Happy Hours

Let’s Rock the Weekend


Hey there it’s BJ.

Here’s “Where, When, Whats Happening(3 W’s) this 4th of July weekend!”

photo by Billie-Jo Miller
photo by Billie-Jo Miller

July 4th

Light of Liberty Celebration at Springfield’s Island Park, gates open at 4, kid zone, food, drink, music and fireworks… performances by Jimmy Bobby Band/4:30, Charley Snelling & Voodoo Chili /6pm and  headlining for the night is Chubby Checker at 8pm. Fireworks at 10pm.  Tickets $5at SUB’s Main office and Jerry’sHome Improvement Center(Eugene andSpringfield locations) $7 at the gate, kid’s 5 and under free and immediate familyof active Springfield military are free(spouse and children up to 4 free tickets). ID required.

July 4th

July 4th 2014 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Dexter Lake Annual 4th of July celebration at Dexter Lake State park.

$10 donation per car/$2 walk in.

A day of music…Band list and time.

2-2:45pm Pleasant Hill Jazz.

3-3:45pm Koriolis Effect.

4-4:45pm Axis Salvation.

Axis Salvation
Axis Salvation Dexter Park 2014 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

5-5:45pm Living The Dream.

6-6:30pm Peter Almeida (Missing Mass).

6:45-7:30pm Unaltered.

7:45-8:45pm Steel Wool.

photo by Billie-Jo Miller

9pm Fireworks and The Procrastinators.

The Procrastinators July 4th 2014, Dexter Lake | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Three Rivers Casino both Friday and Saturday: Code Red.

Mark Nash/Code Red at Dexter lake 4th of July 2014 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Happy Hours:Fri. Justin Case and Sat. Rocktopia.

The River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar: Fri. Haywire.

The Mohawk: Friday…BBQ Bash with Bulls On Parade.

Derek Zane | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Upper Mckenzie Community Center: Sat. the 4th of July: Dragstrip Superstar 8:30pm.

photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend and please don’t drink and drive.












“The Summer’s Here, Let’s Rock!”


Hi all, BJ here…

Last Friday I had one of my most unforgettable nights…  shooting the “Of Beauty and Rage Tour”, Red, Adelitas Way and Bad Seed Rising at Wow Hall. There was alot of passion and so much energy there that I had to catch my breath more then just a few times.

Black Powder County | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Up and Coming local band Black Powder County(BPC), opened the show with Decoy(Tim) guitar, Manny Narkrong- Bass, John(Turbo)Leitch-drums and stand in member, Derek Zane-vocals/guitar! I had my camera ready and from the minute they came on BPC had my full attention, they hit the stage hard and rocked the place with all the energy their name suggests!

Black Powder County | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Derek Zane had this to say: “Playing at the WOW was… wow!”

“I didn’t run across any egos from ANYONE.  There was a nice comradery at that higher level of “popularity” than I expected. No one is bitchy cuz that “other band plays at the same certain venues all the time” that I’ve heard in conversations. Each band is comfortabe doing their own thing and it seemed less about competition and more about “we’re gonna do OUR thing and we All got to put on the best show WE can.”

…”and a hugemungus thank you to Decoy, Manny and Turbo for asking me to fill in for Jake’s absence. It’s an honor and thrill to not have to play Sweet Home Alabama.”

Derek Zane
Derek Zane playing with Black Powder County | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Decoy wants you all to know that they are out there and up and coming! To the fans thank you for your ongoing support! “WE SALUTE YOU!”

Decoy and Manny… Black Powder County | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Watch for them at the Guitars Under The stars musical festival in Lebanon Or. on Aug.7th, 8th & 9th.

BPC | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
BPC | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Thank you Decoy and Derek for talking with us.

I Expect to see a lot more of this band in the very near future!

Bad Seed Rising
Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Bad Seed Rising a band of all teenagers gave one of the most energetic performances I personally have ever seen. By the time their performance was over I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and remember to breath. They were awesome. A giant thumbs up to these kids!

Bad Seed Rising 1
Bad Seed Rising at WOW Hall | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Bad Seed
Bad Seed Rising on stage | photo by Billie-Jo Miller


Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Bad Seed Rising | photo by Billie-JoMiller

Adelitas Way …what can I say! The talent of these guys is undeniable and I am now a huge fan of them! They rocked hard, added to and carried that energy from the first 2 bands right on through to the last band.

