lobby has some banners telling you about the latest promotions, and the software reminds you from time to time that all your winnings are virtual (in a non-intrusive way), but otherwise your gaming will be uninterrupted – and a lot of fun.