Kevin Selfe

Friday Night On the Town


11/11/11 is numerical anomaly that has a few people taking notice. What with Veteran’s Day, the heralding of the “Age of Aquarius” on some calendars and a birthday party going on for the oldest bar in Eugene, there are plenty to choose from for a special “date” night.

Marv Ellis

Luckey’s is celebrating a centennial anniversary tonight; yes, the club has been around for 100 years, reinventing itself in various downtown locations.  During the prohibition years, Luckey’s was a cigar club and pool hall.  Today, indoor smoking is banned and the booze flows as fast as the bartenders can pull a tap.  What hasn’t changed is that Luckey’s is still a gathering place for folks looking to blow it out on a Friday night.

Often featuring local bands struggling to build an audience, Luckey’s is offering up the cream of the crop for their own birthday bash.  Matthew Hayward-Macdonald hales from Portland – just up the road a couple of hours.  A treat of a songwriter with a voice that draws you in to the original story lyrics, I imagine his laid back style has been selected for opening the show.  The harmonies are amazing, worth showing up early and sitting close to hear this emerging singer/songwriter.  Following up on the bill is Marv Ellis, an international hip-hop artist with three albums under his belt.

Reeble Jar

Ellis says he’s from Eugene, Portland and Mars.  I think he should pick one and go with it.  As the evening continues on, Eleven Eyes (Eugene Celebration and Whiteaker Block Party favorites) followed by Reeble Jar will keep the energy ratcheting up to an all out frenzy.  Expect a big crowd for this one.  Show starts at 9:00 with a $10 cover, next to nothing to get a dose of four great acts and a piece of the party.

Guitar lovers and aficionados are in for a treat with Willy Porter in town.  Appearing at Sam Bond’s tonight, Porter has been described as a guitar wizard.  After listening to “Available Light”, I simply want to hear more.  Ethereal and bluesy at the same time, I can see why Porter’s style is called “experimental”; he doesn’t follow the rules, he makes up his own.  “Hard Place” is a great tune for Veteran’s Day, a ballad about a Marine with the line “semper fi is not a slogan, but a living legacy.”   Show opens at 9:00, $15 at the door.

Willy Porter is in town

What is up with the 11/11/11 thing, anyway?  I guess the new age types think that something cosmic is being dished out by the universe astrologically and even thought the Age of Aquarius is supposed to start in December, 11/11/11 gets the ball rolling with great planetary vibes.  The Granary is getting in the spirit with Honey Vizer and Hansa El Din & His Happy Guitar.  Both of these performers specialize in that old-time Americana sound, but the show is billed as rock, go figure.

Finally, what better way to honor veterans and their special holiday than taking in a blues show at Mac’s at the Vet’s Club?  Featured at the 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes are offering up delicious slide guitar with gutsy vocals for a good time on one of the best dance floors in town.  Get out and get those feet moving, people.  See you there!

Original Music

Dave Norem, The Microbials: acousticWandering Goat – 9:00

Moondog Matinee, Giggle Party: Indie RockBlack Forest – 10:00

$1-11 Honey Vizer, Hansa El Din & His Happy Guitar: “11/11/11” Celebration; American folk; rockGranary – 10:00

$5 Betty & the Boy, Kendl Winter, Joe Capoccia: AmericanaAxe & Fiddle – 8:30

$10 One Hundredth Birthday Party! with Mathew Hayward-Macdonald, Eleven Eyes, Marv Ellis, Reeble Jar:  Rock, Fusion Luckey’s – 7:30

$15 Willy Porter: Singer/Song writer adult alternativeSam Bond’s – 9:00

Cover & Tribute Bands

Milepost, Downseekers: RockMulligan’s – 9:30
Coupe De Ville: Classic rock covers Embers – 8:30
Blazin’ Eddie: Party RockHappy Hours – 8:30
Rock ‘n Roll JamQuacker’s – 9:00
Manic Mechanics: ZZ Top cover bandVillage Green – 9:00
$3 Hemlock & the Entity: RockDowntown Lounge – 10:00

Blues, Jazz & Country

Gus Russell: Jazz, blues pianoLavelle’s – 6:00

Molly Nord: Piano Improv Hidden Valley – 6:00

Barbara Dzuro: Adult contemporary pianoGranary – 7:00

David Rogers: Classical guitarThe Beanery – 7:00

Christie & McCallum: Americana, Johnny Cash coversWest End Tavern – 8:00

The Essentials: Soul/R & BOak St. Speakeasy – 9:00

$5 Keith Anderson, Brian McComas, Aaron Benward, Bump in the Road: CountryWhiskey River Ranch – 9:00

$6 Kevin Selfe & the Tornadoes:  BluesMac’s – 9:00

$10 Matt Hayhall, Storm Nilson: JazzJazz Station – 8:00

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

Trivia Night: Interactive game with prizes – Rogue Public House – 8:00
Philly Phunkstra, The Longshots: Funk, SoulCozmic Pizza – 8:00
Freek-Nite Party with Audio Schizophrenic: DJ DanceCowfish – 9:00
Patrick & Girl: Acoustic O’Donnell’s – 9:30
DJ Crown: Raggae, hip hopDavis’ – 10:00

LA Thompson-EDN