Adelitas Way photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Which brings us to Red, they were just that “Red”…pure energy,  had the crowd so pumped that  I could have sworn the floor was shaking with the power of their performance and for anyone that was in the crowd Friday night you know it actually was. The melodromatic(not even sure thats the right word for it) sound and power of this Christian/alternative rock band put the crowd under a spell that won’t soon be forgotten by anyone that was there.

RED | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
RED | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
RED at the WOW Hall | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
RED | phot by Billie-Jo Miller

All in all it was an awesome and unforgettable!

Summer is here so lets ROCK!

Where,When,What’s Happening!

Happy Hours: Come Rock with the boys of Dragstrip Superstar both Fri.26th and Sat.27th!

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Mohawk: The Party band we all love to party with is back to Rawk the Hawk!  Code Red both Fri. and Sat.

Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Warehouse 101: Fri. and Sat. its rock with Frown Squad.

Axe & Fiddle: Cottage Grove will rock with Bulls On Parade on Fri. and Mosby on Sat.

Embers Supper Club: Fri. and Sat. 50’s and 60’s classic rock with The Survivors.

Mac’s Restaurant and Night Club: Fri. Red Thunder (classic rock) Sat. Blues with Blue Owens Band.

River Stop Resaurant and Sports Bar: Fri. Rock~N~Country with Most Wanted.

The Brewstation in Cottage Grove: Fri. Psychanaut. Psychanautic! Positive energy, Space Rock, Melodic, Atmospheric.

Village Green: Fri. Southern rock and country with Cowboy Cadillac!

Enjoy your weekend,  see ya next week and don’t forget to please not drink and drive.


















What’s Up This Weekend?


Hey all, BJ here, with “Where, When, Whats Happening this weekend.

One hand out to the side palm up fingers bent a little, the other hand down in front about waist high bent at the elbow, ready… set… bend forward a little aaand GO! “Weeeee! Widdly widdly widdly waaaahhh weeee waaaahhhh widdle widdle widdle widdly waaahhh!”

Cliff Cook | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Bring on the weekend!

Lets start  it out with 5 killer bands, yes 5 of them all at one place all on the same night, RED, Adelitas Way, Bad Seed Rising, McClinton and our own local band Black Powder County!  WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th ave. in Eugene. Doors open at 7pm… advanced tickets $16, $20 at the door.

I listened in on Black Powder County live and acoustic on FM 101.5 KFLY. You ROCK!!! See you tonight at WOW Hall tonight.

Friday and Saturday Red Thunder at Embers Supper Club.

Hi-Fi Music Hall: Friday Grieves with Greyskul(hip hop). In the Hi-Fi lounge its The Donkeys(indie rock).

Saturday: Melvin Seals and JGB and in the lounge The Expanders(Raggae,soul,funk).

The River stop Restaraunt and Sports Bar: Sat. Big Mountain Country.


Piksix returns to Happy Hours Fri. Fun times will happen there!

Bugsy’s: Sat. Mister Wizard will rock the house!

Mohawk : Alien Boy, 2 nights of rock-n-roll good times!!  Fri. and Sat.

Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Back at the Westside Station in Salem: Dragstrip Superstar both fri. and Sat. night. AWEsomeness will happen!

Dragstrip Superstar | Photo byy Billie-Jo Miller

At the Black Forrest: Fri. The Real Smoothies, Sun Pillar, Oblio-9pm Indie/pop.

Sat. Hyper Sloth,Big Bad, Electric Funeral-9pm; prog-rock

Sun. Spiderwold, Deathhorse, Number Station, The Shifts-8:30; Post,prog,punk.

At the Village Green in Cottage Grove: Fri. Nariah Hart, Sat, AMPT/Neriah Hart. and Sunday, Dave Bach.

Saturday afternoon(tomorrow, 6/20) 12:30-4:30 Mister Wizard at Alton Baker Park for the Epic Oregon Relay. Kids welcome.

Also Sat. …Robert Blair and the All-Stars, Soul Deception, Code Red, The Blue Shades, Middle Eastern dance by Raks Souzana : Play to Pay benefit at the Masonic lodge 2777 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Back next week … Rock On!


Scott Johansen | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Have a fun this weekend and remember please don’t drink and drive.







BJ’s 3 W’s


Hey there,

BJ here with this weekends 3 W’s.

What it is, where it is, when it is happening?

Rock~N Roll baby!

First up, Frown Squad! Join them for Rica’s B-Day BASH at the Mohawk 1501 Mohawk Blvd. in Springfield tonight(Fri.) starting at 9pm. Happy Birthday Rica!!

Tomorrow night(Sat.) at the Mohawk it’s the Rhythm Pimps. Rock, Funk, Punk, Reggae.

Cheap Truck
Cheap Truck note on Breana Cahoon’s shoes | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Next we have a very rare event happening… Derek, Jeff and Duke together for 2 nights! Thats right ladies and gents you heard here its Cheap Truck tonight(Fri.)at Happy Hours on River Rd. in Eugene and tomorrow(Sat.) night at the River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar in Walterville. Good times!

Tonight(Fri) Bugsy’s in Junction city will be a Rock~n~Roll dance party with Piksix from 9pm to 1am! Join them and the Vender girls from Strolli’s Vodka and Hornetos Tequila for some great music and free merch! See ya there!

Tonight at Mac’s Restaurant and Night Club It’s Mark, Greg, Breana and Maynard… Yes it’s that awesome party band Code Red!  Dance, Dance, Dance!!  Staring at 8pm. Cover $5

Maynard, Greg, Breana and Mark. It’s Code Red! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Tomorrow night at Mac’s its Blues, soul and rock with Heavy Chevy. Starts at 8pm. Cover $5

Embers both Fri and Sat. its Coupe de Ville. Rock.

The Black Forrest: Fri. Thom Simon, San Lorenzo, VCR at 9, Indie/pop. and Sat. Necryptic, Cruciation, Septic Burial, 9pm, Death Metal.

Sunday at the Cuthbert Ampitheater its Gordon Lightfoot tickets are $35-$55 starts at 7pm.

A little heads up to next Friday’s (the 19th) Wow Hall event… local band Black Powder County is in the line-up along with RED, Adelitas Way, Bad Seed Rising and McClinton!!! Purchase your tickets now for this show…they are going fast and its going to be a show you don’t want to miss! More on this next Week.

Have a great sunny weekend and talk to next Friday!















This Weekend!


BJ here…

Being Memorial Day Weekend I want to first thank and remember those that gave all serving our country. Thank you and you are never forgotten!

Some of you will use the long weekend to head for the hills and go camping, others will hop in thier cars and take that trip to visit family or friends you havent seen for awhile, then there will be those of you who will find yourselves home this Friday and Saturday night looking for something to do.

Here is your Where, When and What’s Happening for this weekend.

2 night in a row both Friday AND Saturday night at Happy Hours on River Rd. in Eugene it’s the Rock-n-Roll  Superstars Derek, Jeff, Scott and Stefan of Dragstrip Superstar.

Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Saturday night at Bugsy’s in Junction City its Rock with Beau Teak.

Embers Supper Club, Fri.&Sat. 50 and 60’s rock variety with The Survivors.

At the Hi Fi Music Hall on Sat. Hip Hop and Funk with Marv Ellis & We Tribe.  Ticket $10-$12 doors open at 8:30pm show starts at 9pm. Also free in the Hi Fi lounge Lab Rats.

The Mohawk in Springfield Fri. and Sat. its Michelle and the Monsters.

Fri. and Sat. at the Mill Casino:The Koz

Jim Cornelius/the Koz | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Yes this is a short one…explanation, I have the flu.

Have a great one and as always please Don’t drink and drive.

Hugs, BJ











What’s up this Weekend?


BJ, with this weekend’s 3 W’s.

Where, When, What is Happening?

Our local music community has some of the most talented, devoted and fun musicians I have ever met. Music is the very center of what I do and even though I have seen most of the local musicians perform more then once, everytime I do I’m just as  amazed at the talent as the first time. You guys & girls ROCK!

Our friend and local music fan Cliff Cook says he really likes the comeradery, how they support each other and making their fans happy by involving them and listening to them, joining the crowds and also having guests sing or play with them. They do their best to give the fans what they want!

Cliff Cook and Kevin White | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Another fan Danelle Ralston who I have seen out at almost every show tells us she has known alot of them for 25-30 years, they have stayed here even though the places to play are getting fewer and fewer. They love the people, love to entertain and are very talented!

On with the Shows!!

Saturday at 7pm Spingfield Elks, 1701 Centenial Blvd. we hope you will join us for the Rockin’ Relay benefit concert for Eugene/Springfield Relay for Life. Featuring the rockin’ bands Bulls on Parade, Code Red and Piksix!!!  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at area Dairy Marts.

Breana Cahoon and Maynard Hull | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Mark Nash of Code Red says Code Reds involvement in Relay for Life is very personally rewarding for them and they feel honored to be a part of it. Either directly or indirectly, no one currently escapes cancer and the ACS just plain needs dollars to finish the fight!

Please join us in this fight in anyway you can. Lets’s Rock the Relay!

Mark Nash | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Mike and Roger
Mike Trathen and Roger McConnell | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Friday the 15th.

Happy Hours: Rock with Alien Boy.

The Mohawk: Saturday dancing with Sattelite Jack.

Embers Supper Club: Red Thunder.

The Brewstation in Cottage Grove: Jazz with Don’t Feed the Zoona.

Three Rivers Casino: Live music from  Mr. Wizard.

Saturday the16th.

Happy Hours: Jen and the Generators.

Ember Supper Club: Red Thunder.

Mac’s Restaurant and Night Club: Blues with Hank Shreve Band.

The Mohawk: It’s night #2 with Sattelite Jack.

The Brewstation in Cottage Grove: Americana with Perfect Flavor.

Three Rivers Casino: 2nd night of live music with Mr. Wizard.

Riverstop Restaurant and Sports: Rock-n-Roll with Dragstrip Superstar.

Jeff Blaser | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Bass player for Dragstrip Superstar Jeff Blaser has this to say to you.

I (We) deeply appreciate all the support of our friends at the shows!! It’s my (our) honor and pleasure to add some entertainment to your lives, and at the end of the night, hope you’ve been satisfied, rewarded and  musically fulfilled. Thank you very much for your patronage! We need you as much or more then you need us!

Thank you Jeff!

Also thank you to Cliff Cook,  Danelle Ralston and MarkNash for being a part of this weeks 3W’s!!


Stefan McConnell | photo by Billie-Jo Miller
Derek and Jeff
Derek Zane and Jeff Blaser | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Hope you all have a great weekend and remember please don’t drink and drive.

Hugs, BJ




BJ’s “Meet the Musicians”


Hello BJ here…

This week lets get to know the beautiful and very talented Breana Cahoon singer for Code Red.

Breana Cahoon
Breana Cahoon | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Breana grew up in the little town of Seeley Montana and moved here to the Eugene/Sprinfield area two years ago.

Breana | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

When did you first start singing?

I don’t know the exact age, I pretty much grew up singing the songs in my head since I can remember, started lessons at 9 and it was game over, I was hooked!

Why did you want to be a singer?

If you know me then you know I’m not quiet, it just came natural to me at a young age.

Breana downtown Eugene photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Do you play any instruments?

I play some piano and I wanted to learn to play guitar for a long time, finally I put my time into it when my husband who has been very supportive of me and my music bought my Epiphone for Christmas a few years back, I had no reason not to learn at that point. With the help of a few friends and lots of You Tube videos later I can now say I play a little guitar!

Did you take lessons or are you self taught?

Both realIy,  I started plucking away at the piano we had in our house and singing along with the radio when I was really young. My grandpa heard me playing around one day and decided I should take lessons. Piano lessons for a year, vocal lessons of all sorts for 10 years. All of which were in Montana where I grew up.

Singing is my #1. I was lucky enough to have amazing parents who put up with my many lessons as a kid, from Jazz, to country, to Opera, I studied and sang it all.

Bre again
Breana Cahoon | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Who were your biggest influences?

I have several influences!

I grew up listening mostly to the radio when my mom dropped me off at school. She was the start of my musical influences. Her favorites were anywhere from Matchbox Twenty to Collective Soul, from Tom Jones to Shania Twain, from The Beatles to The Beach boys, from Fleetwood Mac to Heart. I love and still love a variety of music. Personally I have too many influences to just pick one.  Eden Atwood was probably the most influentual teacher I had.

Tell us how you feel about being a part of the band Code Red and are there other bands you have been in?

The guys are crazy awesome! I have so much fun being a part of the band and  so thankful for Mark, Greg and Maynard for letting me join them, they put alot of faith in me and I cannot thank them enough. Mark and his wife came into the store where I work one day to buy a pair of jeans, we got to talking, I told him how I used to sing back home and missed it. He told me to come see his band play that night and sing a song with them and I did. Thats how Code Red began for me.  Before Code Red it was mostly solo gigs and a couple of small town bands back in Montana where I lived.

Breana 1
Breana | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

What do you think about our local musicians?

I have not had a chance to see too many of the local bands yet, of those I have all are very inviting and so talented,  my plans are to see as many as I can whenever I get a free night.  I have seen The Koz band play and it was awesome and can’t wait to see more. Looking forward to seeing Zeperella and Hells Bells, I love watching kickass woman rock out! I’m all about that!

On stage
Breana Cahoon perfoming at the Emerald Valley events center | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

What do you love most about what you do?

Everything! I love Music plain and simple. I got lucky running into the right people here to get me going and now get to do what I love all the time.

Breana with Code Red
Breana Cahoon with Mark Nash & Greg Montgomery. (Code Red) | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Do you have anything else you want to add about yourself and music?

Wow, so much. To keep it simple… Music is what keeps me sane in this crazy world we all live in. It’s my stress reliever, my vice, my hobby, and so much more.

There you have it… Breana Cahoon!

Thank you very much Breana for letting us get to know you!

If you want to see Breana and the boys of Code Red in action they will be at the Mohawk Tavern 1501 Mohawk Blvd. both Fri. and Sat. nights!  Fireball Party Friday with the Fireball Girls!  Lyman’s Birthday Bash on Saturday!

Code Red
Code Red at The Emerald Valley events center | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

So what else is going on this weekend you ask?  Lets find out right now.

This weekends Where, When, Whats Happening!

Happy Hours 645 River Rd. in Eugene. On Friday It’s Rock and Roll time with the boys of Drastrip Superstar (Derek Zane, Scott Johansen, Jeff Blazer, Pete Norman). Saturday night its Leon, Doug and Jeff with the “Splat!” (formerly, Justin Case). Starting at 8:30 both nights.

Embers Supper Club: Fri. & Sat. dancing with Red Thunder.

Mac’s Restaurant & Night club: Fr. Ty Curtis (Rockin blues). Sat. Lilla D’mone(Soul, R&B, Pop).

Yukon Jacks, 4th and Broadway, Veneta : for  boot scootin’ fun its Most Wanted both Fri. and Sat.

Bugsys Bar 559 Ivy St. in Junction City: Fun times with Mr Wizard on Sat.(rock & roll).

There you have it… some fun things to do!

Remember be safe and please don’t drink and drive.














BJ’s Where, When What: How Do They Do That?


Welcome to the weekend and another episode of BJ’s 3 W’s. :)

Being a photographer and shooting most of the local bands I, at some point during a gig/show that I’m shooting, will catch myself staring at the hands of those awesome musicians. It just amazes me how talented they really are and I wonder how in the world they can even do what they do. Curiousity being what it is, I bought myself a guitar, cut my nails off and set out to be just like them: onstage Rocking and Rolling!  My fingers wouldnt even try to listen to what my head was telling them to do.   I of course said to myself

“I know, I’ll buy a bass, its gotta be alot easier, less strings…right?”

uhhh nope, 6 strings, 4 strings. still no cooperation from my fingers.

A few lessons from some of our local, very talented guitar/bass playing musicians and, while I am still very determined to become just like them, its gonna take time, a lot of time.

“Now where is that tamborine?”

At 12 years old, my oldest grandson Ryan Warren is taking guitar lessons | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Being a musician takes a lot of passion and determination, and a lot of time. Many of the local musicians have been playing for 20, 30, even 40+ years.

Advice from me?  Start early!

Rocking twins
My twin grandbabies 2 year old Evelyn and Elijah starting early. | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

I was going to have another awesome musician interview in this weeks column, but decided to pause for a sec and instead ask my readers what questions they would like answered and from what awesome member(s) of our music community. There is a comment section at the bottom of the column: I would love to hear from you with some questions for our local musicians!

We have some great bands  playing this weekend in just about every direction.

So whatever it is you’re looking for I’m sure its out there.

Heres this weekends 3 W’s(Where, When, and What)

We’ll start with one of my favorite bands at one our last real rock clubs:

The Procrastinators
The Procrastinators | Photo by Tim Chuey

The Procrastinators at the Black Forest!  Show starts at 9pm and includes local humor/sex rockers “Dick Dagger and the C-Monsters” with Portland’s “Castle” rounding out the bill.  Don’t miss this show!

On Both Friday and Saturday night at Embers its classic rock with Red Thunder.

Friday at the Gridiron in Springfield its Cowboy Cadillac.

Rocky and Mark
Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Friday night at Happy Hours its Code Red and Saturday night Alien Boy. Happy Hours is out on River rd. in Eugene.

Alien Boy
Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Friday Night it’s  Sattelite Jack at the Mohawk and on Saturday night it’s your St. Pattys day party with Bulls on Parade.

The Village Green in Cottage Grove will have live music tonight(Fri.) with Heavy Chevy.

Saturday at Bugsy’s in Junction City finds the Jimmy Bobby band.

On Saturday at the Why Not bar and Grill its Most Wanted with Country and classic rock.

And the always astounding Mr. Wizard will be at the Mill Casino both Friday and Saturday.

Dragstrip Superstar
Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

At the Westside station in Salem is local boys: Dragstrip Superstar both Friday and Saturday night.

I leave you with a few shots from last weekends Koz show at the Mohawk tavern.


Jim Cornelius of the Koz band | photo by Billie-Jo Miller


Jim of the Koz band | photo by Billie-Jo Miller


Ken of the Koz band | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Have a safe weekend my friends, have fun and remember don’t drink and drive, ’til next weekend, BJ out…. :)


Night on the Town


Saturday – Night on the Town

Let's roll!

On my quest to find some good music, I was forced to send out the EDN street team to capture some of the happenings.  Reporting back, the lead singer for the band Lost Highway, Janet Little, sang off key most of the night! So they ended up headed over at Good Fellas, where the band Monolith, were very metal; when they weren’t on an extended break that is.  And then they headed off to catch the band Van Wenda, over at the Black Forest who were very up tempo rock, but didn’t quite cut it for the street team.

Despite this muggy wet day, I think tonight will be a good night to catch some talented musicians. I’m going to have to get the itinerary to the driver early to make sure all the rounds are made as there’s plenty to see tonight!

The Downside UP

First off, we’ll start with a jaunt back to Happy Hours to see guitarist, Gregory Glass (no relation) to perform in his band, DOWNSIDE UPHis vocals are kind of sultry. Gives me goose bumps every time I hear him.

Then it’s off to catch Ty Curtis at Mac’s.  I caught him playing at Roadhouse 101 over in Lincoln City earlier this year.  If you like guitar players who can tear it up and make it look effortless… Ty Curtis is the man.  He plays guitar as smoothly as Eric Clapton with a smile as infectious as James Brown. Trust me, you will dance!

Ezra Holbrook

Over at Luckey’s the man with the coolest name in the business is playing… Ezra Holbrook.  Not only is the cover only $5, but tonight’s drink specials are $2 Jameson – $2 Jameson from 10:00 to 11:00pm. $2 Featured Micro From 9pm to Midnight.  You’ll have to ask the bartender what the Featured Micro is tonight after 8pm. This brilliant singer/songwriter, who is slated to perform at 10pm, has had his hands in so many musical pies, it’s amazing he’s playing such an intimate club.  He was one of the founding members of the Decemberists, played in the band Dr. Theopolis and currently is in the band Minus 5, as well as Casey Neill & the Norway Rat, who takes the stage after Holbrook tonight.  Holbrook released his solo CD earlier this year, in February, entitled “Save Yourself.”  His voice is reminiscent of the singer/songwriter JUDE with a splash of FIONA APPLE thrown in on the songwriting side.  I can’t wait to hear him sing the title track “Save Yourself.” Holbrook’s songwriting skills are at their height here.  The palpable emotion will reverberate in your soul.   “I need you to be ok.  So just save yourself, save yourself… from me.”

If I can tear myself away from Luckey’s, (no promises here at all) I will head over to The Whiskey River Ranch to catch Concrete Cowboys.  Yes, they are a country band, but they are GOOD.  Besides, I have to see for myself why in 2010 this band was the winner of The Outstanding Achievement Award in Country Music at the Portland Music Awards.  Their song “Cold Girl and Warm Beer” sounds like something you’d hear on the radio already!

Ok, off to my closet to find something that makes me look like I live here.  I’ll make my way to the Church of Shari’s around 4am.  Don’t call me in the morning.